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8 hours ago, pakalolo said:

the east end gillnetters had a banner year, some saying they have never seen so many bass. Anecdotal? of course, factual? of course 

Pak,  this past October at  Montauk my friend Greg and I stood on top of The bluffs overlooking the surf off Kings.   We saw this Red Boat, The Lady ??( name withheld) pulling its nets.  Viewing through binos for about 1/2 hour or so, not one bass was returned to the water.  Some of those fish appeared to be "Under and  some Oversized.  Yet all were taken. I know what some are going to say.  If a Gill Net trapped a bass it had to be over 28" and could not have been over 38" due to The Mesh Size.  The  Mess size cannot determine the difference between a 27"fish and a 28" fish,  or a 38" bass  from a 39"  incher (which is illegal for commercials in NYS).   They killed everything.  The DEC was notified but unknown what the outcome was. 



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Not sure who that was 50lb , but he seemingly was breaking the law if there were both under and over sized fish taken.

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17 hours ago, JoeyZac said:


Is that when the population is "healthy" they are both inshore and offshore?


Or is it that when the population is "exploding out of control and imbalanced" that they are both offshore on their normal migration route, and because there are so many (too many?), they also have to come inshore to feed as well?

That's the virtue of stock assessments, which don't rely on anecdotal reports and instead employ a host of fishery-dependent and fishery-independent indices to determine the health of the stock.


And the latest assessment update that we have, released a year ago, advises that the female spawning stock biomass is just a little above the threshold that denotes an overfished stock, and well below the abundance target.

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