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Darter and Bottle Plug Colors?

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#1 Breezy Kid

Breezy Kid
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Posted August 28 2001 - 11:13 AM

I wanna get some bottle plugs and some darters but was wondering what were some good all aroud colors for these plugs for the South Shore. Thanks :-}

#2 bass hole

bass hole
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Posted August 28 2001 - 11:17 AM

white, blue, yellow and black.

#3 big country

big country
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Posted August 28 2001 - 11:36 AM

I always start with Yellow. For some reason, It works.. then I go to White, then Green, then dark colors... I find that the DArk green/Blue and BLack all work equally well except on special nights, ie New moon, black has a tendancy to work better.
SOmeone here had a good point by saying start with one extreme (ie light color=yellow) if that doesnt work, go to the other extreme (black), then work youre way thru the middle colors.. I havent tried htat but it seems interesting...
YELLOW DEFINATELY!!! both plugs...

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#4 Z

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Posted August 28 2001 - 1:00 PM

First choice : yellow
Second Choice : white/red
Third : blue

#5 squidder

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Posted August 28 2001 - 1:06 PM

I've found that white darters work better than yellow, however, yellow bottles out fished whites.
Try white Darters and Yellow Bottles

#6 BernOC

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Posted August 28 2001 - 1:12 PM

those I keep in my bag...
Darters: Gibbs - yellow/white, blue/white and the Yo-zuri - mullet.
Bottles I carry are Gibbs and yellow/white & black scale.

#7 jamiek

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Posted August 29 2001 - 8:45 PM

First choice - yellow; second choice - yellow; third choice - some other plug.

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Posted August 30 2001 - 11:05 AM

YeW kIn gIt a DaRta in eNnY kOlOr yEw lAhk, s'Long aSs eeTs YeLlEr! GiBbS=YeLlEr, SoUpA StraHk=YeLlEr, Yoh ZooRi Mag DarTa sEaMs 2 Wark OK in BlAck.
BoTl Plahg? EyE HeEr dEy jEst WaYhT 2 KaSte a TeEzEr?


#9 TimS

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Posted August 30 2001 - 3:52 PM

Boy, you guys aren't living in the big world
You are no longer limited to white, yellow, blue, and black. The fellers at Gibbs have been making SOL custom colored bottles and darters for many months now!
And I just got another new color in yesterday - black back w/ silver belly.
Now you can get bottles and darters in the following delicious flavors -
Black Scale
Drk Green/Silver belly
Black/Silver belly
Bottle plugs in 1oz and 2oz in all those colors.
Darters in 1 5/8oz and 2 1/2oz in all those colors.
Why? Cause I wanted to fish those colors and the Gibbs guys were kind enough to make them
BTW, parrot darters have been gettin' lots of bites in RI

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#10 BrianBM

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Posted August 30 2001 - 5:38 PM

Must be a good parrot hatch in progress in the surf.

#11 Breezy Kid

Breezy Kid
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Posted August 30 2001 - 6:11 PM

Thank you every one for the colors and thank you Tim for the lures! I got 2 bottles one yellow and one black scale, and I got 2 darters one yellow and one black. Thanks again :-}

#12 CliffB

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Posted September 01 2001 - 7:54 AM

I usually stick to the basic white yellow and blue.Not necessarily in that order.I do,however have a preferance for white,as a go to color in most of the lures I use.

#13 Prospector

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Posted September 01 2001 - 9:31 PM

Hey Tim, any red head whites? Not talking about the white with the sparkles and red eyes but red head on white. If you have any, I'll take 5 1oz and 2 2oz. Haven't found them retail in 2 years. It's time to place an order for a bunch of stuff but with all the goodies I can't decide. I guess a red spray can would do in a pinch.Need some more parrot stuff too as there hard to find. Decisions, decisions! I keep looking in the store to complete my list but it never ends. I need more stuff! Prospector

#14 Mike Lang

Mike Lang
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Posted September 02 2001 - 12:16 PM

But I feel that a TON of these new colors, of coarse will catch fish, but will better and more often catch fisherman, bc they "heard" it was better, or so and so did a xx lb fish on this or that.
Find someone REALLY salty, someone who was around in the60's, 70's and early 80's and ask them if they HAD to have a huge spectrum of colors 9you'll find out that there where 4-5 colors that were favored), then think to your self, did the predominent bait, as in bunker, sand ells, "peanuts", sardines, mullet, etc.. start changing colors?
There is a couple of reasons why you might want to try a BRIGHT color like a parrot, as this will be better seen in stained water, so again IMO, there is little need to carry anything more than yellow, white, black.
I will tell you 2 instances where I will add green or blue, snappers and mullet. Other than that, keep I it simple.
This is my mainstay variety for the fall run on Long Island, and what has worked for me so take from it what you can.
BTW "bottles are good for towing sand eels" came from a famous book qritten by a dog shooter, and these do a hell of alot more than that in the right place and condition. Although I personally never did anything over a mid 20 on one, these "bite in" when all else fails, and super strike bite even better due to the sharper lip. I think Mark Malenovskys 64 in Montauk was caught on a YELLOW BOTTLE.
Mike Lang

#15 Ditch Jigger

Ditch Jigger
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Posted September 02 2001 - 12:38 PM

I hear the dog shooter also feels that a 2" barrel shoots just as accurately as a 6" barrel

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