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L L Bean Warranty

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Posted November 02 2007 - 2:52 PM

I have a new fancy LLBean store near me. I know that they offer an unconditional replacement or cash back warranty at the store for everything they sell. Is this for the life of the product? If I bought a Sage rod (not that I am going to, but hypothetically) at Bean and broke it, can I just walk into the store and swap it out for a new one? Or do you have to go through the manufacturers warranty instead? Anyone have experience with this?

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Posted November 02 2007 - 2:58 PM

If they still have it.

I just returned an 8 month old pair of waders that leaked from the moment I bought em - But not so bad that it was worth the hour drive back to the store, at least until the temperature started dropping. The girls at the service desk were as nice as can be about changing em out, except they had recalled the entire line and I was stuck buying a new pair for either $100 more or $80 less. Lifetime warranty so I went less

If they no longer carry the item they'll credit your money back in a store voucher - keep the receipt or you'll get the lowest sale price back.

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Posted November 02 2007 - 3:38 PM

Yep, I had a similar experience to Sudsy's.....returned wading boots, but they were discontinued, so I got a refund check which was very cool, but I really wanted replacement boots .


#4 Sushi



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Posted November 02 2007 - 3:58 PM

LL bean's return policy is one of the strongest i believe in the industry.

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Posted November 02 2007 - 5:26 PM


Or do you have to go through the manufacturers warranty instead?

You can return anything LLB sells at any time and, believe it or not, for any reason. If you have your sales slip, you'll receive a refund (or credit to the account charged). If it's clear that the item was charged a long time ago, you will get a check refund. If you have no receipt, you'll receive a merchandise credit, or if you press, a refund check in the mail. If you make a credible argument you paid more than the lowest price, LLB will likely honor your claimed higher price. There is no other merchant who even comes close to LLB's liberal return policy.

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Posted November 02 2007 - 7:43 PM

I also own Bean Breathables..........how can anyone buy anything else with that return policy.............it's like putting down a deposit and then getting your money back........the best deal out there.........My Opinion Only.

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Posted November 02 2007 - 7:58 PM

i've seen folks return shirts with holes in the elbows!!!!

I've never once returned a thing there. If I wear it out i but another.

However the magic words are "i'm not 100% satisfied" and you'll get what you want.

great service, given by a great group of employees.

No, I don't work there.

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Posted November 03 2007 - 2:02 AM

I was in the Burlington, MA store a few weeks ago and asked about rod returns. Sales guy told me if you break it bring it to them, they'll swap it on the spot and you'll be back fishing without having to mail it off, pay shipping or the $50 return shipping charge from Sage. Nice deal.

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Posted November 03 2007 - 9:37 PM


Originally Posted by Sudsy
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I just returned an 8 month old pair of waders that leaked from the moment I bought em

Which Bean waders were these? I just returned my third pair of LL Bean Bomber waders for leaky neoprene feet...I'm hoping the newest pair, now made in China, is better than the previous made in USA waders that besides the leaks fit very well.

#10 stripstrike


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Posted November 03 2007 - 9:52 PM

I'm on my third pair too. I got a letter from them a few weeks ago saying they were aware of some manufacturing defects with that line of waders and I could bring them back for refund or replacment at my option. None of the three pairs I had ever lasted more than a season or so before developing leaks and they always took them back and replaced with no questions at all. The replacement pair from this summer will be going back and get replaced with another line before I have any issues. Really nice that they took the time to search for purchasers of the product and mail a letter acknowledging a problem, along with a solution.
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Posted November 04 2007 - 9:57 AM

My experience, although several years ago. I took a pair of lowquarter Bean hunting shoes, the rubber bottom classic boot sole, back to get new soles put on. They had no more thread left and I love these shoes. I only wanted new bottoms stitched to the old tops.
In less than a week I recieved new ones in the mail. Not many stores will do that. I have since bought another pair, feeling like I took advantage of them.

#12 JrzFlyGuy


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Posted November 04 2007 - 1:41 PM

Hey guys, I work for ll bean down in marlton and yes, theortically u can return a sage rod there and get a new one if it breaks. If youre unsatisfied in any way u can return it. If u buy something and expect it to last 30 yrs and it falls apart in ten, just return it and theyll give u credit for it or replace it. Sudsy, the replacement waders just arrived, theyre hodgmans and retail for 189 but they will give u an even exchange for the west branch's. Oh yeah, without a receipt they will give mechandise credit, not cash.

#13 greenie


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Posted November 16 2007 - 12:10 AM

For our first Chrismas as a maried couple 31 years ago, my love gave me two Bean chamois shirts. On one, Bean kept replacing the same buttons for a couple of years. Finally, in year 3, the flannel knap was wearing off. When I went up to freeport to buy a new shirt, while wearing the old one, the clerk was appologetic that the knapp was off the shirt, said it should hold up better, and got me the same color shirt and wished me better luck with it. I tried to say that I could not in good concience return a shirt worn three years, but she was quite persuasive about it. (Thank heavens she did not know about errant buttons, or did she?) I guess the moral is, if you feel guilty about applying their warranty, say nothing and don't wear the evidence when you go to buy a replacement.

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Posted November 22 2007 - 7:24 AM

LLBEANS warranty is about the best there is