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  1. Will also have to check out Rogan
  2. will do
  3. Thanks for sharing, "Joe is a dog"
  4. Melania was 5, Donald was 29
  5. Can't argue thatthanks for sharing
  6. If you want to watch a Judge on Fox watch Napolitano he is the best
  7. Maine Guide this for you Donald's how many years older than Marla
  8. Stoney we all know she is a living brain donor, waiting to hear your response to Maine Guide?? who do ya like??
  9. The D man WWF at its finest
  10. "The cream will rise to the top"
  11. Ben Shapiro, Prof Peterson get my vote just my two cents
  12. Buy them in bulk, for pennys
  13. This spells it out, Peterson is spot on
  14. When it comes to higher ed 100 percent, more than you know, if you want to see it at its worst check out Evergreen College 2017
  15. I thought you would like it