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  1. yep fake news.. personal lawyer for orange jesus admits paying a porn star $130K to shut up and its fake news. Melania must be s proud of her sugar daddy President mail order husband
  2. outstanding.. the best thing watching it was the announcers just SHUT UP and let it unfold.. it was amazing to watch.. one of the highlights of my olympic watching career..
  3. agreed, I was covered by Reggie Thorpe a few years ago at LAke Placid. on the other team was Paul/Gary Gait, Steve Zilberti, the Powell Bros, etc. after the game, we drank Molsons in the parking lot for about 3 hours.. when can a regular dude like me go play with Trottier, Bossy, Gillies, Potvin in a competitve hockey tournament, then go guzzle beers in the parking lot after?
  4. I never pick the Giants to do well in recent years, but going into this year, I admit, I picked them to win the Division and go deep in the playoffs. I fell victim to the Jerry Reece thought that the Oline would somehow, by some miracle, play well and I thought the defense was really good in 2016, and would only get better.. boy I was wrong.. the Oline was an absolute disaster and the Defense was almost as bad.. that being said, IF, big IF, they can fix the Oline so that Eli has some time to throw and they can actually run the ball decently well, I think they can turn it around quick.. seems like every year recently, teams who shat the bed one year, can come back and have big seasons.. If healthy, they have some decent weapons at WR and TE, if the RB's can run it, and Eli has time to throw and most importantly, the step into this century with some offensive game planning, they will be good. the Defense needs a re-work. the Two DE's were aweful this year (and they think they played great, which is crazy) and the LBs were bad. the DB's were decent. I think the Giants HAVE to draft a QB is they feel that the one they can get is a true franchise QB. if not, I trade down, acquire some picks, grab an Olineman in the 1st round, and a top RB in the Second and go from there. big thing is in these drafts, they have to get guys in the 3rd-6th round who actually can play, not guys who have potential and never come to fruition. Reece was famous for picking no name guys saying they have all the measurables and they never amount to anything. I like Schurmur and I hope Gettleman has a creative plan to sign a good LT and another lineman, I think Schurmur will help Eli and the running game if given guys who can block!
  5. Its great seeing all the guys I played and against growing up running these great programs.. Petro sometimes gets the benefit of the doubt from the refs based on how great a player he was. but there is much more parity now in all 3 Divisions then when I played for sure. I played in college from 1987-1991 and back then there was 5-6 teams (Hopkins, Duke, NC, Cornell, Syracuse, Maryland) vying for the D1 crown every year for the most part and 3-4 teams in D3 could play with and beat 75-80% of the D1 teams, same with D2. but now, looking at the rankings any one of 10-15 teams in all 3 divisions could win it. great for the sport. When I was at Cortland, we basically played a D1 Schedule., 1988 I think, we played, Syracuse, Cornell, Princeton, Maryland, Hobart, Ohio Wesleyan, Roanoke, Franklin Marshall, then our conference games which were a joke (Ithaca, RIT, Hartwick). we lost every year to Hobart in the playoffs. We hung for a half against the Gait brothers one year (leading 7-6 after 1st quarter, 11-8 at halftime, ended losing 23-11 I think, LOL. we played Cornell tight (4-5 goals), lost to Maryland 9-6 at cortland, and beat up Princeton pretty good, they won 3 titles starting two years after that. the Talent level, even at D3, is insane now. I watched Cortland play Salisbury a few years ago and I dont think the ball touched the ground more than 2-3 times. crazy.. Im more connected with womens Lax these days and its awesome seeing some of the girls I coached playing at big time schools. the womens game is CRAZY good now, incredible athletes, really fun to watch.. The Final Four for Women is at Stony Brook this year. if you are on LI, its a great weekend..
  6. Throwing this out there. was wondering if anyone upgraded to a new Laptop this christmas and have an older one (still working, etc) not being used. MY youngest daughter is looking to get a Macbook to use for school and also Beginner Picture/Movie projects. I can offer tons of stuff in trade, she has some cash saved up, not looking to break the bank. Ive had luck picking used Laptops here before, figgered id give it a shot! BC
  7. I’ll be at the convention center all weekend for my daughters Volleyball tournament. Not sure the exact dates.. that market is insanity. If I lived there I’d make Walter Hudson look slim.. lol
  8. He’d be smart to at least consider it. He’s gotten beaten up pretty bad over the last 2~3 years. Especially after this last concussion.
  9. It kills me to say it, but the Eagles are super bowl champions and they went punch for punch with the Pats with the best QB and coach probably ever. They played an outstanding game, had a great season. Congrats to the Eagles, NFC East always seems to be trouble for the Pats. as for Doug Peterson, masterful performance calling plays. Showed guts when he had to, was conservative when he had to, did an amazing job. Lastly the organization, after years of bad moves and having a poorly run franchise, poor coach’s,etc.. the last two years they’ve done a great job. When a guy went down, they either had a backup ready, or they went out and got a quality guy to fill in (Jay Ajiya, Jeffries, etc) congrats Eagles fans.. hopefully the city will still be standing after tonight, I gotta be ther in a few weeks and id like to enjoy the terminal market, lol
  10. the Giants obliterated the Vikings 41-0 in the NFC Championship and got flat blasted in the SuperBowl. No one was beating the Eagles Sunday, NE is a different animal.. I win by NE would make the Giants victories over them more special, being the only team to beat brady in the big game, TWICE.. go Pats..
  11. well thought out and I agree with most of it. G-I love How Gettleman made an impact right away cutting Bobby Hart because he showed no interest in playing the last game.. good riddance.. He has a plan.. but with that plan, were gonna see some goes go probably before the reach the wall which may be tough.. but better to cut guys a year early than sign them and realize they arent good anymore.. I love that he has been here before and seen success. I love the idea of building the lines and running the ball again.. it'll help all facets of the game, first and foremost, get ELi comfortable in the pocket again, rather than just waitiung to get slammed from the blind side. add a running game, pass pro, and an offensive mind who doesnt settle on one set (11 personell 95% of the time) and someone who schemes guys open and Eli will be fine for the next couple years, when hopefully a new QB will be ready. it'll also help the defense by keeping them off the field a little more.. Shurmur- all I know is what Ive seen him do with a 3rd string QB and RB in Minnesota, they didnt miss a beat. I also hear that Gettleman calls him an "Adult" which is what this team needs, no more BS from OBJ or the DB's. Im gonna hold judgement on him until after I hear him speak at the press conference Friday.. Im hoping that he brings an offense with a scheme and adjusts to what the defense is offering him, Im tired of the same basic route tree's by the WR's.. I want to see some plays I havent seen the Giants run in years.. power sweeps, lead blockers, check downs to open guys in the flat. There has been literally 3 plays over the last 5 years when I said, OMG they ran a trick play.. twice on one drive this year, they did a line up with threes guys in the middle of the field and the tackles split out wide, then the next play was a HB option that was intercepted at the goal line, but at least they tried something different.. Im excited for the changes, but it all means squat if they dont #1 fix the Oline, #2, get a RB, Fix the LB's and fix the special teams.. Bettcher DC.. All Iknow about him is that hes young and he had the Cardinals defense playing fast and swarming to the ball. hes a 3-4 guy, so it'll be interesting what they do with JPP and Vernon. are they now gonna be OLB's rushing while standing.. the Giants LB's have been bad for 15 years.. if they play 3-4, they gotta bring in at least 3 new LB's who can run and play.. Bettchers Defense blitzed more than any other in the league, a ton of Bear fronts (46), and a ton of Man Defense on the outside.. we have guys who play Man really well, and they didnt do it enough the couple years.. Itll be interesting, theres gonna be a lot of new faces and some familair faces gone too.. I pray for a great draft and a starting LT out of free agency.. I bet theyll sign 1-2 LB;s from Arizona too!! BC
  12. Patricia.. everyone in NY is saying the Giants are gonna hire him to be the next Head Coach..what do you guys see as his strengths? weaknesses? Do you think he'll make a good head football coach? the Belicheck castoffs traditionally havent done well as Head Coaches. his tree fails in comparison to Parcells, Walsh, etc coaching tree's. will the Giants make a good move by hiring this guy? will he be overwhelmed as a HC? can he handle the NY media? can he handle the tudes of all these Giant players (Beckham, Apple) how will he handle the Eli situation going forward? will guys run through fire for this guy.. whats the scoop??
  13. I love this orange moron gets his underoos in a bunch over football players disrespecting the flag and yet totally honors the country and our flag and what it represents by calling other nations around the world ****hole nations.. for all you neanderthals asking who wants people from Haiti here, thats not the question. Its a solid policy, protect our boarders, do everything you can to vette everyone, 100% agree with it. The point is our supposed leader coming off to the rest of a world like a big moronic dummy by #1 cursing as the president and #2 calling other nations ****holes. it is an ignorant, stupid comment, but when you have an ignorant stupid leader its to be expected. I dont think Trump meant it as racist, I just dont think hes smart enough to realize it was dumb and could be construed as Racist.
  14. I agree, I only but my coffee, Iced Tea, and candy bars where all white people work, its much better that way. rather than dealing with all those swarthy brown people. Im so happy that all these ICE guys who went to over 100 7/11 stores and arrested 20 people happened. I cant think of a better use of resources than sending 3-4 (or more) ICE agents to 100 separate places to round up 20 illegal brown people who are working to support families, etc.. I mean, screw all the criminals on the street, lets go after the hard working brown people, doing nothing other than working hard trying to make a life in our white country..
  15. I like the attitude, but its weird hearing a Giants GM with a beantown accent..LOL.. his first 5 days on the job are all a Giants fan can ask for.. he cut that fat tub of worthless Lard, Bobby Hart, benched Flowers, and made it known the free rides are over. he also shown a willingness to make a signing or trade midseason when his team needs a player. which is something the Giants NEVER did under Reece. to conservative. he said his goal is to fix the O-Line first and foremost. it can be done and done quick, look at the Rams this year. they signed Whitworth to play LT at36 years old and they immediately had a QB who wasnt worried about getting blasted and he had a GREAT year and the RB is an MVP contender.. The Giants need to sign the best LT tackle available, draft one or two lineman, and then fill the backups with experienced Vets.. I like Jones at Center, the minute he started playing they were able to run it a little better. Pugh is serviceable at one Guard. if they can draft a starting Guard theyd be back in business. I know Gettleman is off to a good start, but Ill be bitching when he cuts a good player early like he did in Carolina, but well see