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  1. Cashman in the Del Mar Handicap. At a positively juicy 13-1.
  2. I'm with Lester.
  3. We'll find out at the end of today's card at Del Mar.
  4. Californiagoldrush in the Del Mar Oaks.
  5. Ass cancer.
  6. I built the Christmas auction rod last year.
  7. Why pass up an opportunity to amass more rods? But I will defer to your expertise. I like having rigs ready to go, without having to change reels, but if you say it's doable, I believe it.
  8. Why don't you stick your finger in a light socket, and then flip the switch?
  9. No. I hate myself.
  10. I heard Richard Thompson tell this joke at a concert about 20 years ago: In heaven, the English greet you at the door, the French cook, the Italians provide the entertainment, and the Germans organize everything. In hell, the French greet you at the door, the English cook, the Germans provide the entertainment, and the Italians organize everything. For food, I'll take the French. Gimme some more fat and booze.
  11. Have at it. I live at 655 Cowan Avenue.
  12. If I give you $5, can I teach them to say mother ****er?
  13. Neoprene waders are hot as hell. Especially when the sun is out. There have been days in October and even November when I've gone out early, and figured that neoprene would be a good idea, only to end up sweating my balls off after the sun comes out. I only wear neoprenes now when I know it's going to be freezing, like fishing at night in December.