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LLBean Breathable bootfoot waders: Flyweight II or Emerger??

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#16 KGJ

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Posted March 22 2010 - 9:11 PM

I had the Emergers for a season and while I really liked them, I hated the fact that they had no belt loops so my wading belt will always slide up and it'd be very uncomfortable.
I just got a new pair of LL Bean Rapid River and they look and feel much sturdier than the Emergers and they have belt loops and a hand-warming pouch (LL Bean has a 20% off fishing gear so they came out to $151)

I just did the exact same thing on Sunday

#17 fishbulb

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Posted March 23 2010 - 4:40 AM

I picked up the Emergers two seasons ago.
First pair lasted a season. I discovered the leak on the first pair two days before I left for a trip to Nantucket. I called and they overnighted a replacement pair to me.
Second pair lasted the season until late in the Fall (November). I brought them into the LL Bean store and was informed since they no longer had the Emerger line that the best I could do was get my money back.
Kind of a bummer, but it could have been worse.
What the situation actually was is that they re-tool their line and unload old stock from November until February. As a result I tossed in a little more cash and picked up a pair of the Rapid River waders. They're nicer waders, but truth be told I think I prefer the simplicity of the Emergers. I'll wait until the end of the season to pass full judgement on them.
Keep this in mind as things progress; I got the Rapid River waders for the same price the Emerger bootfoots are going for right now and they have many more features than I would expect for a wader that price.

#18 KGJ

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Posted March 23 2010 - 6:49 AM

A lot of the customer reviews (bean website, SOL) have said that the RR waders can (and will) leak in the crotch. There appears to be a weak point in the taping of the seams there.
That said, a friend of mine has a pair, and he fishes hard in them (block island, newport, soco) and has never had an issue. Plus, they're breathable enough to wear along the canal on a hot day.
I plan on making my own judgment this spring. Tough to beat the price with the sale this weekend.

#19 chrisjoe13

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Posted March 23 2010 - 7:32 AM

I got the emerger's before the start of the 07 season and have replaced them once (free). Haven't worn the neoprene since. I find it more comfortable to layer (plenty of room) under the emerger's. They are nice and light

#20 striper_tamer

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Posted March 23 2010 - 11:15 AM

Hmmm I tried using the 20% off on the Flyweight waders but it did not apply to it.

They did the same thing to me, charged full price (purchased this past Sunday). Anyways, after reading Zabbala's post, I called them back and explained that the waders was ordered within the sale period and they quickly refunded me ....great customer service!!!

#21 riptide_robert

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Posted March 23 2010 - 11:16 AM

Flyweights, but they tend to get warm in the summer months

Not exactly Maximes, but my compliments to the chef!

#22 Evil-Bay

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Posted October 26 2012 - 11:56 AM

Anyone know if the Flyweight II comes with belt loops?  I looked at the site and it looks like the belt just wraps around.  I read some where the Emergers dont come with belt loops either.  I wonder why they come with belts but no belt loops?  I plan on buying a pair, but it looks like the Rapid River model stock foot is what i will be getting.  Wished i didnt have to spend so much....

#23 jakuka

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Posted October 26 2012 - 2:54 PM

Anyone know if the Flyweight II comes with belt loops?

They don't.

#24 nysheepy

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Posted October 26 2012 - 3:23 PM

They don't.

I 2nd that. They don't have the loops. But if you wear your jacket over the waders, the loops wouldn't be neccessary.

#25 Jersey Salt

Jersey Salt
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Posted October 26 2012 - 3:42 PM

When I got the fly weights last Christmas they were $150. That being said they are the most comfy waders. I have ever worn. The boot is very well constructed. They breathe, and the warranty is outstanding.

#26 Killian

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Posted October 26 2012 - 3:46 PM

Emergers!!!!! I got a pair a couple years ago. Gave them a good work out in Sept. Love-em.