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In Search of da best Soft Shell Crab Sandwich?

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#1 wetaline

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Posted July 30 2005 - 8:44 PM

Ok I really dig fried Soft Shell Crab sandwiches and I'm always looking for a bigger, better fresher sandwich. I've eaten them from Howard beach to Montauk. I find that consistisy is a problem with soft shell crabs..The best I've ever had was about 12 years ago in Skippers in Northport village. It was bigger than the slice of bread it was on and super fresh! I like em smothered in tatar sauce with an ICE COLD beer. I try to eat them once a week in the summer. OK, so let me know where you like Softies. Help me in my Quest for LI's best Soft Crab Sandwich!
Tanks Fellas...


#2 wetaline

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Posted August 03 2005 - 12:32 PM

WOW, no responses! I thought this would be a hot topic...I guess soft shelled crab isn't as popular as I thought..Oh well


#3 big country

big country
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Posted August 03 2005 - 1:01 PM

I tried em once down in Baltimore with more than a one beer (LOL) once.. and I had violent diahrea for a week... needless to say, Ive never had another one...

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#4 bIGpUFF

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Posted August 03 2005 - 1:37 PM

I don't know about crab sandwiches but Dave's in Montauk on the dock has the best crab dinners I have ever had.

#5 Leuschbean

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Posted August 03 2005 - 7:44 PM

Papa Joe's crab factory in Port Jefferson. Only had one ever and it was here. Pretty good. Id recommend.

#6 Red Beard the Pirate

Red Beard the Pirate
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Posted August 03 2005 - 9:23 PM

There used to be a place in Freeport on Woodcleft Ave. called Capt. Ehrhart's Clam Bar. The softshell crab sandwiches were delicious. But, I haven't been up to LI in about 10 years. Don't know if they're still in business.

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#7 big jim

big jim
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Posted August 04 2005 - 3:54 PM

I haven't been home to NC in over 25 years and haven't had a fried crab sandwich in longer than that!
Used to be a bar just over the Atlantic Beach Bridge on the right hand side that my Dad and I used to go to. The owner used to make the sandwiches on toast for us, tartar sauce on Dad's and ketchup on mine. An ice cold Bud and the A/C on full blast and by God it was awful hard to leave his place, even to go fishing!

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#8 R.I.P.LizReed

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Posted August 05 2005 - 1:10 PM

Red Beard, you nailed it buddy!
Ehrhart's in Freeport

#9 wetaline

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Posted August 05 2005 - 1:22 PM

well it's good to know that there's other softshelled crab lovers out there!


#10 theSURF121

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Posted August 05 2005 - 1:43 PM

Claudio's and Crabby Jerry's in Greenport make a good one.

#11 theshark516

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Posted August 11 2005 - 10:39 AM

Red Beard, rest assurred Ehrhart's is still one of the old establishments on Woodcleft that hasn't changed in the past 10 years, and they still have the pool table.
Sportmen's Cafe is long gone and alot has changed on Woodcleft, even the ole Poop Deck is gone
All the places are packed on the weekends, prices have soared, and unfortunately half the fleet is gone.
At least Capt. Bens is still there
As for the soft shell crab sandwiches, they're not tops on my list but have had a few, most recently at Peter's Clam Bar in Oceanside and the former Johnny Marlin's in Montauk.
Rather have a few dozen raw clams to go with the cold beer(s)

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#12 Surfrat666

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Posted August 18 2005 - 12:20 PM

They also often have them as a special off the menu at the point lookout clam bar.

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