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Best guides for custom Purglas 350-2 spinning rod

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I am ordering a custom Purglas 350-2 (11'6" rod for throwing 4-6 oz.). Would appreciate suggestions for best type of guides to use. My inclination would be a Perfection guide as gathering guide - then maybe one more Perfection guide/maybe not, then some type of Fuji guides, then an SIC tip-top. For the regular guides: hardloy or sic or something else? My current custom rods have guides that have an off-white or pale yellow band on the circumference of the ceramic part; I don't like the look of that at all. Does anyone know what guide that sounds like? What size Perfection gathering guide, or is going with a Perfection the wrong move. (I have a rod with high-frame gathering guide and know that I do not want to go that route again.) Reels I likely will be using with this rod will be Van Staal 250, a Penn 704Z, and a Tica Dolphin. Mostly will be using 17-20 lb. mono and throwing bait and sinkers. Occasionally metal lures. This is not an idle question; I now am in the process of working out the rod with the builder. Thanks much.
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Aloha. The type of fishing I do is somewhat different from you but I use similar reels and have a Purglas 400 series rod. I made mine with Fuji TSVSG and TNSG guides for sizes 30 and smaller and used a size 40 Fuji SVSG for the stripper. If needing a larger stripper I was considering a BSVLG 50 but decided against it. Getting 80-100+ yards with 100lb PowerPro.
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Large diameter Perfections have long gone the way of the dinosaur-your builder should be able to recommend some good setups...for the reels you mentioned I would start with a Fuji 50BSVLG or a 40HH and finish with BSVLG's and a SIC tip...IMO BSVLG are the most durable on a surf stick...lots of ways to set it up but again I would stay away from large diameter wire guides.
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Originally posted by surfrat59:
Large diameter Perfections have long gone the way of the dinosaur. Lots of ways to set it up but again I would stay away from large diameter wire guides.
I thought this was due to the use of braided lines and the tighter loops that come off the spool? This application is 17# to 20# mono - wouldn't the large wire guides still be applicable here?
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surfrat: You may be right about the Perfection guides, but here's my experience: I have two 10' rods both custom: I have a Lami surf and jetty 1201M with a Perfection gathering guide and the rest regular Fujis, and I have a Ron Arra 1205 with the smaller high-frame gathering guide and then the rest regular Fujis. At least as to those two, I much prefer the feel of the rod with the Perfection guide. The rod with the high frame guide feels slightly odd: best way to describe is it feels a little as though it wants to turn in my hand, as though the high frame is unbalancing it and pulling it off to one side. The rod with the Perfection gathering guide is smooth as can be to cast. Could be my imagination, could be the difference in blanks, but that's my experience.
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Rat, you can take this with a grain of salt as I'm real new to this stuff. Been doing alot of reading up the last 2 weeks and you just might want to check out those Fuji low riders. I forget where I read it after but I did, I actually started thinking about a custom for my Emblem or Axeon. Might want to check it out or ask the builder.
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Problem with the Perfections is they sit too low to the blank...take a 75mm or 60mm Perfection and hold it flat on a table next to a Fuji 50mm or 40HH, measure the height from the table to the lower inside edge of the guide ring. It is impossible to setup a spinning rod with a large Perfection and not get line slap on the blank, they sit too close to the blank.The theory that the larger guide must be used with a large diameter spool to bring the line under control has been disproven many times. Very old technology...if your builder recommends them IMO you should get another builder. I've never built on the lowrider theory because it's not yet proven to increase casting distance, and it limits the rod to be used with a small diameter spool and braid only...I fish mostly 17lb mono on Penn 706 and VS 250 and I build allmy sticks with a 50 or 40HH gathering guide to maximize casting distance.
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I'd use a Fuji 50 as a gathering guide and have your builder go from there (actually I'd probably use a 25, but thats a long story not worthy of arguement)

If you insist on perfections...take care of them. They tend to chip, welds break, and end up eating your mono.
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I have the Purglas 350-2 wrapped dual purpose with Alconites. The first gathering guide is size 30. I use a VS 250 and abu 6500 or 7000 on it. Love the rod, light as a feather and lots of power. I use it as my plugging rod.

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The quality of Perfection guides have gone way down. They're just plated wire and the welds have a tendency to fail.

If you realy think you need a large gathering guide, the 70 mm Pac Bay Hialoy is the only way to go IMO---unless you know a builder who still has a stash of the discontinued 65 mm Fujis
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geeze, do you guys not know about the Pac Bay TiCh's? can't even scratch them with a file, or bend them. putting 5 on a 11'6" lami, will see how it works.
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