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Good (cheap) fish finder? Suggestions?

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#1 Fluke Jr

Fluke Jr
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Posted November 01 2009 - 11:53 AM

Alright next Friday is my dad's birthday and my uncle is buying him a small (12') aluminum boat, so I would like to get him a fish finder. He already has a trolling motor, etc. All he needs to complete his rig is a fish finder and life vests (life vests would be a pretty lame gift, lol). Anyone have any suggestions on a relatively cheap fish finder in the 2-300 dollar range? I was looking at the Humminbird Fishin Buddy. It seems pretty cool, portable, runs on AA batteries. Not sure how good it is though. I like that option because he doesnt have to mount anything and it doesnt drain the battery the trolling motor will be running off of (having two batteries on the boat isnt an option for him), but I would like to hear other suggestions.

#2 DerrickT

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Posted November 01 2009 - 11:58 AM

He should be able to run a fishfinder off the same battery and get close to a day of fishing in. Depends how windy it is. Cabelas has some of the Hummingbirds on sale right now. THe 500 series is pretty good.

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#3 Jimby1960

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Posted November 01 2009 - 4:46 PM

I was thinking of getting a Humminbird 160pt for my 12 footer. It's runs around $130.00 and come with a rechargeable battery,and carrying case. I've seen some good reviews on it, but don't have one yet.

#4 Jae

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Posted November 02 2009 - 5:26 PM

the pirahana 2 finder is good and u can run it off the same battery that the trolling motor runs off of, just be sure its a good quality marine deep cycle battery, i used to run the same setup except i had 3 batteries on board, i would be out for a long time thats y i needed the extra batteries, but i didnt find that the fish finder drained the battery that much runs about 80 bux at wall mart of k mart, B&W screen with a back light for low light viewing and water resistant, rain and spray doesnt kill it, ive had mine for about 6-7 years and it still works, also u can mount the ducet on the bottom of the trolling motor with a large hose clamp and secure the cable with zip ties on the motor shaft, and mount the finder display on a piece of 2x12 and on the bottom u can screw on some velcrow to the bottom of the board and to the bench in the boat where viewing is most convienent. note may have to put some 1/4" screws threw the velcrow on the bench seat to better help secure it down. this allows for easy removal. also seperate wires for the battery and ducer. i bought large alligator clips for the power wire easy on easy off.

#5 RPK

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Posted November 06 2009 - 7:17 PM

On a chance, I found the "Hawkeye" portable fish finder. $50.00 on-line. It's about 3"x5" runs on 4 AAA batteries. It works great for a small simple depth/fish finder. The transducer just hangs off the side of my Kayak. You can take it from boat to boat. The instructions say it will work on the ice too. I'm not an ice fisherman but I will certainly try it this winter as I live on a 100 acre pond.

I have about six different lakes/rivers within a five mile radius of where I live. I really don't have to use the fish finder anymore. I know the depth of the water and I know where the fish hang out. I always use it on a new lake or river though.


#6 danflytr

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Posted November 08 2009 - 1:39 PM

I use a portable hummingbird on my U-12 Valco. The depth /fish finder uses two 6volt batteries. I does not show you pics of fish when your over them it shows you a series of blocks(squares). Individual squares for small fish and a group series of squares for larger fish grouped together. What I like about the portable is I rig my transducer to a six foot length of PVC plastic pipe. So with my shopping cart(holds fish finder ,tackle boxes,baits,extra reels...etc.). When I lived in the central valley I used to fish the concrete canals called the delta mendota and the california aquaduct. To find a good spot for catfishing I will walk along the canals holding the transducer and pvc pipe into the water while the unit is on and get the best fishing spot without trial and error. This was the best method I ever used to fish and while I was fishing I would leave it on. It was attached with a cable and clips to the cart and I just let it hang down the slanted concrete banks of the canals.