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Letting air out of your tires?

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Hello, I'm new to all of this and I was wondering if someone could help me? I've been using a tire pressure gauge to let the air out of my tires and it takes forever. Is there something better out there that will make this process any faster? If so, where can I get one?

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There are a couple different tire deflators on the market. Oasis makes a good set...but even though I own a set, I still use the tire pressure gauge. I have a problem trusting the auto deflators...but that's probably just a personal issue

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Thanks Tims, for the suggestion, and fixing my all caps in my post. I will remember that for next time. I guess will just stick to the tire pressure gauge if thats the best way.
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Take more friends with ya. Less tires you have to do yourself.
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If you want top of the line, google "tire deflators". May cost $40.00 or more for a set of 4. The cheap route - the plastic clothes pin like devices sold in most bait and tackle stores close to anywhere you can drive on the beach. Mine cost $10.00 for all 4. Some people make homemade ones from drilled out binder clips - do a search on SOL and see what you find.

You still need a tire pressure gauge to check when you air down or fill up and it's mandatory equipment on the state beach where I drive.
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The Oasis tire deflators work the NUTZ just keep them clean and well lubricated. I also bought their inflator. It makes the job much easier after a hard day on the sand.
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Another cheap alternative is those black binder clips. Just insert a small screw in them and they work fine. A heck of a lot cheaper than $40 bucks.
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I made those binder type clips. Take 4 small binder clips, drill a hole in the top of it , insert a small sheet metal screw (one small enough that it doesn't interfere with the clip closing on its own, and put a nut on the inside. tighten it and good to go. Put one on each tire. By the time you put the last one on, check the first, you're about there.

Hardest part is getting the nut on the screw.

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Yep Binder clips
Just don't start bsing and forget them
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Yeah,you can rig something out of clips and screws,put them on and have to hustle around your truck,checking your clips .OR,you can get the oasis deflators,put them on where you airdown,and drive to your spot.When you get there,you have whatever you set them to in your tire.They stop themselves.It`s all been said before.Search tire deflators here.You`ll learn all you need to know.

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I've also got the oasis deflators and they are the nutz. You'll have to keep a close eye on them as your buddies will try to cheat you out of them

They work great, set them and forget them. Although some put them on and drive onto the beach while they are working, I completely air down before driving on the beach, and remove them. I think they would pick up alot of sand if left on the valve stem, but thats just me.

As also noted, black binder clips with screws can be made for next to nothing, just dont get distracted or you'll have flat tires. Might be a good idea to use them close to, but not blocking, the air station, just in case.

regardless of which way you go, you'll need a tire pressure guage. I carry 2 in my bag. One is a low pressure guage with a top reading of like 25-30psi and the othe is rated up to somethink like 60. I use the first to airdown because I think its more accurate than th one rated for hight pressures.
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Put them on when you stop for bait!! Take them off when you get to the beach and stop to put your waders on and rods in the cooler rack.....
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I have 10 inch rims and large wide tires. I find the quickest fastest way is to take the valve cores right out of them and the air comes rushing out. I have also found out the core does not have to be in to check the pressure as they deflate. A little practice is all it takes and you can almost eye-ball em to a close pressure then put the core back in. I do also carry a small air pump just incase.
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pep boys. .99 cents. the flip side of a core puller threads right on the valve stem, onc eit going full tilt for 45 seconds I know Im at 12-15 psi. I still check it with a guage afterwards though. **gotta pay attention the whole time though**
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If you are going to be doing this regularly, the Oasis deflators are worth having. They are pretty expensive but you only have to buy them once. Once you get them adjusted to the pressure you want, they are very easy to use. You just screw one on to each tire, then you can do something else like put your waders on or whatever. By the time you are done, the tires will be properly deflated. They stop deflating when the final pressure is reached so you don't have to "babysit" them like with some of the other methods. You just unscrew them and put them back in their little pouch and you're good to go. (I don't recommend leaving them on the tires.) A big time saver, I think.
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