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Heard this on a cooking show, so I don't know how accurate the info is, but...can you guys guess what the top two most eaten fish in the world are? Number one may suprise you. I'll give it till Monday, then post the answers. No fair if you saw the show!!!!
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1st thought is Tuna,so that has to be wrong I am thinking the Bait,the mulletis is eaten all around the world,even Ocean county.If all flatfish where the same,they would add up,but their are soo many species.Mullet is my answer
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Carp.....but I'll stick with broiled salmon with dill sauce.
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O.K. I may be off the wall here but the world is a big place so a paradigm shift is called for. How about catfish and Talapia(sp)?
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Ah, nothing like a little trivia on a cold winter morning. Let's see.

Squid and carp if you are counting non true fishes.

If not, carp. Maybe tilapia.

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#1 has to be COD. They are the most abused fish in the ocean. Netted, trawled dragged gilnetted yeow!

#2 Would probably be Tuna
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I would be surprised if it were not a cold water fish. I would venture a guess of maybe Pollock...
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My vote...

#1. Whiting

#2. Cod
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Some interesting answers. I'm not giving it away yet, but at least one of them has been mentioned. I'll still let it stew till Monday!
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In the world...big place...many fishes....lessee...

I'd have to go with dogfish and tuna.

(Now I'm gonna do a lil research later when I get a chance...maybe I can sneak an edit on this post and no one will be the wiser! )

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My votes are still:

#1 pollock

#2 sardines or anchovies.

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Carp! gotta be! Those devils are all over the world.
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I agree .... Carp....or carp family of fish ie buffalo, drum (freshwater) etc.....

Question is this "the most eaten fish" in pounds consumed or demand? Also do crustaceans qualify?
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Well, didn't see the show but I would have to agree with prefessa with the Tuna, I thought it would be the #1 but I'll put that second, and let's go with Haddock for the first choice. I have a hunch that the Cod is up there though.

Dubs a.k.a., Charlie
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Catfish 1 , Cod 2.
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