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1 hour ago, rick smithtown said:

New hulls only.

Ja, it'll be iffy if I can find a single fist-sized area that's completely unscratched.

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OK, I'm sold  on the side scan. thanks for the info.  West Marine is having their spring sale, starting the 15th, at 10 AM. and ends the 18th.  I will be getting it then, if they have it in stock.  The sale price also applies to anything that has to be ordered during the sale.  so one more question, how did you attach the transducer to the hull?  I'm leaning toward the "magnet bracket".

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10 hours ago, kenzie said:

nifty idea using the go pro mount.  Let us know how it works out after a few outings on the water.  How do you like the Dragonfly unit?  I was looking at that one, but I found  a 2016 post on the internet stating they had software issues. Allthough,  they had plenty of time fix that, but ya never know.

I've had this mount for my car for a while and I got the idea Sunday morning.  So happy it worked.  On Saturday, I had the Thru hull set up with it and it didn't work at all.  That sucked...


Sunday I got the idea and mounted it with the yak on my car and saw it had a strong suction, I couldn't get into to come off with noderate strength applied so got it in the water and held strong all day.  Had to fab the screw and seran wrap (the plastic piece that fits on the side of the transducer didn't fit) for some type of grip at the spot before I launched but got it to work and it was awesome. 


I like the raymarine.  I'm bummed about it not working thru-hull for sure, but I love that clear picture and just knowing the transducer is IN the water. 


The arm for the mount also can angle up by turning a screw handle to tighten/loosen to get different go pro angles.  This is used for me to mount it on the ground and keep the transducer out of the way of the actual ground and whatever else like keeping it on the side when you're doing whatever.  Clutch idea and I think it's gonna be a long term thing for me.  This thing is designed for serious high speeds I feel like and running tops 6 mph in some water isn't gonna make it break a sweat

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