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Life of Fishing Line

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It is my understanding the general recommendation is to change fishing line yearly. What wears out line the most age or use. I read about people stocking up on line that is no longer being made. Does fishing line have a shelf life? Some of my reels I haven't used for a few years. Should I be changing the line even though the line has been used only once or twice?
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Braid or mono ?
I change mono several times during the course of a season.
Braid I will let go for a couple of years.
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Alot depends on fishing conditions and how much you get out fishing. I use braid and still change lines about once a month, but I do fish alot and its always around structure. (Bridge pilings really put a hurtin on any line) Under normal fishing conditions I would respool with braid about every six months and mono about 3 months. If you have any doubts about your line its time to respool.
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I change the line on all my reels over the winter. The ones with braid I will inspect the line and if its not too bad I will reverse it...the line that was closer to the spool will be on the outside.

Don't let your line be the weakest link...goodbye

...tis the season when it's good to have crabs...

got tog?
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I now use braid adn have yet to change line on 2 spools of 20lb and 30lb powere pro and they are on their second season. i have a penn155 with 300yds of 65lb pwer pro that is on its second season as well but is only used for toggin or an occassional bridge trip...
when i was pluggin the beach with mono i used 15lb or 12 lb big game and changed it about every 4-5 trips regardless of how far down teh spool it was...maybe i was freakish and obsessive about it but i noticed i lost a lot less fish and lure (to castoffs bail closures) because i changesd line often...that was just my opinion tho
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Wel lbraid I use a couple long as its in good shape. Mono wise I respool after a few trips. I only use mono on my heavers now, and i have respooled in the same day sometimes because of conditons.

John M
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Don't know if anyone mentioned this yet but everytime you change your line you should check all your guides for wear. An old pair of nylons will do very nicely for this job. Use your wife's, girlfriend's or yours if you use 'em.

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These are all excellent advises and I like to add a few more to it.

As far as storage is concerned, make sure your equipment and spools are placed in a cool, ventilated and shaded/dark area! That will add a longer life span to your line regardless if it is mono or braid.

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Changing your mono once a year is a bare minimum. Wear can require changing far more often. I have a LOT of rods/reels, some of which I rarely use. But If I pull out a combo that has last years line on it, more often than not, the line has "memory". It has been on a small spool for "who knows how long" and if you cast it, it will come off in coils. Knot strength is also dimished because it's dry. There are exceptions to this, of course, but as an earlier posting said, "don't let the line be your weakest link".

Braid is a different story. I have one reel with Fireline on it that will be entering it's fourth season. I want to see just how long this stuff holds up. While it has lost it's coloration, it's still plenty strong. I won't change THAT reel until the line actually deteriorates.

Needless to say, a carelessly discarded tangle of line can be a deadly hazard to wildlife for many years, make sure it's not yours in the rocks!

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It really depends, if I travel abroad and have an entire week of fishing, I mean heavy fishing, I would probably reverse the braid in the middle of the week and when back home change it. With mono I've happened to do it after a couple of days but probably I'm a bit hysterical.... During a normal season it depends on how much I abuse of it.



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You mentioned a great idea I have never heard or thought of, Reversing your line, but HOW! do you take the line off and then get it back on from the other end?

I would also like to reiterate what Flounder said , Disgarded line is deadly!!!! I would say 80% of my trips I come home with someone elses line in my pocket. Many times I have seen birds suffering because of disgarded line.
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Four Twenty - I suppose you would need a spare spool and an old reel that the spare spool fits on. Spool it from reel to reel and then switch spools. That'd do it...
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I use a cordless drill and a couple of empty spools that the line comes pakaged on.
Just pay attention not to put twist into the line as it goes from spool to spool.
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Kml - good idea, but I suppose you go from reel spool to plastic spool to another plastic spool and then back to reel spool? If you just go from reel to plastic spool to reel spool, you're just back where you started!

Sorry - just the engineer in me.....
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You got it Steve..
Thats why I said a "couple" of empty spools.
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