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  1. so wait, you can have great stats and not be great? what about a guy who has decent-good stats, like 11-12 best QB in the league but has proved the ability to win big games.. kinda like having intangibles that dont show up on a stat sheet, but are integral to the teams success.. does that have any bearing on a QB?
  2. I had the same situation coaching girls youth lax.. I had big problems the first year, the next year, I called a mandatory team parent meeting.. I said whoever didnt come to the meeting or at least call me to talk before the 1st game, their kids wouldnt play a second until we all met. I laid down the law, no coaching from the stands, If I do something that upset their kid or them, they wait 24 hours before talking to me.. If not, their kid loses playing time.. I had a kid two years hogging the ball running around the cage trying to score a goal, when we were up 9-1, I told the team to pass it around and run the offense no shots.. she circled 3 times, scored and I was super excited, it was her 3rd of the day.. she ran off the field, and her dad came over on the sideline during the game and handed her $20.. I asked her what the $20 was for, and she said, my dad said he'd give me $5 a goal, $20 if she got a hat trick.. I told her to walk with her dad to the ice cream truck and spend the cash cuz she wasnt going to play in our second game of the day..I love coaching the kids, my daughter loves that I coach, but I quit this year, too much of that BS.. no one has stepped up yet to coach for this coming season, funny how everyone has opinions telling other volunteer coaches how to coach, but when its time step up and coach, their are no takers.. Ive had 4-5 parents calling me asking to come back.. not gonna happen!
  3. I agree.. Eli is still good enough to lead this team.. fix the Oline, thats the biggest change.. Dallas fixed theirs in 1 year, it can be done.. They sign one Olineman, draft one starting Olinemen, and they can pick from the scrap heap for the other.. Eli, when hes gone, will be missed, no doubt.. I remember the Kirk Graham, Jesse Palmer, Dave Brown, Danny Kanell years.. the misery ended with Kerry Collins being solid and then continued with Eli till today.. Weve gone 14 years without worrying about our starting QB, thats a HUGE deal in the NFL.. and one that CANT be understated.. when hes gone, unless they draft his heir apparent over the next two years, they are gonna wallow in perpetual badness until they get one..
  4. I can agree with that, its a fair criticism.. but the ONLY thing I fall back on is he is EXACTLY like that when he played great and the team was winning, he NEVER changes.. is it his responsibility as a leader of the team, to try and pick them up and would I like to see him do that? hell yea, but I also know its NOT his personality.. he shows his leadership by taking big hits, getting up, coming back to make plays after bad interceptions, or fumbles, hes unflappable and hes always dressed and ready to go Sunday. but I agree, Id love to see him shove that big fat ass John Jerry one time and say "pick up the ****ing Stunt one time you cement footed piece of crap". I cant argue with your point.. At this point, Id say let Eli start this weekend, go into 2nd place all time in consecutive games started and hand the team over for the rest of the year to Davis Webb and make a determination before the draft if they are gonna go with him moving forward, hes doing all the right things, hes a sponge, he has the arm, but he's never seen the field in the regular season.. This may be the worst melt down of a team who many picked to win the NFC and contend, of all time.. I NEVER pick this team to go far before the season, and I did this year.. I even said it in these threads saying that after the way the defense played last year, with another year under its belt, it should be even better... COMPLETELY WRONG.. they have reverted back into being literally one of the worst defenses in the league.. there is absolutely NOTHING THERE.. and believe it or not, I feel this team has 100% quit on the Coach.. I dont like him, but I also dont like the fact that the team quit on him.. id rather the team go 1-15 playing their ass off thne see a team get destroyed because they could give two **** about the coach.. this is something Ive never seen with the Giants and its one of the reasons why I NEVER miss a game.. Even when the **** hit the fan with coughlin, injuries and all, the Giants played HARD, they might have lost, but they game to play for him and the Blue Uniform.. Guys on the defense have just flat out quit.. Eli APple and Jenkins have absolutely given up.. DRC, may have, but I at least saw him throwing is body around.. you see who your leaders are when the team sucks and they dont have one on Defense.. JPP is awful, Vernon, hurt and not playing well.. HArrison, the one stand up guy they have gets into it with a beat reporter.. its a **** show.. no doubt.. but, the Mara's know this, I think Reese, a Mara family favorite, will be reassigned in the front office and I think the new GM will pick a coach who has experience who will re-take control of the team (Cowher maybe)??.. MY biggest complaint about this mess, is that EVERY other team gets injuries and they dont fold and collapse.. the offense is so sophmoric, they NEVER ever scheme a guy open.. they ALWAYS depend on an athlete like OBJ beating their man to get open.. of course thats huge, and is absolutely necessary sometimes, but you notice that ELi never has a receiver wide open.. he always has to throw into coverage and that to me is a scheme issue.. they route tree's are so basic.. and I know they have to be done due the porous line, but still. get some imagination, this team hasnt run a flea flicker pass or had a wr or Rb throw an option pass since Dan Reeves was here (Coughlin never did it either).. I think even if they dont result in a huge play, defenses have to be wary of it and they cant sell out like they always do on a 3rd and 2.. its a huge problem, if one time, they handed the ball off up the middle, the RB stops and tosses it back to Eli, I guarantee you, someone will be WIDE open downfield.. if they EVER attempted a fake punt or field goal, other teams would just be so surprised, it would be a miracle. I have access to the NFL game tape websites, where I Can see coaches tape and this offense compared to the EAgles offense, is like a pop warner team's playbook vs Alabama's.. if you watch the Eagles, cowboys or even a Saints game film, watch the amount of guys open in the secondary.. its easy pickings and that is coaching and scheming these guys so you dont need to put a ball through a 2 ft window every play. of course sometimes, you have to do that, but just watch Wentz drop back a fgew times, there is always a guy open and they dont have these amazing WR's, they are ok., but when you scheme them open, it makes it work.. I just want a total re-do.. get a GM who can pick impact guys, someone with a proven track record for drafting players.. the ONLY two keepers on the o-line are the Center and LG.. everyone else should be cut.. sign a vet LT, sign a starting RT, and draft some young guys who can play the Line.. this may be the biggest Draft day for the Giants since they drafted Eli, they HAVE to make it count.. they should have tons of cap space and high drft picks in every round.. make a splash, get some young talent, and hire a Coach to take control and bring this offense and defense into the 2000's..
  5. So Bob took time out of his day to call me to the Sporteh to take my medicine.. I dont know why I would need to take my medicine, I dont ever RIP people because there team sucks.. I root against them and other than strupid cowboy fans who need to be put in their place, I dont think I go after people when tbhey are done, I usually try to offer some objective take on the situation, but ya, Ill check in here every once in a while to "take my medicine" if Bob feels like he has to give it to me when he can, like this year when the Giants blow ass.. What can i say?? its a TOTAL disaster, the OL sucks, the RB sucks, the WR's all got hurt, one of them is acting like a dick, the rookie TE is Ok, the DEfense as ive said for 7-8 years absolutely sucks.. they had an 8 game aberation last year, where they play ok to well, this year, they cant stop the run, they have WR's running open all over the field, Collins went from being a top 2-3 defensive player of the year candidate, to him sucking again, nothing there.. JPP is absent, Vernon was hurt, the promisiing 2nd year MLB hurt, everyone hurt, the coach sucks, the GM sucks, and the QB is playing like crap behind the worst O-line in football, with no running game and no solid WR's.. so ya, if you feel ike you need to pile on and "give me my medicine" other than go screw yourself.. and my only hope is that your great season comes crashing to a halt, just like it does everytime your team plays a little better than crappy.. I like your QB, hes good, but your offense depends on scheme to get people open, against good teams who have time to scheme against you and have a season worth of tape to review, your scheme offense isnt gonna work deep in the playoffs, you need stars outside, and a proven QB to win huge games, can wentz do it, ya why not, has he YET, NO.. so, before we annoint the EAgles as the top team of this ERA and you start calling out guys whove had their team win two super bowls in recent memory, lets win a few big before you talk trash.. k? and other than that, go eat a few thousand cheese steaks and enjoyi your team playing well, it doesnt long in that city, so enjoy it whilst you can.. Ill check back to receive my meds.. knuckle head!! LOL
  6. Trump hasnt, that we know about.. but it seems more and more that every guy who worked on his campaign is either indicted, under investigation, stepped down, fired, or still on staff waiting for the FBI to come a knocking on their door. This guy is filthy and the canned response is Uranium and Hillary.. his supporters should be ashamed of themselves.. Donald may have insulated himself with myriads of layers of guys making it seem like he hasnt done anything, but one of these guys, faced with doing major jail time, is gonna talk.. I wouldnt be surprised if its Manafort.. this guy is a diva, spending his cash on all sorts of diva0ish stuff, $20,000 maid service, 5,000 dollar sheets, tons of cars, living the MAJOR high life.. when it comes down to "ok Mr Manafort, we got you, you'll spend the rest of your days in an orange suit, unless you start talking", I have a feeling, either him or someone else coming down the pike, is gonna blab.. rather than posting jibberish all day, go back and look at the timeline of when this happened.,. way too many coincidences for Trump not to have any info.. when he asked russia for help with the clinton emails, and two days later they come out.. lol..
  7. Stupid threads and posts like this is why Ive stepped away..
  8. Hannity knows.. LOL.. Hillary is guilty for her work with the Dossier, what ever happens with the mueller investigation is fake news.. I finally get it..
  9. Were Even, the leader of the Dem party is insane.. so is the leader of the free world.. actually, were not even, your leader is much more insane..
  10. This is silly thread.. but so is our presidency, so I guess its relevant
  11. SO thats why names are already being floated by top GOP aides to replace Tillerson? Ive General Kelly's head in his hands on so many different occasions when Trump speaks, you know hes calling him a Moron too.. Tillerson, to me was out of whack pick only because we were promised by Trump that he would drain the swamp and yet he brings in Big Business to be Sec of State. , but at his press conference, he sounded like the type of guy who could do a good job. I really liked his introduction speech and he definitely seemed level headed.. every time Ive heard him talk, It seems like he has things in order and he has a plan.. hes a perfect candidate to be fired by Trump.. hes on his last legs.. when he "Steps" down soon and the WH spins it however they spin it, you will know its not fake news.. if he didnt say it, why was he on TV the next day giving speech clearing the air. ITs not fake News J, sometimes your right, but when you call EVERY SINGLE STORY thats negative about Donald Fake, you loose credibility.. I cant wait for the storm to calm after the calm.. Id love to see what this moron has up his sleeves..
  12. awe this is so sad!! I feel for them.. Old Rich white guys are pissed that the younger rich white guys that they bribed with their own cash are now upset they arent getting what they paid for.. too bad so sad
  13. Glad to see you are backing TM.. LOL its like you are killing one stone with two birds.. after all a bush in your hand is worse than two birds..
  14. hand in or hang up.. pick one..
  15. feel familiar????