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Found 90 results

  1. Is this a possibility? Maybe I’m behind the times? Is the only difference between the traditional and X lineup the line lay fix?
  2. VS150, with new 40lb Super Slick Got it here in Dec 2016 but I couldn't find the post. I traded for it, but I rarely surf fish anymore. I would say 9/10 cosmetic, 10/10 operational (I never fished it, but just based on turning the handle). China model, s/n 18251 $500 shipped, $480 picked up (Parsippany, NJ) PayPal is OK I would also trade for a VR150 or VR50
  3. Currently purchased a black van staal vsb100 from here , need to a black power handle to fit , instead of paying full amount , try my luck here, would like to pay up to 50 PayPal shipped . Brand new preferred thanks everyone
  4. Van staal vsx200 black has some small scuffs from rocks, nothing deep, used for about 6 months then put away. Never registered comes with box bag and registration card $650 to your door. I'm located in florida
  5. Hi, Sorry for my bad english. I've an old VS300 serial number below 1000... Can you show me how to disassemble the side plate ? if possible show me pictures of the tool or video Best
  6. Will Pay $$ The newer the more $$ I am willing to pay! Upload pics
  7. Looking to sell my VSX200 Cosmetically 9/10 Mechanically 10/10. Used a couple times and always taken care of. Wanting to down size in reel. PRICE $670 obo no low balling we know what they sell for brand new.
  8. I’m going to be 30 years old this month and what better way to celebrate then to get a van staal reel ! so I’m looking for a vsx 100/150 open to doing pay pal or a local meet in sheepshead bay Brooklyn thanks for looking !
  9. Just bought this here recently for my son. Think I want to go a bit smaller for him. Description: Clean, recently serviced silver ZBB25. This reel is in perfect working order and has the mojo to boot. It's seen the rocks off of Cutty to big fish in the Canal and everywhere in between. I have the bag, but no box. Looking for a bailed ZeeBaas 22 or Bailed VS 150.
  10. I have had an interest in buying this reel for a while. I have known this reel as the Trydent SeaProof, the Blue Marlin BMT, The 3-Tand Submariner, The RK-Sports Sub Aqua and now it bears the name Van Staal VR150. I want to mention that Van Staal has been good to me over the years. This is the 15th Van Staal I have owned (If I remember them all). I have owned every size and version except for the 300 size and the new X series. I have received exceptional customer service buying replacement parts directly from Tulsa and through River's End. More than once I was given "upgraded" parts without charge. I currenlty own 3 Van Staal including the new VR. I am also a very happy customer of ZeeBaaS. I have owned 3 and currenlty own 2. ZB has delivered exceptional customer service and support. I am excited I have some new aluminum bumpers on their way to me to replace my fugly plastic bumpers. I will post these when I receive them. I ordered the reel from River's End 1/25. They don't currently do web sales, but I think they will soon. I called them and ordered this the old fashion way. They processed my order and I received the reel today 1/26 - about 24 hours turn around. Pretty good people over there. They do have a few more reels in stock for those that are looking. In addition, they are a Van Staal repair center so they can repair your reel if for some reason you have issues. Their repair guy "Q" is very good. Back to the VR : Lets Compare it to a ZeeBaaS27 - Van Staal VSB150 - Van Staal 150N Lets get inside Deeper Even Deeper VS150 Bail - VR150 Bail VS150 Gear - VR 150 Main Gear ZB Body - VR Body ZB Pinion - VR Pinion ZB - VR Rotor Cup "thingamombobber" So what are my first impressions? 1) Don't sell your reels yet, this reel is not at the same level as the ZeeBaaS or Van Staal VSB/VS 2) There is a distinct "knock at top and bottom of shaft travel and slight wobble in the rotor (worse than VSB but better than VS150N) 3) The reel is NOT smoother than ZeeeBaaS or VSB, but is smoother than the VS150N 4) The main shaft on the VR has much more deflection under pressure than the ZB, VSB or VS 5) The finish on VR is inferior (even without scratches direct from factory) The Bad: Lubricant leaking from the main body/rotor cup "thingamombobber" O-Ring to seal body Scratches brand new in box: The ZeeBaaS and Van Staal VSB/VS series are not water proof. Both are very water resistant and require maintenance to prevent damage. I cannot see this current design being superior to ZB in any way. Due to poor pinion removal design on VSB/VS service is easier on the VR then the other VS reels. I will add a video of the noise my VR makes when reeling.
  11. Like title says. My spool and rotor are in good shape.
  12. Selling my VS 250 Gold. Serial #23XXX. Reel was only used once and sat in a box for the last few seasons. Besides some minor scuffs (in pics) the reel is in near perfect condition. Loaded with 50lb braid, I believe it was spiderwire (whatever giglios in NJ stocks). I don’t have much need for it since I mostly fish from a boat now. Asking $600 OBO.
  13. Want to buy a black VSX150. Show me what you got
  14. I have a Black Van Staal VSX200 bailess up for trade for a GOLD VS150 +cash on your end. There is only one small paint scuff not even a scratch on the reel. Reel is in immaculate shape. Reel was fished a couple times but it is too big for my rod so that's why im looking to down size. Will also sell VSX200 for $680 if someone wants to buy it outright. Will post images later today. Located in Florida but will to ship.
  15. Hello Sol members, I am looking into upgrading to a penn torque (1) and am wondering what small or major differences there are between the penn torque and the penn torque 2. From what I have read,the penn torque has been proven to be an excellent watertight reel with powerful drag and smoothness.But is there anything about the penn torque 2 that will make me consider spending a couple hundred more dollars on it over the penn torque 1? Any big differences in sealing or smoothness?
  16. I have a VS 250. With a custom cherry wood epoxy sealed power knob. I am asking 500 or best offer. The knob fits snug so there is a little resistance to it almost like it has a seal. I fished it with no bother so i never sanded it down. IT can be sanded to make it run as smooth as a stock knob. I am including the original knob in case you hate the powerknob. I feel it is very comfortable though. The previous owner of the reel used it about 3 times. I have used it mabe 20-25 times.
  17. Looking to buy a VR 150 bail. Anyone out there not using theirs and would like to sell it?
  18. Looking to buy a new Van Staal VS 200 in gold. Anyone looking to sell one ? must be the gold colorway, and in new condition. Original box and bag would be ideal but not necessary. Thank you !
  19. What’s up guys. Just had a question about handles for the z and vs. can you put a zx25 oval handle on a vsx200 or 250? The whole handle, or just the knob? Thanks.
  20. I am selling a Van Staal C-Vex 9/10 in black with original box, bag, papers and backing (line not included). This reel is in great condition as I bought it as old new stock 2 seasons ago and I have only fished it from a boat about a dozen times. Price is $300 and I am located on Cape Cod. Sorry no trades. Thanks for looking!
  21. Hey guys. I live on staten island close to the water and do just about every kind of fishing here. I fish from the kayak, from the bay, midland beach, conference house, great kills, by the pier, off the jetty's, night fishing, day fishing, plugs, chunks and everything. The spring season I got a few nice bass of the yak. This summer I got some doormat fluke of the yak also. Lately I haven't heard of much action if any going on anywhere locally mainly cause its dead this time of year. Here and there I hear some reports of a bass picked off. The thing that stinks about staten island is that there isn't a great fishing community so there is no reports or websites for reports. I travel a lot down to Riis park for the surf but lately the fishing stinks over there also because of the whales and seals in the water pushing the fish away the past 2 seasons. Once the fall rolls on in I take the worthy 3 hour trip down to Montauk for a few days and go to LBI here and there. Also off the boat in jersey and etc. However there are times when I still catch bass off staten island plugging. Most people look at me like I have 3 heads when I try to explain what a lure is lol. The people here have mostly no clue what they are doing. Occasionally you will run into the real fishermen who know and they usually have an idea of what the fish are hitting and where. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a staten island fishing report of some sort. Once mid September hits, I want to be out as much as possible all the way through December in the staten island, new jersey area fishing. Thanks a lot guys !
  22. Looking to sell my Van Staal 250 L. I would rate this reel a 9.5/10. This reel has seen very little use and only has a few minor scratches on it. It comes with box and bag. Serial number is 24XXX. I am looking to get $600 shipped paypal or $550 local pick up. Not looking for any trades. Located in central Long Island. Thanks.
  23. For sale: Van Staal VR175, used sparingly for a season. By my estimate, under 10 times. $430 shipped PayPal. Spooled with close to 400yds of 50lb Power Pro Maxcuatro. It has been converted to the bailess. Conversion back to bail is included in the box. Minor rock rash from the canal from setting the reel down, but works like new. I just don't see myself fishing this reel much anymore at all. Thanks for looking.