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Long cast spinning reels under $500.00

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13 hours ago, MikeBlue said:

My situation is similar to yours in that I needed more distance, but I am throwing plugs. I already have two LC reels, the Penn that you have and a Battle II LC that I field tested for Penn several years ago. I prefer the Battle and although Penn is scheduled to release it in the US this year I just ordered one from the UK.


For more distance I took a different approach. It seems to me that once you have some basic LC equipment (and a new rod might be in order for you before a reel) the only way to get more distance is to add more input or energy into the cast. To do this I have started to train in a specific way. I took the bottom half of an old 11ft rod that I no longer use and cut the collector guide off. I went to the local sporting goods store and bought set of resistance bands. This a bunch of tubing bands of different strengths and two 'handles'. I took the rod and inserted it firmly into one of hollow hand grips. Now, I attach the end of the band to something firm, in my case the hand rail of a staircase, and practice my casting motion against the resistance band. I stand at two distances from the staircase to practice the first half and second half of the cast. Doing this has helped me in two areas. It made me focus on the mechanics of my cast, foot placement, arm action (push-pull) angle-arc of the rod, etc. And of course it has improved the strength of those muscles I use in the cast, legs, shoulders, core, arms. I saw an improvement in the mechanics of my cast almost immediately, it took about two weeks for the muscle power to show up in a noticeable way. I am about a month into the program. Now when I sit here at night watching my sorry ass NY Mets find new ways to lose ballgames I get out my casting exerciser and "bulk up". One word of warning, the first time I did it I wasn't paying attention and put a 10in scrape mark on the ceiling in my living room. Good thing my wife wasn't home, I was able to paint it over before she saw it.

Lol I just bought a new hat that says shut up and fish. Thanks for your input I am working on my tec.


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