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shimano sahara

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#1 pkg

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Posted November 23 2002 - 3:56 PM

Hi all. Is there any difference between the 5000 and 8000 sahara other than the depth of the spool? All of the specs appear to be indentical except the amount of line the reels hold. Thanks for your input.

#2 TimS

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Posted November 25 2002 - 4:04 PM

Probably not - a lot of their reels are like that - including the Stradic/Sustain 5000 and 6000 - exactly the same reel, except the 5000 has less line capacity - same weight, same price, same gearing. Funny how some people buy a reel simply because it has less line capacity? Something I'll never understand

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#3 nrgizer902

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Posted November 26 2002 - 1:02 PM

jkg, Your the first person I saw here that has a sahara. I have the 8000. Just broke it down and cleaned the internal part last week. Bought it new about 3 years ago and still acts like its new.....wow what a smooth reel.
Does anybody else have a sahara and how do they like it? good vs. bad

#4 jhorton

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Posted November 26 2002 - 1:25 PM

I have one and think it is the pits. Needs too much maintenance. Corrodes like the bejesus. Doesn't like salt water.
Did not even get a season out of it.
The drag likes to adjust itself tighter and has done so since the day it was new.
Other than that stuff, it is a great reel.

#5 FisherTim

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Posted November 26 2002 - 3:30 PM

Got a Sahara 6000 and a 4000. Love em both. Used almost exclusively in saltwater and have held up better than my Stradics.
Got the 8000 spool and use it on the Stradic or Sahara when I need the extra line.
Waiting to check out the new Spheros, supposed to be designed for the salt.

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#6 DMala

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Posted November 26 2002 - 4:15 PM

I have a Sahara 5000. After a good initial season (three years ago) the drag became very sticky. It is also not braid (Whiplash)friendly : with it I keep getting wind knots, while with a much cheaper DAIWA Jupiter-S I got an excellent and reliable drag, and no braid problems.
Too bad because the gears are good. I am going to get rid of it for the next season, but first I want to try to replace the felt drag washers with Quantum Catalyst washers, which I just discovered have the same size.

#7 nrgizer902

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Posted November 27 2002 - 4:27 PM

jhorton, sounds like your not maintaining your equipment. Which parts are corroding? Try cleaning your drag system with dish detergent, then use comet on your metal parts of the drag to make them ultra smooth, let dry for 1 day, re-install in the proper order. If not you will have a drag that is not smooth. I have picked up a few stingrays in the 50# range and when they take off you better have a good drag system....never failed me....smooooth
DMala, try the fireline (braid)....works great. I cant say anything for whiplash, never used it......good luck guys!