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Renewal by Andersen...any body have any opinions? Reviews?

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#1 Billy77

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Posted August 12 2012 - 7:52 PM

Looking to replace all my windows from the crappy "contractor" grade to some great windows. Plan on being in my home for a long time.

What I do like about Renewals are that they make, install, sell and warranty their windows. Unlike most of the 100's of no name windows out there that are made and installed by companies that could fold in a week.

Plus Andersen has a name in the market...Any and all advice would be appreciated...:D


Billy ;)

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#2 gray gables

gray gables
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Posted August 12 2012 - 8:23 PM

there customer service sucks, trust me, if you have a harvey industries near you go with them, great windows, go with dbl low e and argon or krypton gas,

#3 RedJeep

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Posted August 12 2012 - 8:40 PM

My current project is trimming out some Andersons we had replaced after 34 years. I was able to get a replacement sill after about twenty years. Since I had casements and they no longer worked for us the new windows are double hung on the sides and the double casement in the middle is now a fixed pane. We just didn't open it at all (conflict with a walk way).
The big problem is always what is available in the sizes you need. On one of the days I have worked with Habit for humanity we had to install donated windows in a house they were refurbishing. The fun part was the new window was 1.5 inches too wide and three inches too long. It was a PIA but they were going to reside the house.
What we went with was a set of replacement windows custom built for my rough openings.The replacements are from Wincore.


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Posted August 12 2012 - 8:49 PM

I have some good anderson prodoucts in my house. Pella is a quality product allso. It all really depends on the installer. If you say buy from some

dearer that sez they will install they will just sub the install to the cheapest guy they can get. Use a contractor that has done work for someone you know. If there is wood that needs to be replaced or somthing a good contractor will talk to you about it. But if some guys prity good window install place comes to do it they JUST put the window in the hole in the wall.  OK!!  Do it right one time. Take your time. Maybe you want a larger window

in a certian area. You get what you pay for and if you buy a quality window and it is not instaled properly it will die. 1/2 is the window and the other

is the install.  Stay cool and dry man.  petey

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#5 north-shore fisha

north-shore fisha
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Posted August 13 2012 - 5:48 AM

Go with Harvey.  You get what you pay for.

#6 mako20ft

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Posted August 13 2012 - 8:49 AM


I have been installing, servicing, repairing and replacing windows and doors since 1988. I am out the door for a meeting but would like to offer some insight on your project when I get back. Questions...

1) Are you looking into a replacement window "Insert" style or a complete window exchange?

2) What color are the new windows?

3) Is your house Vinyl sided, brick, wood or otherwise?

4) Any custom configuration windows, what about windows that are "Mulled" together (gangs of 2 or more side by side or over each other)?

5) Are all the windows Double Hung or a mix with some casement and/or awning style?

6) Any large Picture Windows?


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#7 mako20ft

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Posted August 13 2012 - 11:33 AM

Btw, Anderson and Renewal (which is an Anderson Subsidiary something like Eagle Window or Silverline Window) are excellent marketing companies that happen to make windows. They are not bad by any stretch but much of their dollars are geared towards candy vs. R&D. Regardless of what brand you end up with know that is the installation that is far more important than the manufacturer...if I hazard a guess I'd say twice as important.

Consider this...most any window that seeks certification AWDM is tested pretty rigorously. So you can be reasonably sure that out of the box the window will perform. Past that it's a degree of how well the installer sums up the scenario and adjusts what he has to work with for a satisfying result. For instance, plumb and level are important but take a back seat to the frame being square so seals are in correct position to work as intended (sounds counter intuitive but it's fact). Another example, I've lost count of the number of decent quality vinyl windows where the installer didn't pay attention to the sill being fastened flat to the framing resulting in a hump at the center. Net effect being the sashes are difficult to lock together at the midrail because the lower cannot seat properly all the way down. Another you say...casement style windows ever so slightly our of square so the operator has to give some extra umph on the last turn of the handle for the lock tab(s) to grasp the sash fully shut. The lock wears out quickly, the screws holding the glide rail pull out from the sash and the seals from frame to operating sash don't do there proper job.

Anyway, been there done that. Separate subject...please do not consider what is called an "Insert" style of Double Hung window. Last Tuesday we put in an order for windows on a local project needing new windows for the majority of the home. Coincidentally 1-1/2 years ago the owner had 2 single Double Hungs and (1) 2X Wide Double Hung replaced by renewal. For my information I measured the difference between original units and the new Renewal Inserts. The Daylight Opening was reduced by 2-7/16" wide and nearly 4" in height with this style of "window inside a window" which is what an Insert essentially is. Outside of that, the replacement (at $1,175 each) did nothing to address the insulation around the unit, the flashing, the casing, etc... Not a good investment knowing that my crew will be pulling the old units entirely, installing correctly sized Anderson Woodwright units, foaming the cavities for air loss and completely wrapping the exterior flange/frame with Grace for a belt and suspenders leak free solution. Best part, our price is $865 per unit with materials and labor. This is a vinyl sided home and the windows do not have mullions, no extension jambs and standard 2-1/2" stained interior casings. Straight forward install but the price still reflects the difference between Renewal and a total replacement.

This was lunch so I'm out. If you have specific questions you are welcome to forward them here or PM me. Also, this should likely be moved to the DIY forum as it will get more mileage from the in the know crowd.



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#8 EaglescoutChris

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Posted December 17 2013 - 7:15 AM

Very Expensive and not worth the price.