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Full Moon fishing

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Do all of you agree that most, if not all fish feed heavily at night during a full moon? Does daytime fishing during this monthly event seem to be poor to you?

My best fishing of the year seems to always seems to occur while night fishing during a full moon. Now I am talking about fishing in general. I know there are many times when fishing for stripers or blues is excellent during the day (breaking fish) but in general, the trout and stripers love a full moon (at least according to my fishing log).
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I thought they liked it dark to come in close to shore. I feel just the opposite is true from what you mentioned.

Having said that maybe I should go fishing tonight after all.

Thank you.
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I'll be out tonight in Lavalette around 7:30pm for the full moon and high tide.

Also, to all the people that were fishing on the beach sunday that left at as it got dark... There were NO FISH caught after you left. (and my wife... er... Morgan Fairchild... can back me up on this).
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Betcha fish deep water or very near to it.

You'll find a lot of guys don't like a full moon. I think its because surfishing as a rule is a shallow water deal. Like DP said, the fish feel more exposed in shallow water with a bright moon.

However the full moon in conjunction with its bigger tides makes fish more active. You just have to fish deeper, as a rule. I rarely throw the near surface stuff when a bright moon is out. 3' and down, preferably 5' or deeper. Although I rarely fish shallow water when the moons bright I'd prefer it be immediately adjacent to deep stuff.
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GF, I'm gonna guess that most of the noteworthy stripers in your log caught right around the full moon were taken on bait? The records from the club I used to keep track of showed that all stripers over 25#'s taken within 3 days of to 3 days after the full moon were taken on bait. Yes, I think the fish are more active, but I also feel that they are less likely to make themselves available to guys throwing plugs in shallow water. Inlets, sure, as Plug noted, it's deep enough to make them comfortable.

Never noticed how the day bite was affected...maybe if I tried during the day, I could tell ya

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I can say that fishing for all species from Cod.Smelt,Bluefish.Stripers with bait or with plugs was a total waste of time during full moon tides. This statment only applies to night fishing as this was the times I chose to fish at that time. It did provide for a good time to reflect on fishing events and thus was not a complete waste of time and helped to developed many friendships over the years. Angler
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You are correct Tim. The majority of the time I use cut or live bait. I do use artificials, but mainly on structure or breaking fish.

I fish both night and day as my schedule allows it. We can all agree though that we don't fish enough

Plug, I do get out in water deep enough to not be affected by the light. Those stripers seem to hunt with more foracity during the full moon phase though.

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I fished on 9/12 and caught 4 nice bass and dropped two. The wind was cranking out of the south, waves were crashing and the moon was shining very bright. I went out last night and caught only one bass and a small blue. I did have a lot of "mysterious bumps" though. The condidtions last night were similar to 9/12 but without the south wind and whipped up surf. There was a good swell but the water was glassy. My conclusion is that bass are shy under the full moon. They will still feed but they are much more cautious. If they have the cover of rough surf they will feed much more aggressively.
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I went out last night and also got some "bumps" but nothing else to show for it. The tide was correct here too.

Oh well. I'll stay with my shy in the moon glow theory too.
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The moon was so bright here last night and with the calm water between the waves I was able to change teasers by the moon light .

I did land a few Weakies, each one hit a teaser (epoxy peanut / mullet W/ big eyes lookin one ) but hit only when the clouds were blocking the moon. Coincidence

Ed J
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Charlie and I went out last night, just for some full moon scientific data gathering, nothing more We had a very good night for fishless NJ...and all in the shallows, water under 4 feet deep, right up to ankle deep water on the beach. I ended up with 9 stripers, 4 over 28", 2 over 32"....Charlie had the same number of fish. Also, I landed 4 fluke to 17", 1 25" weakfish, and a lone stargazer who just had ta have that Delta Sword

The moon was screaming most of the time were out...and the fish were still very active in very shallow water. Go figure?

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I don't know about you guys, but I have ALWAYS found that during the full moon, the fishing has always STARTED at about an hour before sunset, and increased during the night, tapering off as the sunrise gets going. Early morning, the fish are scattered, and the latecomers never knew a thing. Just another rotten day!

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Thill, I often fish the middle/lower Chesapeake Bay and I know that you do. We must be experiencing the same results with a full moon in that area.

Day fishing is rotten during this time because our scaly friends are full from their all night feast.
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