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  1. Misanthropy Mead. From A$shole Apiary. l like the euphony.
  2. There's stuff for them all over around here. They'll have no trouble finding food.
  3. I had to think long and hard about how much I haven't missed him. I didn't even notice he was gone.
  4. Ow, that hurts! Nah, we've wanted to do this for years -- it's an extension of gardening, really. My wife's grandfather did it, so that gives us an exemption on the Weasel Hipster scorecard.
  5. That actually sounds good: next year, no honey, the following year, 10 lbs., and 20 lbs. per year in subsequent years, unless we go bigger, which I doubt we will. 20 lbs. is a goodly amount of honey, enough for a batch of mead with a lot left over.
  6. Selling insurance at a Scientologist company in Hollywood. Man, those sonsofbitches are crazy.
  7. Well, I'm gonna do it: a woman nearby was selling a turnkey starter beekeeping kit, and I'm a-gonna pick it up tomorrow. We won't be able to start the hive until the spring, but that's fine: between now and then, I can do some research so that I can hit the ground running in the spring. I'm going to have honey coming out of my ears next year. And none of you naysayers are gonna get squat.
  8. I really don't.
  9. It's the weakest shtick since Murray Langston!
  10. Ain't there an OTB somewhere up there in that godforsaken state?
  11. Good mead is almost transcendently good. It can be still, it can be sparkling, you can even mix it with beer (that's called a braggot; let the juvenile rhyming jokes begin). I just might try this, if only to spite you humps.
  12. It really hurts my feelings when I come here for honest advice and a crotchety old man like Billybob makes fun of me. I have feelings too, you know.
  13. You could always try the direct approach, and tell Rob that if he doesn't fess up, you're telling the business owner. That way he thinks that your primary loyalty is to the company, where it should be, but also that you're not a lousy, no-good snitch.
  14. You guys are such Debbie Downers.
  15. Rob is an idiot. Tell the company. #my2cents....