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Makati Lures

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Quality any good and has anyone caught any fish on them, specifially the swimmers, and pencil poppers?
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Dan, do a search, there was a whole bunch of posts on this same topic a couple months back.

For the record, the only ones I've used had paint chipping before they came outta the package. I was told by people who did actually use them they soaked up water like a sponge. The only ones I've seen used were re-painted and epoxied over to keep the water out...but then they didn't swim.

I can't imagine how a pencil popper could be bad, though, so long as remaining painted is not an issue with you.

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I heard Tony from Lex lures bought them out. If true good, Lex are good the other garbage.
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Bought 2 a few weeks ago at a B&T sale. They swim OK. Waiting to see how they hold up. Haven't tried their pencil poppers.

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i have fished the darter. it swam pretty nice and i caught a few decent fish on it, but the paint flaked right off the plug. i resealed it and fished again without any luck. i got 2 darters for 13.00. at that price i was happy with the preformance.
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Try this thread:

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I caught a bunch of bass on the small yellow popper a few years ago.
As Tim mentioned, the paint was gone after 1 good day.
The hooks inspire no confidence. I haven't used it in 2 years...
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