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  1. Denny told me this AM The osprey refunded everyone 15.00 each cause the bite was terrible, squid you sure they had the correct CC nbr?? I go thru this every Day at the job.
  2. I feel ya, but, as U know you dont need a spinning outfit, can use a bait caster, plus, lets see em use that set up, bouncing in 3-4s with a 15k wind. Aint gonna happen. Yea I'll try jig.
  3. Lol the mates caught limits.
  4. Lol I bet they netted everything today. He said bite sux today, him n Chris were high hook, denny took the pool. What a shamenallnrhis equipment, dont even pay to use it, got some old stuff , rods, been planning give it to guys at work. Slacker still got them cod jigs from the block island trip. Guess I should try putting them on BST.
  5. Kevin hooe all turns oit ok with mom and the wife, how is mom doing?
  6. Lol the best if both world's, its rig jigging, 2 presentations, if the tog dont like the jig they got the rig! And visa versa. The dude is covered, obviously it works, there's the pic to prove it. Nuff said.
  7. They bought that boat so that they can charge 150 per , and alllows them to fish also. BS
  8. I like blue moon pale ale Feel netter soon bud, hot toddy, hit the sack. Wow just before the holidays? How long for rehab? No I did not , especially afyer youre banner day yesterday's, with an all star cast, I just couldnt top that, so I rebuilt my 2 avets, with new brgs, and loonss newel, which I aint happy bout tbe drag, i gots to fiddle with it. Denny was BMH today bowd they do.? OMG- peanut butter , whip cream, warm chocolate fudge syrup, 1/2 bone, dont knock it fill you try it..
  9. Yes good thinking, see they did cancell today,. I didnt think they would.
  10. LOL Yes this is tue So true. Squidsky hang tight bro, Denny n me talking Osprey he has PTO n so do I, hes on osprey Monday with chris ,next few weeks, shld be good down there. Aint crazy bout not being able to bail at the last minute, another option porgy right Mick?
  11. Obsess over? Lol I thought the only thing you obsessed over was a nap.
  12. LOL AnY BoDy LIMeIT ????
  13. Limit of shorts .
  14. Hows the bite ? Tell rusty i said shut up, and tell scotty Thanks for calling me.
  15. The AM will be ok, then it will start to build we will be done shortly thereafter, a cup of coffee for the Ride home. I doubt if they are gonna cancell ,not going to be that bad in the AM.