possible first ever weed overdose

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It's total BS being spread by corrupt media hacks (and it's no doubt being pushed on them by corrupt government drug warriors).


The correlation between the kid having THC in his system, and subsequently dying...Could be made about every other substance in his system.

Not to mention many causes that have nothing to do with ingested substances.


“We are absolutely not saying that marijuana killed that child,” one of the doctors who authored the report told The Washington Post in a later interview.

And indeed, that’s clear after a close reading of the paper.



(I can't provide a link to the story that this quote comes from, because then the whole ****ing post gets blocked.)

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BS story.  LD50 for eating weed is like 3 pounds or something.  More likely it was an OD on the fiber in the weed than the THC.


I am not a smoker and could GAF about it.   Like most of you will eventually do, I am going to agree with Seal on this one.  




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