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  1. Ya know, i almost believe ya....
  2. Ive evolved... I use fancy bacon
  3. Effin squirrels Dont forget the proscuitto.....
  4. Theres a chronological order that chit needs to be done....and yeah,ted nailed it
  5. Golden brown is nice on cooked turkeys not trans fluid
  6. But you can still type....
  7. Youre welcome
  8. Besides fluid changes...nothing. Just get it out and drive the thing
  9. Original oems always last longer than oem replacements. More durable compound so they dont wear too early during warranty period. Imo I wouldnt skimp here anyhow... Brakes are muy importante.
  10. If you have a heat gun, or even a hair dryer...warm the strain relief, and sometimes, you can pull the wire through. Might take all of 6 minutes to do it right..
  11. Stooopid druggie......
  12. Light drizzle here Middlesex County. Sposed to change over. Be safe folks
  13. Helpful tidbit....
  14. Sorry sweetheart. TimS is busy trying to fix the missing search feature.