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Hi Rocco :wave:  We have plenty of juncos still hanging around here in Delaware.  They are very protective of the small seed feeders.  I'm not sure "protective" is the right word...maybe more like "feeder hogs" would be more descriptive.  They even just sit there and make sure no other birds try to feed.  It's nice having them here all winter.

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8 hours ago, rocco said:

get your fill of juncos now, they'll be gone for the season soon. 


:th:  Certainly our most common bird in the winter around here.


We must be on the very southern edge of the nesting range up here, always a few year round......but not many.

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Got out on the river trail for the first time in a while. Nothing spectacular, but a lot of variety.

White-tailed Kite



Red-Shouldered Hawk??



??? Hawk




Another White-Tailed Kite5aad8c1759eed_DSC_0224(2).thumb.JPG.dc9a7bd94316994b92bcda2af7908946.JPG



Common Mergansers5aad8c1d3b79c_DSC_0390(2).thumb.JPG.371709c33c673401ac4e8b6b3a600238.JPG


Great Egret - Not my best photo of the heron, but it caught a large crawfish. It's the first time I have been able to get a photo of one with something it caught.


DSC_0127 (2).JPG


Great Blue Heron







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Today at the dock.These guys are just cool.



The Loon is even cooler. Look at those powerful big webbed feet set way back and gives them the ability to out swim fish. 



They always seem to look down just before they make a dive.



Legs go out just like a big frog then powerful strokes takes it down real fast. Check out the leg spread.









Then it's fish beware.




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