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I don't know if I've ever told my eel brine story here. Kept a jar of riggies stored in a jar with brine in the fridge, one night I got out of bed still half sleeping half dreaming and made my way to the fridge for something to drink, what do I grab? The eel jar, twist the lid off and take a swig, the second that salty dank eel juice hit my tongue woke my ass right up!

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On 10/14/2017 at 0:06 PM, IsmailG said:

3 bucket method, one bucket on the bottom, another bucket on top of that with holes drilled on the bottom (eels go in here with a damp rag) final bucket with holes drilled through the bottom goes on top, put a block of ice in this bucket which slowly melts and keeps the eels wet and cool. All you need to do is drain the bottom bucket once in a while.

Google cow harbor, you can order rigged eels from them.

Thanks IsmailG!

The 3 bucket method (how you describe it) sound simple & effective.... Thanks! I’m asuming they are fine w/ fresh vs salt water?

Also, checked out Cow Harbor. They have the several diferent ways, i.e. plain, on lead head, on redfin & on big GRS. Unfortunatly not on tin squid, but I’ll request that.



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I like wading a channel edge or fishing back bay banks with eels. 


bigger fish of my life all caught on eels. 


Nothing quite like getting that bite...

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