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  1. Out on a limb here, its not the yob
  2. Nah, the guy across from my garage? He has trouble remembering what day it is.
  3. Sure wish i got PAID to post on said PUBLIC website....
  4. Never got the memo.
  5. Whattya call 4 Mexicans that can't swim? quattro sinko Happy Birthday Vic
  6. Nah, your wife put her time in. She can direct the kids though
  7. Yeah, and the lawnmower is in the garage, and the garden needs weeding is what juan is saying
  8. Good Pete layin low lately weighing out options here. Work has me busy, only thing thats keepin my mind offa bs here.
  9. Sure...provided you give a valid address
  10. Your Dad mustve known mine. if youre gonna be dumb, better be tough was his phrase
  11. I agree, but a premade formica from the bigbox can be cut down with a drop in lav can be had for short $
  12. Must not be many mirrors in scrotumville
  13. Nothing is illegal in nj...providing you dont get caught
  14. ^^^^^new guy funneh^^^^^ take note...eggy material here
  15. Dayum Bubba hope the pups ok