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4 hours ago, Poulin said:

Hi all,


that’s what I did to look nowhere else and bought that line ! As recommended i went with a 10 weight for my tcx #9. I just received it and after having rapidly looked at the end loop It seems different ( and less solid) than what I used to see on my other fly lines.


Are you guys connecting your backing and leader directly to it « loop to loop » ? Is this as solid as any other one ? 


Thanks a lot and rest assure up here in Quebec the weather is also pretty rough !!!




I use an Allbright knot because I don't change fly lines too often. Allbright binds the loop tight so removing the knot remainings I use a knive to cut one wrap and it comes off easy. I use an Allbright for lines which do not have loops too because it is strong, slim and easy to tie.



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I think the point has been made about the Airflo being an excellent line so lets talk loops on manufactured lines. I don't care what line I use the loop on the back end is cut off and replaced with a splice to the backing.


I am not a fan of Loop to Loop connections to backing for the simple reason I do not like the way it behaves, not so much going out with the fish, that is never a problem but when the the line is brought back though the guide there have been times it did become a challenge and just did not go smoothly. 


I use my own splice to connect the lines that is seamless and it has never failed me once in all the years I have used it.


The fact of the matter is I make a permanent splice because is a one and done thing for the line of the fly line untill it is replaced which is in most cases 3 to 4 years if not longer.


This is my splice



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Oh boy bonefishdick, this is a wonderful job. Too bad you’re not my neighbor ! Any link to where I can learn how to do it ?



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1 hour ago, Poulin said:

Oh boy bonefishdick, this is a wonderful job. Too bad you’re not my neighbor ! Any link to where I can learn how to do it ?



Thanks but this is something I started doing many years ago, it really is nothing more than what you do to wrap a guide on a blank. The only but big difference is with a wrap is you usually only pull the tag end under the last few wraps when you the wrap with this the tag ens is left very long and pulled through the entire wrap.


I have never had this splice fail on me and I think for me the true test came when I had two different seals take stripers I was fishing. If it can handle a 300/400 pound + seal I think I am good with most any fish I might hook from shore.


This a photo sequence i did a few years ago of the process if you feel ambitious and want to try it. When I first started doing this knot I used my kids antiques baby chair that had two spindles on the back to make the knot. I later made this pegboard.


These are the steps - They look like a lot and seem involved but once you do a couple it is easy - It might require a couple of trial runs the first time - Good luck 


The board



Wrap fly line around one peg


Bowline knot Ooher end to cinch line tight


Make a separate very long loop of backing and place it over tag end  and then let it hang loose


Wrap backing around peg so it won't slip - leave enough to make wraps and hold tight 


Now hold the loop tight and parallel to the fly line and pulll the backing tight along side the fly line as well


Now take the tag and of the backing and make a couple of wrpas and pinch tight with your finger


Pull the small loop with the tag end to cinch it up


Make 40 wraps over the fly line, backing and the loopand kepp the wraps as tight as possible by pinching with your finger- This why the fly line hs to be very tight between the posts


Lift the end of the loop off the tag end of the fly line


Now insert about two inches of the tag end of the backing thru the loop - make sure it doesn't slip out


Grab the two ends of the loop and pull the tag end tight to the beginning of the wraps




Pinch the end of the wraps to keep them from unraveling and grab the two ends and wrap them around your hand so they do not slip and pull everything thru with a strong steady until the tag end come out


Now pull the tag end completely thru and snug it up. -  Now work both end of the backing by pulling the end tight a little at a time and also alternate pulling one end of the fly line and backing together- This should slowly work out and loose coils in the wraps - once you think everything is good and tight pull very hard on the backing and the fly line together.   Once that is done trim the tag end of the fly line off and the tag end of the backing to get the finished product. Be careful not to cut the wrong ones or you start over.








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I use double hitched braided loops that I make myself. Easy to install, smooth threw the guides and I can change lines easily 

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