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In praise of short head lines and floaters

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A friend asked me to send him a list of the head lengths and head weights (weight for head portion only).

I figured I may as well include it here for those who may be interested.

Also included are pix of 2 nice bass from an outer Cape Cod beach.



#8 - 23' head - 224gr

#9 - 24' - 261gr

#10 - 25' - 306gr

#11 - 26' - 355gr. My favorite

#12 - 27' - 411gr


32 at RP 2018.jpg

34 at RP 2018.jpg

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Great thread Herb ... so thanks for that.


I have to agree with your assessment overall with the Wulff lines though I'm not that dialed in to the Bermuda Shorts. Love the Monoclear (but not the Tropic version), love the Bermuda Lost Tip lines .... and way back when they first came on the scene (mid 90's??) the standard blue green colored intermediates made a better caster out of me almost instantly.


To add to your thread ... the Wulff Bass Taper floating lines are just awesome. I don't know what the grain weights are (I usually up-line one weight above rod spec) ... but per your experience they cast poppers extremely well.


If I'm using Gurglers or standard poppers ... I want to be casting Wulff Bass Taper Floating lines ... which have a 28 ft head section I believe.


Also ... nice fish pics Herb. Way to Go!



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Hey Tony,

I'm not familiar with the Bass lines. I'll check them out.  Interested in what the #10 would weigh.

This was only my 3rd keeper bass this year. Things really got off to a slow start with water temps being what they were.

Fly was a sparse bead chain Clouser.  It's very interesting how a big bass will go for a small bait.

30in at RP 2018.jpg

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