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  1. LOL Just keep on going buddy ! it wulda been nice to see ya , we miss ya, and you culda taken a few strays back with you, to bumeff, however we will have to carry on, luv ya miss ya, dont forget to write.
  2. LOL you are 1/2 polack and 1/2 eyetalian, therefore, that makes you a wapolack!!
  3. NO EFFING CATS !!! Slender and petite , is good, maybe you better start peeking over the fence, with your camera.
  4. Thanks Mick, But, my boat owning days are far behind me. 1st is she hot or semi hot ???
  5. Looks nice, easily nao on that.
  6. LOL See that ! even when you are so far away, you are in our hearts.
  7. Did you look at Dave Pascoe site, for yacht/boat surveys ??? even though, he dont have many small boat surveys, He gives some good tips, and you can get a feel and a good Idea, of what to look for in a hull and engine. Have you decided on Out board or I/O ??
  8. LOL WTF andrew ?? You killed it?? Geez.
  9. Go on the OE , bobby quinn has some good numbers , and is a diver, capt cal sat on 3 drops last year it suxd
  10. RIP Skinny Pete, I know your looking down at slacker, from that cat condo, and thinking, Glad I didnt go out in Viking style.
  11. Oh, Ok, thank you......but.... what hair???
  12. Yea true and for 20 $ you can buy a relion walmart glucose meter, with 10 strips, and test your blood sugar, those units received good reviews, And for your blood oxgen ,meters are not that expensive, my dad had one, just clip it on your finger, doctors I am sure charge insurance companies a boat load$, for a 10 minute physical, more important are the tests and screening, that men n women, need to do. You see ? In the news Trump going after pharmaceuticals prices? Thru medicare. Cant wait to see how much money big pharma throws at this, n how they gonna handle it. Gonna be interesting to see how Trumps people, create a win-win deal. I was watching Trump deliver the announcement , we all know ,there is no filter, on what comes out of his mouth. However he has a point, many drugs $$ are thru the roof, it is so bad, My GI doc, told me same, and that if I have issues paying for drugs, that he could assist me , in obtaining them thru canada, and that he has helped some of his senior patients, do the same, I told him, na I, grow my own, and anything more than that, I just text, my local dealer, my problem, I told him, is purity levels, could he help me with that? He laughed so hard, I thought he was gonna fall off his stool. Interesting story why, drugs, in canada cost less.
  13. Ok youre 1 step behind me, in being bald. WTF are you implying.
  14. 10 effing years!!! Thats not the first similar story I heard like that, woman in the gym annie, retired teacher, doc kept telling her, its her back, finally she goes see a different orthopedic guy, says you need hip replacement, now she is back 100 pct. Walking great.
  15. I forgot about the permitherin, combat uniforms are treated with that. The MP can get away with stuff... well... why??? LOL cause he is the MP.