What makes a GREAT plug ? Where’s the data

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In conclusion...

I thought this forum was for fisherman to learn, ask questions and get good advice.... appreciate the “fisherman” that took the time to give others and myself some good advice... do I buy custom plugs? Absolutely!  Without data? Absolutely! Do I need it? No, that’s why I keep fishing!


as someone that realizes that I don’t know everything about fishing, I thought it would be an interesting topic.  


Maybe be a better thread would be... “pictures with our 24” inch fish with a beautiful sunset” ..Tight lines 

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All I know is this...


If someone advertises a diet plan that claims you'll lose weight, I'll look at it twice and ask for proof.


If someone was pushing medicine that would somehow make you feel better, I'd want to see a study.


If someone's in a booth at a show with an orange and green colored banana with a hook sticking out of it claiming that it'll catch bass, I'll buy two just in case I lose one.


Not rational, and I'm sure not everyone is like that, but it's a hobby.  If I had to start quantifying value the same way I do at work it'd get old, fast.

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On 3/12/2018 at 6:44 PM, bugsbenny said:

let me start by saying this , I do not mean to disrespect anyone here most of you seem to be decent guys, but I will say this most of you are so clueless , I have been a hardcore surfishermen for 40 years have seen the worst of times and some of the best, there are no magic plugs , plug makers, or so called works of art, there are good fishermen and those that want to be , I have said this more than once here but most seem to turn a blind eye find the fish , LEARN THE HUNT, after that what you toss is easy, my first welcome to the 40# club was a 46 on a 6 $ bomber, my intro to the 50 club was on a 7$ gibbs pencil, most of my 30# and some 40# have come on bugs (bucktails) and plastics most of you don't seem to realize the sad state our fishery has become lets get together and see if we can fix it instead of how much can I spend to catch a 28 incher IT AINT CAR ITS THE DRIVER

C'mon, you don't really mean that do you? Clueless, ouch!   I gather that most of these sorts of discussions are just casual conversation to spend time bs'n around. 

As far as great lures....  I once caught over 25 jack crevalle on a bottle cap on a hook, some would say that was a great lure....   And just thinking about that, I think I have a design for a new lure meself, will unveil it on this board after I make a proto type and try it out!

And you don't have to tell me about the sad state of the fishery, our estuary turned from seagrass to frickin MUD in a couple of years.  It's amazing that there are some fish still around, but these must be feeding on migratory bait fish moving through.

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8 hours ago, rollincoal said:

What makes a great sunset?

  Your'e looking for maximum molecules and small particles in the atmosphere.  That gives you the utmost change in the direction of light rays giving you the best chance to view the aforementioned "great sunset".


 Variables can include everything not mentioned above.



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