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Maybe it's my ****in browser but does the software, after making me resize a photo for use as an avatar which is a pain from mobile, then blow the photo out of proportion, making my hard work into a mockery of everything Ive ever believed in. The forum overview looks ok but the from within the thread is where it appears as if Tim is saying eff your avatar and die in a gutter.





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It's a compromise FnA...the compromise between how I like avatars to look - like the view from inside the thread where their height/width can be different. And how the forum software wants them to be - square or round.  I hate the square or round on FB. That's how this software wants your avatar - to be square. So I've changed things to allow a rectangular or odd shaped image for your avatar....the compromise is in the other views, like forum and index views, where the CSS changes your avatar into a square by compressing it :freak:


I don't like it either...but it appears to be basically hard wired into the function of this software :blackeye: 


I will continue to keep my eyes open for a solution...I can understand the software need to have avatars in certain views all be the same size...but I'd rather is just trimmed the image down to make it square rather than squeeze it to make it square :( 



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