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12 hours ago, gman1253 said:

I have the Apex -- and still do but I tie on a Dyna-king.


Before you buy try to get your hands on one -- Bass Pro has some that you cant try on display. Gives you an idea of how the vise works, machining & smoothness,


Some things I now look for (after blowing some $ on vises)

Do you like a cam lever or screw to tighten the jaws?

Pedestal or c clamp?

Hook sizes on jaws? Or do you have to buy an extra set of jaws for larger hooks?

Do you like to have the stem & jaws horizontal or at angle?  I tie a lot of clouser type flies so I prefer horizontal (like a renzetti clouser). I find it easier to line up the hook parallel when I rotate.

Good luck... 


oops I forgot - Fly Fish Ohio had a review on vises by price point a few years back-- worthwhile reading.

Thanks for the info. I've bought an Atlas and it's been perfect for what I need it for. Its a very useful tool and I can't see tying hooks without one. 

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On 5/13/2017 at 8:55 PM, WillMV said:


I am looking into starting to tie flys

Where is the best/ cheapest place where you guys buy your flys from? What are some must have materials for saltwater flies?



Nice buy on the BST forum?  500?  but a lot of good stuff?  

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Bear's Den Fly Fishing Co...

They have what you're lookin' for...

If they don't have it, you don't need it, but they'll get it for you anyway...

As good as it gets...





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16 hours ago, HillTop said:

Plus Scott is just an all around great guy and has one of the best beards I've every seen :)



Have you seen Jesus ?

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