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  1. Slayer picked the right spot put us on da meat, didnt have to go too far, twas a GOOD DAY!!
  2. Thats walter, Togs with us down south.
  3. Lol Slacker needs a nap just from reading the report.
  4. No Mike, I live in jackson.
  5. ROFLMFAO Like I said, enjoy the purchase Or ask Y for some tips. Tell her she gives you a Huge erection, gaurantee those panties will be wet and come down in a heart beat, youll hear them hit the floor "splat"!!!!
  6. I agree, although, I had a burger n beer at Longhorns once, was good. When you coming down here to fluke?? We shld arrange a trip.
  7. Those are great watches, I bought one in 1978 still have it, went thru 2 bands. glad to see you spending Mrs Slackers pension. As for you requiring a time piece ? I am not gonna take the thrill out of you new purchase, enjoy. Surprised you didnt take a picture of the watch on a cats paw.
  8. Thats funny Though I wish. Reminds me of a time, I went to visit, one of our the Foriegn flag tankers, and our port engineer was also on board , a really nice guy, short fellow, chinese, his name was AN CHIN HUANG, we called him AC, I worked with him for 15 years never seen him loose his temper, he was going off on the Captain for cause the captain was teeing off on the stern of the vessel. AC was jumping up and down, mthreffing the Capt left to right.
  9. 3 keeps, some guys struggled, and they are good fisherman ,I was getting a fair amount of bites, on the jig, when it came vertical, dropped 3, 1 that broke the dropper loop knot, and 2 other decent fish. Just when I thought I dialed in, figured let chew, Many bites were short strikes, went thru lotta pink shine, Didnt realize how big one of em was till I saw the fillets and vacuum packed em. Madesome last nite.
  10. She passed away today Pancreatic Cancer, gave us lotta good music, Sad Day, brings back lotta memories, thats the second I heard today, say a little prayer. Here she is folks, good looking, good cooking Aretha Franklin !!!!!
  11. you can mind eff this type of thing till slacker stays awake for a full 24 hours, and still not figure it out, like sparky said to me, just forget it and get your head back in the game, which is what your about to do. Look you guys got shiesty chorttling at his desk !! ok back to boobs and beaver, please dont send me pics I am horny enuff.
  12. YES Licked it real well. Good Point. it works Please stop You know , the gulp was gone from the top hook, but maybe that was the first hit I felt, then I swung and HUNG, there he was. Please do, refresh my memory. maybe Yea I know. Many time that dropper loop on 25# come up twisted Some days depending on the Bite, yea maybe loose the dropper loop. Thanks squid !
  13. 25# momoi Same thing happened to denny last week. Broke at the KNOT not he loop
  14. Andy shulda joined us, bite was decent, got better in the afternoon in the shallows 3 keeps for me, better bite working the e jig BACK toward the boat, when It came vertical, swung too early, missed several bites, hook into a large fish, got 2 cranks, brokenhearted off , with chris screaming in my ear, " drop back" chris, the bail is open, the jig is gone, i felt it snap! I Reeled up, top shot broke at the dropper loop knot, hook was still on the dropper loop, goes to show they are kinda weak knots, goes to show it wulda been pool winner, which was 20 per head. Never had dropper loop knot break before. Dropped 2 other fish, with about 5 cranks, arse hooked 1 as usual, lotta shorts, srsly thinking about doing away with the dropper loop and just working the jig, see 2 regs on the BMH they are brothers usually fish on a sunday, in the stern, they just fish the jig, no dropper loop, they do quite well, yesterday most fish hooked on the jig, few shorts on the top hook. I dunno !! maybe only a hot bite, eff the top hook, whaddya you think. OK BACK TO BOOBS AND BEAVER.
  15. LOL ROFLMFAO I'm gonna break a hip.