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Abu Garcia 7000HS - Broken levelwind?

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Hey guys. I have an Abu Garcia 7000HS Big Game reel that I've used maybe a dozen times. Yesterday the levelwind started getting stuck on one side. If I keep turning the handle the levelwind bounces back and forth on the same side and my line gets all tangled up. In free spool the levelwind works perfectly. Is this something easy to repair or do I have to send it in? I can't believe it broke already. Thanks.

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Needs a new line pawl, about a two dollar repair.
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Sounds like it needs a Paw, easy to fix about $2.50 for the part just take the paw out from under the levelwind and replace. The paw is held on by a screw cap.
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Either the pawl or the worm gear. Amount of use isn't usually the culprit - sand in the wrong place at the wrong time can chip the pawl or worm gear.

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Where can I get a new one? Any Bait and Tackle shop? Is this a universal part? Thanks for the fast responses. You guys rock.
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Any tackle shop will have it . Abu has only one pawl that fits all their reels. Buy two of them and keep one in a ziplock bag under your lures in the plugbag. Once you have replaced the pawl ( 1-2 minute job)you'll have to let out all of your line. Tie the end to a tree and walk away. once the spool is empty, wind it back on. It is easier to do if the reel is on a rod. You'll have to make up a good story because passersby will want to know what you are doing.
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Usually you can put the line through the LW guide with no pawl installed, start paying out line until it comes off evenly, position the new pawl in the worm where the line is on the spool and tighten the cap.

It takes practice, and you can have the guide going one way, the line the other and will need to re-do the pawl position, but I can't remember the last time I had to remove the line.

Good luck,
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Yeah. I've tried that too. Maybe I'm just too goofy to get it right
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Originally posted by longshot:
Abu has only one pawl that fits all their reels.
Is that true? I thought there were at least two different sizes

Anyone know for sure?

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Tim, My 6500CS Rocket,Old Maroon 7000C3, and my New 7000B all specify Part Number 5176 for the Pawl. It looks exactly the same as the pawl from my old style 5000C too
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Tie it to a tree and walk away? Too much work. Maybe I'll spike it on my lawn and tie it to my car and drive away.

Thanks for the help guys. I'll go to the B&T tomorrow and check it out. This forum is awesome. Maybe you guys can help me catch a bass now.

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The cool thing about doin' it my way is you get to see just how much line a 7000 actually holds
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It does hold a lot of line. I have a ton of 20lb Big Game spooled on there. The reel is pretty light for its size too. I've been happy with it so far.
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If the pawls are wearing out these days after 12 trips, buy half a dozen, not just two

I used to get more than a season from them when Abus were made in Sweden.
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12 trips, hell my new fancy schmancy gold 7000 didnt even last 2 nights

there small so extras dont take up much space in my jacket luckily
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