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I was going to ask about the lagoon too.  I've seen it referred to as the sugar bowl.  I participate in another hobby which puts me right at the sugar bowl lagoon and I can't leave, but I could bring my gear and drop a line.  I was hoping that someone with experience fishing there could tell me whether I'd catch anything.  I'm hoping that there's some landlocked blues in there or something. There are two gates where the water comes and goes with the tide, but those gates always appear to be closed so that only water can go through, and maybe small fish.  I've seen schools of silversides in the sugar bowl.

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Boston here as well (charlestown) - It has been the summer of skunk for me, not a single catch in this state/region. Got lucky with a schoolie in maine back in May but that's the first and last I have caught. Hope to break that streak. 

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On 8/9/2018 at 5:45 PM, gulino12 said:

Iv also wondered if people fish fort point channel, iv never seen anyone there but seems likes good area. Have a few spots id try sometime after work(closer to barking) but was just curious if anyone has had luck there before?


I hit castle island last week, saw a couple guys fishing inside- does anyone ever hook up inside?  That opening is tiny, i can't belive many fish go in there. I struck out at the end t unfortunately, very weedy too. 

In my experience very few people hook up inside OR outside of the bowl. But I’ve seen guys who swear that the bowl holds decent fish at times.

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