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I've got a new itch, and I having too much fun scratching it.


Have hunted since I was a little kid (back when the Flintstones were around) and shot my whole life.... but never owned or shot a handgun.


My son-in-law was not a gun owner, but truly wanted to have some protection in the house, up in North Jersey, and had an interest in handguns so we got into it together...bought him a Gen4 Glock 9mm and I scouted for a while and got myself the new model S&W, the M&P 2.0... also a 9mm.  Picked up 1000 rds in bulk last week.




Having a blast at the range..... been down to Full Metal Jacket in Ocean Heights NJ and up to Shooters... truly looking forward to Range 129 opening in Absecon in the beginning of March... it is way closer than both spots and will have 100yd indoor lanes to let loose with my long rifles to boot.


So far I have been able to try the Glock 9mm, Glock .10mm, Sig 9mm, Glock .45... I can see how this can get expensive.... but it is too cold to fish out.  Going to file for a couple more permits this week.


So what do you shoot?

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not to be a jerk but a 9mm seems like a bad gun for protection. People get shot multiple times with them and they live. Im not sure it has the stopping power you need to protect your self.  Most of the tough nuts in the tavern use a .410 to protect their family.  It's not as popular as it once was here but this thread might help it make a comeback.

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I am 100% a 12ga guy for protection, but the kid never handled a gun in his life and did the research so this is his starter.... I got my 9mm just to plink holes in paper... he will graduate eventually but I wanted to get him started with something at the range.


Besides... who ever heard of owning too many guns??

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Grab a .410 while you can, with this new Governor this weapon of mass destruction is sure to be on the ban list

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I love my pistols. Favorite of them all is the glock 35. 40 cal.   Im not crazy about my baretta 9fs because of the double action trigger but its a good home defense option if your not using a shotgun.  You can stop someone with a bb gun if you place your shot right.


You should go for the florida and utah ccw permit.  If they ever pass reciprocity it might come in handy.  I am taking a class end of month.



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Here is a copied post from March of 2015.   As some of you may know I have been building a indoor shooting range in part of my basement. I built this with safety in mind first. The entire basement is below grade and built with concrete block. The wall behind the bullet traps is framed out with 2 X 6's 12" on center and sheathed with 3/4 plywood. The voids between the 2 X 6's are filled with sand. I wanted to make sure that if someone missed the centrifugal bullet traps there would be no chance of a ricochet. I intentionally fired a .22 and a .45 into it from various distances to make sure that the round would penetrate through the wood and die and not ricochet back towards the shooter or any other direction.
The 2 centrifugal bullet traps are rated for up to a .44 Magnum at point blank range. They have a 12" X 12" throat opening and any round within the opening is safely decelerated and drops harmlessly into the 5 Gal. bucket. The traps are built on a trolleys that can be set anywhere from 10' from the firing line to 40' . I have the floor marked out in 5' increments.
I installed an 1650 C.F.M. ventilation system that clears out all gun smoke instantly.
The gas lines in the ceiling are covered with 3-1/2" X 3-1/2" X 3/8" steel angle iron.
Regardless of the construction we only shoot when there is no one in the rooms above the range and in the room on the right side. It would have been extremely difficult to armor the entire ceiling and one side wall. All my utility's are in the section of ceiling between the drop ceiling and the sheet-rocked ceiling.
There is still a lot of stuff in there that will be cleared out when I finally get to build my garage, [hopefully this summer]. I also still have a lot more soundproofing to put up, but it is surprisingly quiet. When you are standing right outside on the front porch, you cant even hear the .9 MM. being fired.
Since completing the rear wall we decided to also set it up for archery. The center 4 feet of the wall has 8" of dense Styrofoam and then an Styrofoam archery target board attached. We have a cross bow pistol, compound bow and a long bow. We just wheel the bullet trap trolleys off to the sides. That gives the same 40' to practice. Let me tell you, EVEN AT THAT SHORT DISTANCE, THE 2 BOWS ARE A LOT HARDER TO GET GOOD GROUPS THAN ANY HANDGUN I OWN. The crossbow is deadly in my hands though. :D
Here are some pic's

The range

The shooting stations. I also have a portable divider that can be put up when there are two shooters at once.

One of the bullet trap trolleys.



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FMTuna, I shoot a little ;). Here are a few shots from 2014. I have extensively added to my collection since then. I also shoot all of them. I don't buy to collect. The most fun has been collecting, building and shooting my WWII battle rifles. I am picking up another one tomorrow evening.

My collection outgrew the stack-on gun locker I had, So I built a dedicated gun Safe room into my house. It is a large closet framed out 12" on center with a lolly column in both end walls. It is then sheathed with 3/4 plywood on the outside, screwed every 4" then covered by the sheetrock. The inside is sheathed with 3/4" pressboard and screwed every 4". The door is 2-1/2" solid oak with multiple deadbolts and welded hinges. It is temp and humidity controlled and has a dedicated alarm zone. I would like to think that it would take an awful long time to break in and by then the alarm should have done it's job. I still use the stack-on for some long arms, but I like the WOW factor when I open it up and the LED lights first come on.




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