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On 7/14/2018 at 1:15 AM, Tom T said:

Thanks dena,


We'll be at Cheshire crab house for a planned (big) family meal.  Appreciate the info :th: 

You should be happy there. Park under the boat racks.

Try the corn fritters.

The area, as a whole, is not really a touristy area, more residential.

So, you are not going to find much touristy to do unless you leave the 'dena, about 10-15 miles+

Couple of little hidden gems. Primo Italian is the best this side of the City, Stoney Creek Inn has been on TV a couple of times, a little family owned joint. The Pit Beef in the Brass Rail parking lot is good, when they are set up.

And, Royal Farms chicken is the best convenience store chicken going.

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Lisa's deli is a classic (relatively new) joint. A few bar stools and a couple tables.... Bring your thick skin, it's a fun atmosphere but she takes no "s" and is fun joint. If you have auto issues on your trip, Daves Auto a block away is top notch and fair.... Btw, I was the super on the Royal Farms build in between them. Awesome fried chicken. Good luck man. Lastly, the Dolphins have really screws up the bite.... Hundreds if not thousands have invaded the bay and are eating everything! Perch, spot, croaker, rockfish and bluefish.... I've heard reports from a few friends of them balling up spot and croaker and pushing them to the surface and cleaning them out.  I've never scene spot nor croaker busting on top except one time at AI and the had Dolphins and sharks pushing them. Get an UL and have fun inshore with great eating perch if you can't find river/bay bite. Lastly, take a trip up Pulaski Hwy and try one of the several pit beef joints (a local classic).... There used to be dozens, but still plenty to choose..... I recommend a little BBQ, horseradish and raw onion on you put samdwhich.... Medium rare of course.... Washed down with an ice cold Natty Bo.... Which you will obviously have on ice in your own cooler as most if not all do not serve alcohol.

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The chicken strips at Royal Farms is the best.  Nice meaty chicken strips.


The Chesapeake sauce is pretty good too.

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