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  1. The good folks at St. Viateur's in Montreal spit on this! Quelle idiote!
  2. Poppy seed bagels are the best.
  3. He came out of the closet faster than Terri Mae carrying a vacuum cleaner.
  4. More like Jell-O, you mental midget.
  5. Ow! No so HARD!
  6. Oh, man, that sucks. Hang in there.
  7. A straight line from Montauk to Virginia Beach would pass what, 50 miles offshore of Atlantic City and Cape May?
  8. Doug Jones is to the right of his party. He is OK with restrictions on late abortions, which the national Democratic party has opposed forever.
  9. Trump has downplayed this, but he inherited hundreds of millions of dollars from his father. Fred Trump, that racist slumlord, was an obscenely wealthy man. Trump has made a big deal about his "business" career. But if it weren't for reality TV, he'd be back in bankruptcy. I have no doubt -- zero; I have metaphysical certainty about this -- that whatever money Trump has, it's less, probably way less, than he'd have today if he took the money he got from his daddy, and invested it in an index-based mutual fund. He's a godawful businessman.
  10. The correct answer it that's it's partly a giveaway to the wealthy, but it's mostly a sop to people who vote green. Alternative energy sources, solar and wind and all that, can be useful as ancillary energy sources. This usefulness will probably increase in the future, as the technologies associated with these sources improves. But they will never -- never -- be the primary source of energy, for anyone, unless we come up with a way to store electricity that's much cheaper, and more effective, than what we have now. Because whatever their other merits, wind and solar cannot produce juice intensively enough to meet demand when it's at its highest.
  11. Did Styx ever do a tune about Captain Lou Albano! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I don't believe it for a second. We know he went through bankruptcy once, and I tend to think his net worth is a lot closer to zero than it is to a billion dollars.
  13. The same number as Trump - zero!