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Did "StarTron" Actually Work For You?

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#1 chiselchst

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Posted July 06 2007 - 10:25 AM

The gasoline fuel aditive "StarTron" claims to successfully treat water-in-fuel, and correct much of the problems resulting from the use of ethanol in gasoline.

What I think most of us boaters would like to know, is how well if at all, this product actually works.

What really matters, are the results that boaters have had with it's use.

I wanted to see if folks could submit experiences they have had with this product, and if it actually works as claimed.

Only time will tell if there's such any "easy" (additive based) solution to this (ethanol) gasoline problem, and the acid test is what boater experiences have been.

So I am asking folks that have had water-in-fuel problems that have tried StarTron, to help everyone else by sharing their experiences, good or bad.

Did "StarTron" work for you?

(Ethanol in gasoline is a BAD recipe for marine use. We need to understand what tools we have to deal with this problem. Even if we were able to convince the Oil Companies, the EPA, and everyone else to produce an *ethanol free* fuel for Marine use, the cost would likely limit it's sales - not to mention would be virtually impossible to accomplish. So we need help to understand what tools we have to deal with this growing problem. And the problem will only get worse, as the ethanol content is to be increased in the future)

#2 Randy Stinchcomb

Randy Stinchcomb
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Posted July 06 2007 - 10:50 AM

I started using it last summer and I dont have any fuel related issues wth my boat
does it work? I guess, for $5.00 a bottle it can't be all that bad

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#3 Ravenar

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Posted July 06 2007 - 10:57 AM

My situation 91 115 Johnson VRO.

Last year, no startron, plugs fouling-missing farting. Wouldnt rev right at high speed. Changed to a Rancor fuel filter(had to empty the bottom bowl a few times). Helped some what, but had all sorts of running problems. Used the whole tank, put in fresh gas and problems seemed much better. Added starton every fill up since.

This year im still working off the old gas from last year(filled up before I put it away, and added startron) havent had to empty the fuel filter yet(1/2 tank) and running pretty good for a 15 year old motor(knocking on wood). But it starts when I want it to, and I can run at 4-5k with no hesitations.

#4 Sea Dog

Sea Dog
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Posted July 06 2007 - 11:04 AM

Never used it never had a problem. Used Stabil over the winter in a full tank.

#5 keeler

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Posted July 06 2007 - 12:57 PM

Didn't use it. Used Stabil on half a tank over the winter. No problems. I plan on Stabil this winter also. The big question is..Full tank, half a tank, empty tank(hard to do). I go through gas pretty quickly so it doesn't sit for that long and I add 10 or 20 gallons at a time. My tank is polyethylene so it doesn't have the same problems as fiberglass and aluminum. A lot of the troubles are boats with tanks that have varnish buildup and other yuck that gets dissolved by the ethanol. I run a 10 micron filter and change it every season. It looked pretty good when I changed it in April and there was no visible water in my separator.

#6 rogerstg

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Posted July 06 2007 - 3:18 PM

This has been discussed quite a bit already. For example http://www.striperso....light=startron

Best regards,

#7 Seahunter

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Posted July 06 2007 - 3:24 PM

I stored 30 gallons (1/2) in the aux. tank over the winter using nothing but Stabil without a problem.

I drained the main tank this spring and found almost 2 gallons water in the bottom. The tank had never seen a drop of E-10 so I had other issues obviously. After the clean up I ran about 200 gallons of E-10 without a trace of water.

I then topped off (30 gallons) on the way to the ramp last weekend and ended up roughly a cup of water in the Racor after burning maybe 25 gallons that day. Used roughly 20 gallons yesterday with nothing to show in the Racor for my efforts so I can only assume that the service station gave me a little extra something along with the 30 gallons of E-10 I purchased.

I'm not a student of snake oils so no Startron or any other additives for me except a can of Seafoam now and then to help with the carbon.

#8 Missing Link

Missing Link
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Posted July 07 2007 - 7:49 PM

YES works fine and I also use ESORB

#9 chiselchst

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Posted July 08 2007 - 8:41 AM

This has been discussed quite a bit already. For example http://www.striperso....light=startron

Thanks, I am aware of that thread, and have followed it and the other threads concerning StarTron. I just thought I'd ask this specific question.

Ethanol has became such a troublesome issue for boaters, I was attempting to seek more info and responses from boaters that have used it to treat the problems it so boldly claims to alleviate...

#10 Nitro882

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Posted July 08 2007 - 8:54 AM

I have always used Stabil but now use both Startron and Stabil.No problems and my engine is running better than ever. 2001 Mercury 150 XR-6. I also installed a water seperating filter this year.

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#11 chiselchst

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Posted July 08 2007 - 9:07 AM

I thought I'd share what Chevron claims about the shelf life of the newer "reformulated gasolines". They claim they have better storage charactaristics than the previous fuels..."
"Federal and California reformulated gasolines will survive storage as well or better than conventional gasolines. The regulations require reformulated gasolines to have less light ends and less olefins (federal, later; California, now) than conventional gasolines. As explained above, it is the oxidation of olefins that leads to gum formation. Reformulated gasolines also contain oxygenates. The common oxygenates are stable molecules that do not form gums.

A larger volume of gas will be pumped in and out of the container when the air space above the liquid fuel is larger and when the daily temperature change is larger. Consequently, keeping the container almost full of gasoline and controlling the temperature fluctuations will minimize the loss of light ends, the exposure of the gasoline to air, and the contamination of the gasoline with water.

Most gasolines contain negligible amounts of gum when they are manufactured, and most contain special chemicals ("stabilizers") to ***** gum formation. It is the stabilizers that make it possible to store Chevron gasolines for a year when the conditions are good".

From that Chevron link, it further states:

"Formulation changes that have occurred in the past five years — the addition of oxygenates and the reduction in benzene and other aromatics — have made gasolines more subject to microbial growth. Even if no water is detected, add a biocide to the gasoline in the fuel tank. Follow the label directions. The best mixing is achieved if the biocide is added to the tank before it is filled with gasoline. Biocide additives are available at marinas and boat supply stores."

StarTron claims to have enzymes to help prevent microbial growth:

"Microbial Growth In Fuel"
"When gasoline or diesel fuel sits in a tank with excessive air space, the daily temperature changes produce condensation (water formation) on tank walls. This water falls into the fuel where it sinks to the bottom providing a breeding ground for microbial spores that feed on hydrocarbon fuels. Known as "diesel algae" these are primarily fungi, yeast and mold contaminants. If left untreated, diesel algae will ruin the fuel causing clogs in filters, fuel lines and injectors. Common treatment for this problem up until now has been the use of a biocide to kill existing growth and prevent a future infestation. The use of a biocide can however cause other problems. Once the growth is killed, the resulting biomass settles to the tank bottom where it decays forming organic acids. The acids then deteriorate the fuel and cause corrosion of the tank walls, injectors and fuel delivery system. Additionally, biocides can be harmful to all those who handle them or come in contact with treated fuel, plus they can cause environmental damage if spilled. Star Tron® uses its nontoxic enzyme technology to disperse microbial growth throughout the fuel. These microbial particles are then either safely burned away or filtered out."


#12 jigger

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Posted July 13 2007 - 9:04 PM

Before I put in the Startron my engine use to cough and die in low RPM trolling mode.. I have a Merc. Optimax 150 and this happens about every hour or so. In trolling mode I'm usually running aroun 460 RPM's. Now that I put it in. It did seem to have helped. I have not had a problem with it cutting out since.

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#13 JJMcG

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Posted February 18 2013 - 12:52 PM


#14 CapeDave

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Posted February 19 2013 - 5:24 PM

spam what??

#15 John P

John P
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Posted February 20 2013 - 4:56 PM

I see you are in Ca,so you will have a bigger problem with e-10 in my experience. The warmer the weather the more deterioration in the fuel. If you are a once in a while user of the boat the fuel needs stabil blue and startron as a safety messure. I have had tons of e-10 problems with one of my boats that gets very little use ,and now use both stabil and startron which has corrected some expensive repairs. My other boat that gets used every week has no issues with no added agents. Use it or stabil,startron it. JP