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  1. I have 3 bathrooms
  2. No food allowed Its effing oriental rug, its a cheap one, but looks good in the pic. Not cats allowed, i lock em in the bathroom all day. Yep all email now. Lot less email on this job though. I commuted to NYC 76 to 98, then commuted to meadowlands 140 miles round trip, 98 to 2005, 2005 to 2014 locally w0 minutes 1/2 hr, 2014 to 2017 1hr each way, yea This is the last whistle stop, hopefully be able to do this till SS kicks in, maybe 5 years ? But never say never. Ehh maybe just to look at some trim Yep
  3. Thats why I left the recliner there, yes may have to go with landline if the company pays, then I'll go the the cable company , dont expect ro make many conference calls with the vessels, especially once the homeymoon is over, all by email for record purposes, For training purposes have a blue tooth speaker hooked with the cell phone sounds good.
  4. Defining Kodi Kodi is used as a general term to describe many of the abilities of the application, but the software itself only performs one function, allowing you to import, organize and view your personal media library. It grew from the Xbox Media Center, which was first developed in 2004. One decade and many ports later Kodi was born, beginning with version 14 and growing rapidly since. The software has continued to improve through partnerships with developers and donations of money and time from the community. This evolution is essential as it provides a road map of legality when speaking about Kodi. On its own, Kodi is merely a front end media server and is a very useful tool without any additions. Many users, such as those running a Raspberry Pi, lack options when choosing a media center, so Kodi becomes a very interesting option. So, to answer the short question, Kodi is entirely legal. The application itself meddles in no questionable areas of the law. This doesn’t mean everything you do with it is legal, though, but that’s the second part of the legal question. Developers can create add-ons that aren’t officially supported by Kodi or the foundation behind it, as the application is completely open source. These unofficial add-ons don’t go through any kind of approval process and may sometimes not be entirely kosh
  5. Its a streaming device (same as chromecast) loaded with apps like netflix, youtube etc, new version comes with a remote that has voice recognition and alexa, it plugs into your flat panel TV via HDMI input, or maybe USB port, or both, the HDMI port is for signal input the usb port is for power, if you dont have a USB port for older TV it comes with a plug in power adapter you plug it in to your electrical outlet. now it allows youre TV to tap into youre wifi, and now you can watch netflix, youtube etc. You dont need to have the cable company TV just their internet service. Kodi is open ended software that scours the net that allows you SORT OF illegaly watch content, i think you can get HBO and showtime, I think you need an account, movies being the largest draw.Think about it, the platform for delivering content to customers is blowing wide open and changing fast. It takes some research and time to wrap ones brain arround it. But there are work arounds to cable tv, if you have a smart TV basically a TV with a hard drive computer, I think you really dont need a streaming device, cause you can load those apps, YouTube TV, netflix etc are all there already, think about it, the original draw of cable TV was commercial free, advertising is up our arse. Now cable TV has commercials, and effing channels for infomercials, WTF, and the mfthers charge you rent 10 per month per box, i got 2. Yea it is easier to write a check than to figure out work arounds, but those work arounds are getting a lot easier, and should save some $. Go google it have a look. Look at the price of a smart TV how much they came down, I was in sams club other day, 45" TV 400$. Being that I am working outta the house and set up the finished loft as an office, I moved the old flat panel TV to the loft, the wife grabbed a uni wall mount bracket for 15 bucks, put the old AVR UP there now I have some background company while working, that unit and the bedroom are prime candidates for fire sticks. Yea it cost me some $ for a new desk, keyboard tray, dual monitor mount, a set of 3 way indoor outdoor speakers, 50 amazon free freight gotta have rock n roll,. See the fridge? Had it up there for 10 years brand new never used, ill hse it now, heck ill be up there all day, next thing to figure out is communication dont know if I can keep going on the cell phone, as more vessels come on line in may.
  6. Yea really, you some competition there bubba!
  7. I didnt know you can install it on a stream stick, Hmmmm, what issues? Wifi speed ? Internet speed???
  8. Kodi is usually used on a hot box, and if one is using that set up, one shld also pay, for a VPN virtual private network, so NO ONE can see what one is doing. See the nasdaq is up, thķats why you diversify. I xont know if theh will pay have to find out , I wouldnt be surprised, if google came along and offered Internet.
  9. My neighbor Josie makes artichoke pie, OMG delicious, been eating for lunch.
  10. YouTube TV cost $35 per month middle of March it goes to 40 it allows you to get all the common channels like two four five 7 all of those channels that in New York d themmn some, but you still need internet service once you tell the cable company cancel TV subscription service they know what's going on theyJack up your internet service. Hardware non smart TV gonna need a streaming device 40 to 100$ to be able to tap in to home network wifi. Youre right gotta crunch the numbers and trial it for 30 days, they also have DVR cloud so I can cancell tivo @ 16 per month. Content supply landscape is changing fast cable companies better wake up fast.
  11. Nice report, WTF no clothing comforts or gear report?????
  12. He cant wait.
  13. Copy that, yea , just a different way to GET the content, other than thru you, sometimes not as entertaining, YOU TUBE TV AD sounds like it also includes cloud account DVR storage, so, you can cancell the TIVO subscription, nice to FF thru commercials, almost like, giving the finger.
  14. Ok Mr. SLACKER, what do you know about YOU TUBE TV? Heres a chance for you to generate content, and hone your skill set, and become a winner, Do I Hook up Chromecast or fire stick, ? on the older TV TO GET INTERNET APP ACCESS ( this decade old TV)Cancel the cable company subscription,watch youre internet bill go up, save ???? $$$$ Sir KML any input? Still able ro get??? Janice Huff News 4, hot chicks on the financial network (OMG i am working outta the house , with TV for background noise) etc???
  15. What he loves, dont put bread on the table.