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  1. It needs a radiothe ac doesn,t work and it hasom flukey electrical prob ie the brake lite abouve rear window go on and off it I a project car....
  2. Joel heres the pics I have all the fuseboxes taken off and the radio I was lokking for a short I have been very sick and have yet to put them back price reduction 300.00 Im having a problem with the other pictures best thing is to see it for your self
  3. yeah I'll post some pics you can see it also im in toms river but it is not drivable it has no breaks
  4. price reduction 300.00
  5. sounds good
  6. I have a 2001 chevy suburban 200000 plus mi ,new alternator, need new break lines for sale I am asking 400 or best offer come and see it in toms river pic included
  7. I''ll Take it
  8. how much does it weigh
  9. Schooling ,bait flippin cow nosed rays in the wash saw this the other day while flukin hooked up but thank God it spit the hook after some bail screaming
  11. I tried the bug method for the first time yesterday and have a few questions I found a cut and let it drift( couldn't find a rip) and it took 100yds of line eventually.. is this right or should you let it drift a little and retrieve?
  12. can you describe how you change the treble it has always been a pita for me is there a special tool?
  13. I don.t know but the hook wont bend
  14. Put a swivel on yor treble and see what happens