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who doesn't drink (alcohol) anymore?

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#1 g2h

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Posted September 12 2006 - 6:20 PM

guys i'm trying to quit a demon that keeps getting the best of me. Who doesn't drink anymore on this site? how long haven't you drank? and how did you stop? what works? Work hasn't suffered yet, but home life is a different story. and it seems everything is taking a back seat to having a few..(quite a few)

#2 mantriumph

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Posted September 12 2006 - 6:33 PM

Let me tell you that its never,ever gonna be easy to not think about haveing a drink.The longer your sober the less those demons approach you,sorta like a dog,that will give up after a while but once in a while hell test you.Im no angel,but im very proud of myself currently.im beginning to go at least 3 weeks now.before i was only sober,well,hungover one day in three weeks.Good luck and find new friends,its gonna be hard and loney without them,but at least you didnt lose them before and not after you choose the path .And stay away from gambling,,thats a big problem here in slotville delaware for recovering alcholoics,,,i cant even spell it,,wow,,chaz

#3 hatman

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Posted September 12 2006 - 6:47 PM

I went through my battles over the years. Swore I'd quit numerous times and never did for very long. I honestly don't think I could ever go cold turkey. What I did learn to do that eased the "problem" drinking was to lay off the hard stuff except on special occasions but then in moderation. DON'T HANG IN BARS! That was the biggie for me. It's a rare day I'm in a bar anymore and if I am it's usually with my wife and I'm not closing the place like the old days. My drinking is done at my house or that of friends. I think age has had it's affect as well. I'm 40 now and after kicking some back for a few hours with friends I usually start to get tired instead of getting all fired up like when I was in my 20's.

If the drinking is affecting your homelife you need to take a hard look in the mirror and make a change. I don't know if you need to go cold turkey and maybe attend AA or maybe you can make the changes necessary on your own and tone things down. If you are like me, nearly all your friends drink beer and there's always one in hand when visiting each other or at parties, playing cards, etc. Everything in modertion and don't let drinking put the rest of your life in the backseat.

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#4 Charlie M

Charlie M
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Posted September 12 2006 - 7:06 PM

wasn't hard for me at all. don't miss it a bit. i was never much of a drinker though.

#5 float finish

float finish
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Posted September 12 2006 - 7:45 PM

My last drink was May 23rd 1982. I was 25 years old. Sex,drugs and Rock n' Roll. I didn't realize how much fun I was missing by not drinking. If you want to know more pm me. Ed.

#6 Tidemaster

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Posted September 12 2006 - 7:49 PM

I stopped drinking about 8 years ago,just decided one day i wasn't gonna drink anymore.And i must say, i did drink my fair share.Nobody knew i drank till they seen me sober. LOL!once in a while i'll have a beer and that's it. don't miss it at all and i have more money to spend on my other addiction, and you all know what that is.


#7 TF3

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Posted September 12 2006 - 8:06 PM

I think Hat nailed it, but, you can get just as wasted at home. Stay outta bars, find something to replace it with. I've battled since losing my job and trying to run my own business, but I don't have a family. Don't F up the family thing with booze.

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Posted September 12 2006 - 8:22 PM

PM Me if you wish. Be more than happy to listen.
If not, read the book at the link (mainly the first 11 chapters, the whole thing is online). Don't discuss it with anybody until you have has a REAL chance to consider how you feel about what you just read.
Please take this as friendly advice from someone who knows and not as a smart arse judgement, but if you do not want to drink and think that drinking is not a problem for you, you should have no problem at all deciding tonight to not pick up a drink ever again.
Good luck.

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#9 stripstrike

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Posted September 12 2006 - 8:54 PM

Drank good and hard from a pretty young age. Drank my A-- of in the Army after dropping out of school, don't really remember what Korea was like . Drank my way through undergrad and grad school in the years after. This winter I was living the family problems you probably are. If I wasn't hungover going to work it was the exception, not the rule. The ride home was always a couple. Ended up being diagnosed as clinically depressed this summer and was "gently forced" into quitting, doctor and bride.

I agree with what everyone has said, it is not easy. If I have a drink tonight I'll be having martini's at lunch tomorrow, so I don't drink today.
It is, in my opinion today, worth the effort. My family life has improved dramatically. My work life and outlook has become much better (still looking to get out of the booze biz though). My health and memory has improved and I've lost about 10 pounds. Did I mention the new hobby I got into? Building rods is COOL, but expensive, beer money goes a long
way towards blanks and such .

I do not have a long sober history, but I'm working on it. I'll also offer what some others have, shoot me a PM and I'll send you my phone numbers. If you really want to quit and need help, call. If you want to go fishing north of Boston and talk, call. If you want to go fishing and NOT talk, call .


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#10 Danno

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Posted September 12 2006 - 8:55 PM

I used to drink to exces all the time. Can't remember a time when I went out and didn't get AFUed.In fact my wife was a little worried about me when we first started dating and didn't she could ever marry me because of it. The more time I spent with her the less I drank. After 7 years of marriage its to the point that she says "are you gonna have a beer at least?" I can't say I miss the mind twisting hang overs at all. I guess there comes a time in your life where its time to turn the page and move on.

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#11 g2h

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Posted September 12 2006 - 8:58 PM

today is day 1. i can't remeber the last time i went to bed sober. or at least with 1 or 2 just to get that buzz so i can nod off. thanks for all your help. it's been a rough fews months to say the least. at my job i had to terminate an associate for "hooking" up a friend with a dump cart in excess of 200.00. hated to do it because he was a lost soul and i felt bad for him. saved his job quite a few times in the past but i won't tolerate stealing. while i was in salisbury on my family vacation. i was informed by another manager at my store that he had killed himself. 40 years old, lived with his parents, cared for them, gone... i'm having fun with my family... he kills himself.. 4 days after that my recieving manager a beautiful person, she dies of cancer. within months she was gone. i was the last manager to talk to her. i took the sick call. told her not to worry(she felt bad for calling out) told her take care of your stomach ache( as she put it) we'll be here when you get back.... gone. 39 years old. last tuesday a very good friend of mine, went to my wedding and all, he was working at an ice rink for extra money, gets hit in the back by a puck, goes to the hospital with back pain. they give him a shot to ease the pain. a few days later both legs are black and blue.... he passed away from a blood clot in his left leg, the night before his legs were to be amputated. 47 wife and 2 boys. that is my life in the last few months. i'm out of my mind. the last funeral i went to was my grandmothers, when i was 13 or so. vowed i'd never go again. didn't go to any of these. can't stand them. i don't want to remember them like that. i've gone fishing quite a few times since then sometimes with friends other times alone and all i do is think about them. esp. the first one. i think if i could of saved his job just one more time, that wouldn't of happened. i just do not know what to do anymore. can't stand being at work, can't stand being home,can't stand pretending that this stuff doesn't bother me.. i'm sorry for babbling.. so i drink....

#12 mericanwit

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Posted September 12 2006 - 8:58 PM


you're gonna get all this advice, ultimately the choice is yours... I used to hit it hard, now rarely even "social" drink...

#13 GoBow

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Posted September 12 2006 - 9:03 PM

18 years since my last beer. Drank about a 12 pack or more a day for years. Don't miss it a bit. I remember my dad being drunk and not really understanding why he was the way he was. Didn't want my son to go through the same thing. Just quit one day and that was that. Quit smoking the same way, cold turkey. Good luck!

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#14 shade_skyhi

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Posted September 12 2006 - 9:06 PM


Originally Posted by good2hook

guys i'm trying to quit a demon that keeps getting the best of me. Who doesn't drink anymore on this site? how long haven't you drank? and how did you stop? what works? Work hasn't suffered yet, but home life is a different story. and it seems everything is taking a back seat to having a few..(quite a few)

never drank in my 36 years mom was an alcholic but praise God my stomach couldnt handle it to quit drinking i would suggest GOD......al

#15 Kings over Queens

Kings over Queens
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Posted September 12 2006 - 9:35 PM


Originally Posted by good2hook

today is day 1.

I remember someone saying during my HS graduation that today is the first day of the rest of your life. Good luck to you.