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Hobie owner survey

Hobie owners warranty claim survey due to cracked hull.    54 members have voted

  1. 1. As an owner of a Hobie kayak, have you ever experienced a hull crack on a 2009 to most recent Hobie kayak and filed a warranty claim? (If 4 or more Hobies owned answer 3 kayaks closest to your percentage.)

    • Yes, I have (1 hobie kayak)
    • No, I have not (1 hobie kayak)
    • Yes, I have (2 hobie kayaks)
    • No, I have not (2 hobie kayaks)
    • Yes, I have (1 hobie kayak) no, I have not (1 hobie kayak)
    • Yes, I have (3 hobie kayaks)
    • No, I have not (3 hobie kayaks)
    • Yes, I have (1 hobie kayak) no, I have not (2 hobie kayaks)
    • Yes, I have (2 hobie kayaks) no, I have not (1 hobie kayak)

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12 hours ago, fusioneng said:

I think the survey should count all hobies owned,  we have owned 8 hobies over the years and never had a mirage crack, actually never had any issues with any of our boats, they are really well built and in our experience Hobie stands behind all their stuff very well, we are very happy.  We probably used our boats 10 x more than most, in some pretty extreme offshore stuff, (we live in sw florida and the keys, and are out year round every weekend).  All our TI's (we owned 3 of them) were massively modified with giant sailsets, (250 sq ft) and modified to go way faster than stock, and in much harsher conditions (CE 'C' conditions), with twin big ole outboards, (for far offshore safety).  Never had any issues with the hulls, (even at 20 mph sailing speeds).  

We pretty much only use the Eclipse Flow-90 fins on our boats, which require much more pedaling force, (but provide useful pedal propulsion up to 12 mph, (the regular turbo fins give up the ghost at 8 mph, (which was below our normal cruise speed of 10 mph).

10 mph cruise and 12 mph max on those hulls would seem to defy the laws of hydrodynamics, but I wasn't there, so I can't say.  I am told that the fastest sprint kayakers, in ultra efficient hulls  do  about 12 to 13 mph on short courses so my skepticism remains

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Posted (edited)

8 hours ago, bantis said:



So with that being said, I am very attune analyzing peoples claims.  Throughout this thread I have not projected any bias opinions, I simply analyzed the data and highlighted points where our numbers get skewed.  Its important people understand the information they are looking at.

For all that, you're not really doing well with basic statistics. Self reported numbers can't be translated into statistically significant data, so you can't use them to make generalizations about populations. And personal impressions are anything but scientific. 


 Ironically the data that you did collect on face value would actually suggest that Hobie kayaks have more failures that the company reports. Somehow you add unproven assumptions about use patterns and somehow suggest that things really aren't that bad.


Ignoring the raw data, and then "highlighting points where numbers get skewed" is by definition "bias"

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