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  1. he tweeted it.. but I guess you prolly wouldnt believe it.. why dont you call him, ask him to fly to your living room and say it to you face to face? would you believe it then? ah, nevermind, prolly not.. hes got brain cancer, he doesnt know what hes saying.. guess Bears dont crap in the woods either.
  2. Let me check at work monday for a tube.. Im sure I can figure something out! Thanks, Ill PM ya the details!! BC
  3. Dmac... let me look into it.. regardless of shipping cost, Id do $145 shipped (cant much more than $5, Ill eat the rest Id be happy to sell it to you).. just gotta see if I have a tube laying around I could fit in..
  4. Price Drop $140.. picked up.. or trade for an Avet..
  5. gotya.. you are correct sir
  6. Did it for the money? LOL From "Eli Manning has an annual salary of $18 million, with a net worth estimate at $100 million as of April 2017, according to the website Celebrity Net Worth. He also earns money through endorsement deals with DirecTV, Reebok, Kraft, Samsung, Toyota and Citizen." what does he get for a game worn helmet or shoulder ma pads? $5,000? he needs the extra cash to use as kindling in his fire pit outside?? LOL bc
  7. ttt
  8. I heard an interview on the Sirius NFL network with someone with "knowledge of the siutation". Eli did this for charity.. his management team approached him for stuff to be used for charity. He had his game worn stuff but in an effort to get more things they could sell for charity he looked to the trainers and others inside the Giants Organization for other "game worn" articles. they fetch a higher $ amount in re-sale. this was NOT for personal gain by Eli, hes worth way over 100 million dollars.. he was trying to gather more goods to be auctioned off for his charities. I says he didnt realize the significance of it until after it was found out.. he made a mistake, but the mistake was not done to make a couple extra grand selling stuff, his heart was in the right place trying to get some extra cabbage for charity, he just didnt make the right choices.. hindsight, it would have been better to give less "game worn gear" and just cut a check for 100 G's for the charity, but alas.. he has done so much outstanding work with charities and donating his time at childrens hopsitals, and benefits, etc. I give him the benefit of the doubt, he owned up, adnitted wrong doing and settled.. dumb move, but definitely shouldnt be strung up by his two superbowl MVP's and victories over the Patriots.. LOL
  9. If I could get rid of it ASAP I'll do $145.. I have my eye on a purty Avet Id love to have on my boat when I make this years maiden voyage Sat night..
  10. Not with me.. I can take some tonite
  11. pics coming.. FYI: the 2nd time I used this rod, the reel seat came loose. I was too lazy to send it back to St Croix. I am a rod builder, so I just removed the old reel seat, and replaced it.. its good as new (or better, because it doesnt spin, lol), the only difference now is that the foregrip is ONLY cork tape, I did not have X-Flock to install on the fore grip. I actually like cork tape better on the foregrip, it doesnt get slippery with fish slime.. I like it on the rear grip so that the cork tape doesnt eat away at your waders in your crotch.. posting pics from my phone
  12. Kings Park.. We can meet if your interested. BC
  13. Im on long island. Where are you?
  14. Im selling a Mojo 2 piece (model #-> MSS100MMF2 - 10' FT MEDIUM POWER, Mod-Fast Action SCii Graphite 10-20 1-4 oz rod. Ive fished this rod once while traveling (2 piece is nice for that).. replaced the foregrip with regular cork tape, so its non-slip. $220.00 BRAND NEW Selling for $175.. I would prefer local pickup on Long Island. Id also consider a trade for an Avet Reel in good condition.. BC
  15. will you take $140 shipped via PayPal?? If so, Ill take it and send Paypal ASAP. thanks, BC