What makes a person troll?

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8 hours ago, iphish said:

Total lack of friendship away from the keyboard?


seeks attention in any form?


Poor Up bringing?






No one listened to them as a child?



No, its to feed the idiots. 

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11 hours ago, iphish said:

Yeah, I guess they don't realize how many people feel they are idiotic? Maybe they think its the "other guy, not me"


More like they "don't care," than they "don't know."


11 hours ago, Bass Ackwards said:

Only 90ish more days till baseball, going to be a lonnnggggg winter. fluk all you trolls.


Goes quick.

Still have 3 more weeks of Stripers and Tog.

Sprinkle in some NHL.

Jan/Feb is for skiing, and when home, going through all the gear and servicing the reels.

Once the deep freeze breaks in late Feb, boat gets prepped/cleaned/painted and back in the water for Opening Day (March 1st).

AC Boat show 2/28/18 to pick up some new toys.

3/1/18 - Game on with the Fidgits!


I can't believe how many people have already yanked their boat and don't go back in till sometime in April.  4+ months off?!?  Screw that!



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