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  1. thanks for sharing
  2. Twil this Fox news video speaks volumes to his character, that's why Michael Pence is my idea of leadership
  3. beauties
  4. Bored to death but this might help, what say you
  5. those are some sharp looking jigs
  6. Is that a round jighead??
  7. The Hurley 6 inch new this year here it is compared to white Savage, top two Savage bottom Hurley 6 inch
  8. nice
  9. I would not agree with that, you seem to be a straight shooter, we need more guys like that,what say you?
  10. Joey remember this guy? his quote was dead on "The "giant sucking sound" was United States presidential candidate Ross Perot's phrase for what he believed would be the negative effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which he opposed."
  11. thanks for sharing
  12. 'here in real ville trump' not sure if this is another trump hater, for me I don't hate the man hes just the polar opposite of Michael Pence