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  1. The amateur series are still fun to watch, especially the truck races, they go all out.
  2. I religiously trout fish all winter in NJ. I've had days where big streamers caught them for the day, and days where midges and RS2's worked. Nothing has convinced me that only small offerings work in the winter.
  3. That'd be me. I didn't dig up the old thread intentionally, I was doing a google search on Lefty and this thread came up near the top of the search.
  4. unfortunately he is dead now.
  5. One of the Brick and Mortar stores I see doing it right is Orvis. I love going to the Princeton store. Nice location, They have free casting lessons, free fly tying sessions. It's a pet friendly store and even have some days where they do puppy adoptions. They probably make more money on the clothing vs the fishing gear, but it's usually pretty busy whenever i go in.
  6. Just down the street from Sportsmens Center.
  7. Did this for my mom for years before my teens!
  8. Any recommendations? I really don't want to spend over $100. Would I be ok with an Interstate brand from Costoco?, 98$ 2001 4Runner, daily driver. The no name brand finally chit the bed after 5 years.
  9. Get a 4Runner.
  10. Can't really beat this. I had a guy at one of those shops tell me 4runner needed a new cabin air filter, to which I replied....My truck does not have a cabin air filter. The look on his face was pretty priceless.
  11. Daiwa USA and Daiwa Japan might be using different parts. This is the only thing I found, I hope this link is not breaking any rules.
  12. Facebook now has a Marketplace where you can buy and sell, I've already sold an old camcorder on there. You don't need to worry about spam like craigslist. You can even narrow the search by distance, price etc...
  13. I think we will always have New Egypt. I saw 2 races there which was fun. Can someone enlighten me on how long we had Flemington Raceway and why it closed? Fun races to see? I remember in my early 20's (well before I got into racing) I'd be driving up 31 going to the Ken Lockwood Gorge to fly fish and if I didn't hit the traffic right there was all kinds of racing traffic for miles.
  14. Website is down and just saw this on a google search. Anyone know why?