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  1. Socket saver...
  2. Maybe you can help LS....he's payin $20 for LD's
  3. Catch Y'all later....somebody text me when LS posts some of his gear for sale.
  4. That and nobody brings their boat
  5. Ive said nothing derogatory bout your height....this time .
  6. And ya wonder why the clammage invite doesnt come your way....
  7. It is a friendly bunch in there.... I've fished with some of them. Most of em arent that sharp
  8. Renamed.... Lets build the Wall Spring 2018
  9. Resident brown noser....
  10. Lotta that here....youre getting the hang of it.
  11. Bet you two see eye to eye though
  12. Give em a little credit...its got an upward pitch
  13. Dumb in the river....yep you heard it hear folx