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Wire Bite Guards ?

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There is a vynil-coated, stainless steel braided wire made by the American Fishing Wire Co (West Chester,PA) that can be tied with knots rather than a haywire twist or crimped sleeves. I've use this product in the lighter tests on flyfishing and light tackle casting applications for at least ten years, and frankly I'll never use single strand wire again.

It's called Micro-Supreme, comes in tests from 4# through 150# and typically is sold in ten yard spools.

Only three knots you need to know to use this braided wire. Use a Running Figure-Of-Eight knot to clinch the wire to the eye of the lure, or if you prefer a loop, use a Surgeon's Loop knot. To fasten to the tippet, leader or shock line, use a Triple Surgeon's knot.

You can cut it in the lighter tests with Fiskars scissors. I've had no experience in the tests above forty pounds, but I'd look into it.

A couple of tricks though : never try to connect the wire bite guard to line that is more than 50% bigger in diameter than the wire is, nor to line that is smaller than 50%.

Second, this wire is so strong for it's diameter, that under tension, it can cut unprotected skin and flesh not from kinks or ends but like a cheese knife slices into cheese. For this reason I never use a length longer than absolutely necessary to defeat sharp teeth. Eight inches would be an extremely long one for me and most are about the width of the human palm.
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Thanks Capt I've used this, too, in 14# and 27#...I've also referred to it as "knottable wire" and there's two spools in with my fly gear all the time

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Fly fishing, it's a must, I agree. But do you surfcsters use it on plugs/metal when bluefish are in the area ?

I try not to use it until I have to.
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