Condo Remodel 2017 - So it begins

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8 hours ago, splions said:

More power to him...looks like he has a fantastic place and the skills needed to do the job. 

Not something I would attempt as I have learned my limitations. :cool:

It's funny how your priorities change over the years and I am only 54.

(I'm 56 ):laugh:

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On 10/13/2017 at 9:38 PM, mybeach said:

Gee, think it's time for some plumbing updates!


This is the vent for the kitchen sink. 








There was carpeting in the living/dining room. Every 4 inches or so, depending on the marksmanship of the installer, there was a 1/4 or 5/16 inch hilti pin. In some cases, there were several, depending on how far off the shot was, or if it didn't bite.


In some places,  there was a legacy of tackless from prior carpet installations, 3 rows deep along the slider and the plumbing wall, obviously water intrusion. Black rotten tackless.


Every time I popped one of the pins out, it cratered the concrete. 


I filled them all with a concrete leveler. 


Actually, the hilti pins held quite solidly, I had to use full torque on the flat bar to pop them.


 I'm thinking this is the way to go for the steel track installation for the new walls.


I've tried a couple of different tapcon type screws, and I'm not happy with them. The 3/4 inch penetration rule has me thinking that hilti or ramset is a better option.





Couldn't agree more on the ramset vs tapcon. First of all, tapcons have to be pre drilled and they are expensive. Never felt like they held as well as they should. I just used a ramset to lay down sil plates and furred studs on the foundation. The $80 I spent on the gun was well worth it for the time and the end result. 

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Wrestling with the wrong material, then wrestling with the wrong tools, then wrestling with the layout, etc etc., the light soffit is installed. 


I purchased the 3 5/8 material, way too heavy. Returned that and got the 2.5 inch material. Grabbed a 10" metal cutting carbide blade.


Made all the cuts in my shop and brought it back down the hill to assemble.


This will fit 2 10' sheets of plywood nicely. A little trimming here and there. 


While I appreciate the suggestions on the tapcons, I decided to use the Ramset gun with 3/4 inch pins. Those suckers got some purchase indeed.


There are no 3/4 inch tapcons to be had, and the cheap SPAX versions were not trustworthy. Plus, now I own a Ramset .22 cal gun with a silencer that I can use for other stuff. Works for me. Since the rental of some off brand was going to be as at least much as the purchase, it makes perfect sense. Not that the rental center had the pins or the charges, but they did have a dusty old .27 cal Funky brand gun that I could rent for $30 a day.


As you can see, I used the trac essentially as a rim joist, and the studs as ceiling joists. This structure is going to be holding up 2 panels and a couple of lights. It aint coming down.:)











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One thing I learned quickly is that the Ramset pins do NOT like to be driven at any angle. They will deflect and fail. I knew it was not a good idea, and the first one I tried failed, so I immediately abandoned that and decided to alter course.


As you can see, I needed to notch the track where I shot pins into the ceiling so that I could square the gun up to the stock. 


This is a nice solid installation method.



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