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Spanish mackerel recipes?

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#1 JimG

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Posted September 16 2002 - 2:38 PM

I've looked around on the net today and I keep seeing broiled recipes. I have never eaten spanish mackerel, but I was thinking more along the lines of how I like Tuna - pan seared or grilled.
So I have two monsta' fillets in my frig' for tonight.
Any suggestions?

#2 westhavendave

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Posted September 16 2002 - 3:47 PM

I grilled it once, took one bite and threw the rest away, very oily and fishy, if you do it I would marinate it for a long time. Mine was steaked which may have been the problem.Good Luck

#3 Vinny

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Posted September 16 2002 - 4:05 PM

Fresh caught Filets on the grill down in Fla, with a little garlic and lemon juice. Very simple and very good. Any recipe for broiling can be converted to the grill.
I disagree with the assessment of this fish's eatability. And, I have never eaten a bluefish I like, so that tells ya that I don't go in for the smelly, fishy kinda fishes.

#4 JimG

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Posted September 17 2002 - 8:35 AM

Thanks guys. It's still in my frig today so it gets cooked tonight. I'll probably broil it since I can't find a grilling recipe, but I may try grilling a piece too to experiment around a bit.

#5 spacegh8st

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Posted September 17 2002 - 8:59 AM

Broil, It has great white meat. I like to drizzle garlic flavored olive oil, salt and pepper and right before serving squeezing a little lemon. Tastes great. For added touch I dip it in wasabi and soy sauce.

#6 JimG

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Posted September 18 2002 - 8:21 AM

It was gooood. For the record - I simmered some white wine with green and red peppers, bay leaves and a variety of seasonings. Poured it over the mackerel which was rubbed in salt pepper and olive oil with garlic. Then baked for 35 minutes.
So I took a little bit of all recipes and it worked very well.

#7 Marksharky

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Posted September 18 2002 - 11:20 AM

Sorry I couldn't help, I've only had it smoked & raw King Mackerel Matter of fact I never even caught one

#8 Michael P

Michael P
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Posted September 20 2002 - 4:17 PM

Spanish Mackeral is about as good as it can get when fresh.
Marinate fillets is a mixture of 80% soy sauce, 5% mirin, 5% plum vinegar, and 10% dry white wine. Add to this mix fresh ground ginger, crushed garlic, and about 2 tbs of brown sugar, I put the sugar in a little bit of hot water to disolve first and lots of fresh green onion sliced lengthwise. Marinate for about a 1/2 hour. Then steam the fillets, if you don't have a steamer I used to use a wire rack in a large aluminum pan. Fill the pan with water so that is it about 1/3 the height of the rack and set the fillets and the onion from the marinade and more green onion on top of the fish. Cover tightly with aluminum foil and once steaming, steam for 6 minutes. You will not be dissapointed. the first time I had fish like this Crazy Al made porgies for me. I got home and tried it on the Spanish and served it to many guests who all said it was amongst the best fish they had ever eaten. I now do seabass and weakfish the same way. Good eats!

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#9 JimG

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Posted September 23 2002 - 8:21 AM

Thanks Michael,
I still have 2 large fillets left. I may give this a try.

#10 Steve in Mass

Steve in Mass
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Posted September 23 2002 - 8:38 AM

It is also good just breaded and pan fried.....

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