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  1. This is silly thread.. but so is our presidency, so I guess its relevant
  2. SO thats why names are already being floated by top GOP aides to replace Tillerson? Ive General Kelly's head in his hands on so many different occasions when Trump speaks, you know hes calling him a Moron too.. Tillerson, to me was out of whack pick only because we were promised by Trump that he would drain the swamp and yet he brings in Big Business to be Sec of State. , but at his press conference, he sounded like the type of guy who could do a good job. I really liked his introduction speech and he definitely seemed level headed.. every time Ive heard him talk, It seems like he has things in order and he has a plan.. hes a perfect candidate to be fired by Trump.. hes on his last legs.. when he "Steps" down soon and the WH spins it however they spin it, you will know its not fake news.. if he didnt say it, why was he on TV the next day giving speech clearing the air. ITs not fake News J, sometimes your right, but when you call EVERY SINGLE STORY thats negative about Donald Fake, you loose credibility.. I cant wait for the storm to calm after the calm.. Id love to see what this moron has up his sleeves..
  3. awe this is so sad!! I feel for them.. Old Rich white guys are pissed that the younger rich white guys that they bribed with their own cash are now upset they arent getting what they paid for.. too bad so sad
  4. Glad to see you are backing TM.. LOL its like you are killing one stone with two birds.. after all a bush in your hand is worse than two birds..
  5. hand in or hang up.. pick one..
  6. feel familiar????
  7. thanks... Is that from your stash of your teams ineptness since you were a toddler..
  8. 100% agree.. the only other thing that HAS TO HAPPEN at seasons miserable end is they HAVE TO FIRE REECE.. To put that O-Line together with the offensive talent they have at WR and the lack of talent at RB is a crime in the sports world.. they cant run it, and they cant protect the QB long enough to throw it.. Flowers and Jerry together make a perfect pair of turds on one side of the line.. disgrace.. 1st time in 10 years before the season starts that Im actually exited about the Defense, and it is playing as bad or close to as bad as it has over the last 10 years.. first 3 games the time of possession against the giants was 2 to 1.. last game, the Giants held the time of posession, but the onbly reason why the Bucs didnt have great time of possession was because they were getting such huge chunks of yards all game, there wasnt enough field left for them to build of the TOS.. 6 plays over 35 yards when you call yourself a good defense is laughable.. JPP was absent. not one lineman got pressure without bringing a LB or CB, one sack, no turnover, #27 maybe the worst FS ever in the NFL.. he cant tackle and he hasnt been close to a play downfield to break it up one time.. Eli Apple is getting ABSOLUTELY shredded by opposing WR's.. Jenkins is a stud, and that causes just about every pass play to go to the TE, who are STILL KILLING THIS DEFENSE the same way as they have the last 10 years, or the other WR guarded by Apple who either allows a TD or gets a Pass interference penalty.. Collins is back to being a non-factor again.. its so funny with this team.. they can NEVER play in prosperity.. they always have to be the underdog to get their act together.. its like someone tells them they are good and they turn to ****.. they have been as big or a bigger disappoint than the OL.. the offense took the lead after getting demolished these last two games, only to see the defense get shredded again at the end of games for the loss.. its a the same movie over and over and it NEVER changes..
  9. And Eagles fans deserve the 103 years of never winning a super bowl.. Giants can go 0-16, and I still clearly remember celebrating with my friends and family when Eli non-chalantly tossed the game winning TD pass to Plaxico or when he dropped a perfect dart into Manninghams hands on the sideline in route to their 2nd Super bowl victory in the last 10 years.. you Eagles fans most vivid memory is when your QB pukes in a playoff game or when they hire chip to finally bring a SB to philly.. no go back to gloating about your perfect team..
  10. Found dead tonite inside his home.. He was either 1) Killed by Hillary, I mean, Literally killed by Hillary, with her bare hands cuz of the stupid stuff he spewed during the election or 2) he OD'd on pills because he cant believe how stupid he was to actually try to get this imbecile elected.. Heres the story from the post.. Fake news writer who thought he ‘got Trump elected’ found dead in bed By Joe Tacopino September 26, 2017 | 10:51pm | Updated An infamous online troll and fake news writer was found dead in his Arizona home, authorities said on Tuesday. I fooled America with fake news stories and got Trump elected Paul Horner, who penned debunked articles about Bill Murray running for president and President Obama opening a Muslim museum, was discovered unresponsive in his bed on Sept 19. There were no signs of foul play, according to the Maricopa County medical examiner, and there was evidence the death could be due to an “accidental overdose.” During the 2016 presidential election, Horner created a list of websites that appeared to be legitimate news sites to spread false information. One article that claimed protesters that disrupted Trump rallies were paid $3,500 went viral on the internet and fueled endless rumors about the alleged conspiracy. Despite that no evidence exited, Trump repeated the charge about the paid protesters while on stage during one of his rallies. Horner told the Washington Post last November that although the information was clearly fabricated, he made thousands of dollars each month from them because Trump’s supporters were “easy to fool.” In the same interview, Horner said he thought Trump won the White House because of him. “His followers don’t fact-check anything — they’ll post everything, believe anything,” Horner told the paper about Trump. Another notable fake news items claimed Horner was a Secret Service agent who penned a book revealing President Obama to be a gay Muslim. The Associated Press fact check from last December cited a Secret Service spokesman as saying records dating back to 1990 reveal no agent named Paul Horner. Our President calls all news against him Fake News, yet, cites this morons articles as fact..
  11. Gotta love him if your yankee fan. If not, not so much.. LOL MMMMM-it is high MMMMMM-it is far.. it is-goooonnnnnneee.. bern baby bern.. yikes.. LOL
  12. Merril Reese is the Eagles equivalent to John Sterling of the Yanks.. good for you fans, but a nothing for non fans.. hes vocal inflection, to me, is unlistenable.. but if your a homer Eagle fan, hes your guy.. I get it.. hes been around forever.. as for the kick, hell of a kick.. but all you Eagle fans know this.. I wouldnt be gloating about that win.. if the Eagles were even decent, they woulda been up 28-0 at halftime and been running away with it as the game went on.. to go into 1/2 time with that small of a lead, especially based how poor the Giants offense played, is quite frankly sad, you should be ashamed of the ineptness of your team.. for me, I would be psyched for the division win, and keep my mouth shut, but thats just me..
  13. 1st off, its damn shame about Sproles.. hes one of those guys that you FRIGGEN HATE when you play against him, but what a SUPER player.. I could care less if an Eagle player gets hurt, but one of the class and excellence like Sproles, is a huge loss for the game.. that guy has kept his nose clean, been a good team mate, and put up huge numbers in all facets of the game for a long time.. to me, hes a hall of famer.. question is what does he get inducted as? a Returner? A runner? a receiver? thats all moot, hes a HOF'er in my eyes.. AS for the QB situation, I think the Giants are fine for now at QB. Eli still has a couple years left, where if they fix the O-line, hes still a franchise QB.. someone said that throw to 87 for the long TD was a great and I agree, we'll always have to deal with his mistakes and bad luck, but if they get him a running game and Decent O-line, there is no rush.. That being said, from what Ive seen of Davis Webb in interviews and pre-season, he definitely doesnt look ready now, but hes got a really good arm, can make all the throws, even shows so touch on the deep ball, can move a little, and from what everyone says in the Organization, he has the work ethic, leadership skills and talent to replace Manning when hes ready.. its not a definite, but he definitely does not have the "never will be" label that other Giant QB draft picks have had recently (Ryan Nassib, ) .. I think he sits this year behind Geno, and next year he is the #1 back up until Manning retires.