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Installed a Lowrance Elite 4 DSI on my 2012 Hobie Revolution

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#1 doggdo

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Posted May 02 2012 - 9:58 AM

I just completed the install of the Lowrance Elite 4 DSI on my 2012 Hobie Revolution. I got alot of advice on multiple forums and thanks for the help. The battery is a Spypoint 12 volt 7 amp battery that came with battery box and charger for $40. The battery box has two plug in adaptors so you dont have to take out the battery to charge it. I found a old charger and I cut the plug and connected with waterproof connectors so now I have a quick connect power source. Im using a bungee chord under the front hatch to suspend the battery so it doesnt bounce. I used probably too many zip ties to hold the the wires but I can always remove them. The transducer was mounted with duct seal and a zip tie to the mast pole. I made the well and put the transducer inside and covered the front, rear and duct sealed two straps for strenght. Im not sure if I have to add water to the well but will wait for my first voyage and compare the difference. I made the hole for the wires inside the meash pocket. Im using a Ram Mount to hold the fish finder. The only thing I need to get is the rubber gromet to seal the hole Ill try Lowes or Home Depot to see what they have. Everything powered up well now I have to read the instructions for the fish finder or watch some videos for the best features. I cant wait to use it and any feedback is welcome. Thanks Danny

[ATTACHMENT=5439]install 1.jpg (1,094k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=5440]install 2.jpg (868k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=5441]install 3.jpg (1,137k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=5442]install 5.jpg (1,158k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=5443]install.jpg (1,432k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]


#2 jamesc

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Posted May 03 2012 - 12:09 AM

Hey, nice install. Keep me posted on how the dsi image works out. I just picked up a 2012 revo 11 and bought the mark-4dsi...before reading that the shoot through hull install was a very arguable topic. The scupper mount seems like it would work well, but I am concerned it would hang too low, and/or get in the way while transporting

#3 Andy B

Andy B
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Posted May 03 2012 - 6:30 AM

That's a quite a success getting all tghe wirign and mounting figured out.

Three things I would say. It doesn't look like your transducer is mounted IN putty. It looks like you surrounded it and then strapped the top. You really need to lay a thin (1/8-1/4") layer under the transducer and stick it into the putty. That forms a solid AIRLESS connection to the water under the kayak. You probably won't need to ribs over the transducer wither. When warm and dry, the putty is sticky enough to hold to the hull and the transducer.

I would buy a cap of some sort to seal the hole where your wires pass through the hull. You already have your hole drill to a certain size, so find a cap that works with your hole. You can try West Marine or the like. Edit: I see you mentione dthe rubber grommet. Try a marine store. they sell these things.

The only other thing I would have mentioned is the battery box. The first thing I thought was that it would continuously bounce off the hull. You said it won't, so I will assume you have tested it. You may end up in pretty good chop at some point, so just make sure you think your set-up is up to the task.

Good luck!! Nice work.

#4 JKay

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Posted May 03 2012 - 6:39 AM

Good looking install.

A couple things:
Google Ancor wire seal. I've used this on my kayak for years to seal the area in the hull where the wires go through. It's inexpensive and IMO much better than a few of the other ones out there. They make 3 or 4 sizes depending on your wire size, so you have to choose which one will work for you. Looks like this.

Posted Image

Here it is installed.

Your box is currently right in the center of the front hatch area. That will likely get in the way of anything that you want to put in there. I sometimes store my cart (broken down) up there, or line the hatch with a super duty plastic bag and stuff one or two keeper stripers in there. :D You might want to consider lashing this to the sail mast to get it out of the way. Just an idea.

#5 bigkris

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Posted May 03 2012 - 10:47 AM

The only thing with the wire seal is the locking nut that holds the wires to the back of the head unit on the Lowrance Elite series. It is larger than some of the other ones that I have seen. You can either get the 3/4" wire seal or get the 1/2" one and with a very small screw driver and being very gentle get the nut off then it will JUST fit through. If you don't want to fool around with taking the nut off, just use the 3/4" wire seal it will not close down all the way just use a little duc seal or silicone to fill the hole. I am finishing my install today I'll take pic's and post them.

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#6 BowHunter96

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Posted May 03 2012 - 5:16 PM

Been thinking of putting a fishfinder on my kayak.I like your setup, thanks for the idea.

#7 USS Blue

USS Blue
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Posted May 03 2012 - 8:24 PM

CeaCap Bulkhead Pass Thru Fitting

#8 Mullady76

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Posted May 03 2012 - 9:50 PM

I like to use these fittings because they are low profile and cost about 5 bucks. Just add a little dab of silicone to the opening and its water tight.

Posted Image

#9 doggdo

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Posted May 04 2012 - 11:25 PM

I had the kayak out on Weddnesday . The transducer did not work well just laying on the hull of the kayak. Andy you are correct about the seal under the transducer so I had to remove it and put the duct seal underneath it and got pretty good readings when I was right on top of the bunker. I would like to hang it on the side of the boat to compare the difference. I figured out fish finder part the GPS I have to play with to figure it out. I still have to read the manual. James I dry fitted the transducer to the scupper hole it sticks out just enough so you can not beach the kayak without it hitting the ground. The battery box did bounce alittle but all I had to do is tighten the bungee and it worked great. I leave my jacket in the front and hang my cart in the rear so for now the battery is good. Thanks for the idea[ATTACHMENT=5475]Kayak.jpg (68k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]s plus Im using the putty seal to cover the wire hole until I pickup the low profile fitting.


#10 Skiddd

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Posted May 05 2012 - 2:51 AM

What kind of mount is that? I have the same ff/gps and want to mount it like yours on my boat(I have a 13' Whaler) if you have a model number that would be great. Nice job, good luck with it. May it mark many fish for you.....

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#11 doggdo

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Posted May 05 2012 - 12:01 PM

Its the compact ram mount I ordered fom the kayak shed. If you get one get the fullsize ram mount becaust the base of the fish finder is too small for the compact mount. I had to use a bracket to mount the fish finder to the ram mount or ram sells an adaptor specifically for the elite 4 unit. to find it go to the ram mount website but look at the mounti that goes to the boat some are round and some are some are oval. Good Luck


#12 doggdo

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Posted May 11 2012 - 8:16 PM

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I tried out the transducer on the mount I made connected to the ram mount fish finder. The mount was removed during travel and stored inside the center hatch not a very sturdy system. The transducer was attached in two feet of water with no problems. The issues I had was during top speed of 5 mph I could hear the water noise from the pvc pipe and it was a little distracting because Im not used to seeing any water splashing from the kayak. Once I started to catch bunker the line got wraped around the transducer so I had to remove it and untangle it. Th transducer was approximately two feet under the boat which could of been adjusted by cutting the metal threaded rod which was covered by the pvc pipe. I used a metal bracket and two nylon nuts to attach the transducer to the bottom then slide the pvc pipe on and a washer then another nylon nut. With about six inches of exposed threaded 1/4 ' rod exposed I connected it to a bracket attached to the ram mount. I could of also connected it to one of the fish finder holes. I used a black wing nut to tighten it down. The results I did not see a big improvement to warrant the added stress of attaching it outside the hull. So when I got home I put it back inside the hull with duct seal. I hope this helps anyone who has a DSI transducer.


#13 barrell

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Posted May 12 2012 - 6:08 AM

I use a simple stainless clamshell cover for all wire passthroughs. They are cheap and look profesional. When I strap the excess wire to the sail mast like you did I place a piece of 1/4 inch bungie half way up around the sail mast. I then tie a knot creating a loop. The battery box is stuck inside the loop in the front of the sail mast. This simple loop holds the battery box securly even if you flip the kayak over on the car racks. The way you have it robs you of using the hatch or installing a hatch liner. Keeping it simple always works better.


#14 psulax23

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Posted June 19 2012 - 12:10 PM

Hi, I NEED one of these fittings asap because I cannot find anywhere to just buy a single Lowrance fitting to through hull connect my DSI on my Hobie Outback, where did you find these to purchase online.????

#15 scfa

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Posted June 21 2012 - 4:37 PM

barrell what is this clam shell part called? i'd like to order one.