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  1. Wifes Taco at 60 thou no decernable wear on rear pads, hmmm the closer I looked I found the emergency brake cable to tight and braking on the cable not the backing plate. And don't you love that friggen lever for the emergency brake that always freezes up. Taco brake light on low fluid check and replace front pads it probably needs them.
  2. Called up local supply house do you have a 6004lu bearing? No but its at the warehouse we can have it for you first thing in the morning. Call them make sure that it is in stock, Nope they will call us back if it is not in stock. I need it and will look elsware if it is not. Nope they normally will call right back if not in stock. Called this morning yep bearing is in, drive over. ITS THE WRONG BEARING! 6004RSJ sealed only on one side. What a friggen gigantic waste of time. Unit is going back together with the old bearing because I am leaving Thursday for FL. Now I know why I order most of my parts online!
  3. Driving South to go over the Bay bridge in Maryland. 51 in a 35 zone just before a light on an 4 lane divided highway. I was in the middle of traffic, cop singled out the only MA plate. Pulls me out shows me the radar that's 16 miles over the speed limit and that's $249 payable now or its to jail with you. No sir I am under orders to be at MKA school in the morning and you can not impede my progress. He did not like that at all and I proceed after a little hold up. This was back in the early 80s wonder how much he could shake down in a day.
  4. I will just say that due process is broken! They can not keep the guilty in jail and just getting them there has become a gravy train. Just follow the money.... The media has their own idea's of what is news and if it is screwing some one to the wall so be it. You will never hear that the person hit and killed by the car was walking in the street, with traffic wearing black. That is not the news the news,it is that a carless driver whose life has just changed forever Killed that stupid person. Hey if the person is not your cup of tea go the other way or leave. Oh he was jacking off in front of me years later is not news worthy. Unless you have an audience to pander too. Ohhh men are bad!!!!! Guns are even worse!!!!! Cars kill people!!! So sorry do not put yourself in a place where you are alone with that crazy women oh wait that may be someone's fantasy. So you all remember if you read it on the internet, or saw it on the news it MUST BE THE TRUTH! Due process, Filed for Vacation of Judgment , an the judge's first words. "Before you begin I am not accepting any new evidence". Any one want a case of purgery and forgery by the plaintiff that was accepted buy a ignorant judge?? The media is nothing than a rating's competitor. Who is going to break the BIG STORY>>>>>>> The truth has nothing to do with it. If you have something to loose look out! If you do not have crap your slapped on the back of the hand, and sent on your way......
  5. Your only problem was that not all of the barkers were wearing a collar. Electric collars have there place and as long as you test the strongest charge on yourself first I have no problem with them. Now that being said, the owner running the button I do.
  6. See one person gets it one does not. Old plan pre Obama, 10$ copays ordered scans etc, no copay. I am now into two years of agony with an undiagnosed ailment "Lyme, chronic Lyme, ??" Sorry appointments to specialist that are a year plus out is unacceptable. Where do I sign up to be and illegal immigrant and just walk into the ER and get it for free??? Wait I just answered my own question, go to a bank with a check made out to cash, endorse CASH on the back and hand to teller. I will need ID, No my name is Johnny Cash..... It just does not fly........... Oh and YOU do know the premiums went way up under Obama! I blame him for the hit to my wallet too!. You only think your doctor is in charge of your care but in reality it is the insurance co. Any care you receive is approved by them before you get it! I love the Start of the Bill, "Thank You for choosing Cape Cod Healthcare for your health care needs. If I had a choice it would not be them............I can not tell you all how many times that they have just plain screwed the goose on diagnosing and improper treatment. Last appt. doc orders a bunch more test then says I would like to see you in a month, Sorry doc I am not going to be here. Doc "You don't feel that bad do you?" Well no, not that way, I am leaving to go to FL for the winter.... Sometimes you just can not make this crap up.
  7. I blame Obama for the fricken bill for my latest cat scan of my chest. Estimated amount $395 Estimated Insurance Payment $149 Estimated Deductible $146 Estimated Co-insurance $0 Estimated Co-pay $100 Estimated Patient Responsibility $246 Pre-Payment Discount: $24.60* So Sorry I can BLAME OBAMA for totally screwing the paying public. This mess we now call health care is a friggen joke.
  8. For your amusement only! My snow blower tune up. For most older two stage snow blowers. Visually inspect machine, check oil level and color. Is there gas in tank? Fuel valve on or off? Is there fur hanging out of engine in places? Your looking for mouse nest in shroud near coil. If you see yarn or paper hanging out in places a mouse has built a nest in the shrouding and will need to be removed before running engine. All ok see if it fires up and runs. Run engine till warm, shut off fuel and run carb. dry. Drain oil and disconnect spark plug. Stand unit up on front of unit, remove bottom panel and inspect driven disc and linkages. Lube as necessary, do not get lube on drive disc parts. Note when you remove bottom panel and you did fine a ball of crap mouse nest "unit would not roll" you will have to dig all that crap out of chains and gears. Place unit back on its wheels and remove belt cover. Engage auger and inspect how far belt goes down into drive pulley on engine. Is the belt low in pulley? Time to replace it. You do still have the manual to install and adjust it correctly? If not Google it. Next go to front of machine and tip it back on the handles and block front up,\. Remove shear pins and grease fittings in augers and turn them by hand to distribute the grease. You removed a shear pin and can not move auger by hand. Auger may be frozen on shaft leave the shear pin out it may free up at a later time. Check center gear box for auger is the lube at proper level or does it take grease??? May want to find out that bugger is expensive and not easy to replace. Visually inspect the augers and the rear blower fan for bent fins. Unbend as necessary. It may take a little work, like removing the discharge chute for access. Every thing lubed and unbent, augers moving freely on shafts. Now it is time to replace shear pins. Grease them up and reinstall them. Note the nut should not be tight. There should be no play but shear pin should still spin in place easily. As in do not crush auger tube onto the drive shaft. Blower end is now done, unblock and stand unit up again, replace bottom cover. How is the tire pressure. Are the wheel axels lube and free to move in wheel rims?? Now on most of the older units the carb bowl should now be visible. Up to you but I always remove the bowl inspect float level clean out the crap and reinstall. All covers back on, visually inspected belt linkages and adjusted to the book? Add oil to the proper level, remove inspect and replace spark plug. Turn fuel back on and let it sit and make sure carb is not leaking. No gas leak, fire up the engine and run unit. Drive works properly, will spin tires if held back. Blower engage and disengage properly. Now shut fuel off and run carb dry, choke it when it is dying. No fuel shut off. Install one. Caution if you remove any carburetor linkage make shure" it is installed correctly and adjusted before you start the engine!" If that last warning is not followed you can be removing and disassembling the engine to replace the governor gear assembly. Read and follow your owners manual......... Good luck I will be in Florida for the winter.
  9. In Mass a felon caught with a firearm was supposed to get a MANDATORY YEAR IN JAIL. I would like to know how many, Have been convicted?, How many have actually have spent the year in jail? Sorry the criminals will always have or be able to get firearms and there is not a single law that is going to stop that from happening. You can not cure stupid.
  10. Caught and episode of Batttle Bots the Team that was in semi finals listed as Cape Cod Bait and Tackle llc? Any one know of them?
  11. NO! You are trolling or what?
  12. Every thing you have noted is now law in most lib states...........
  13. 757saltwater pretty much said it all. Trailers are a high maintenance item. That being said, their is no one that I trust to do service on the hubs on my trailers. One speck of dirt in there and things can go bad fast. Last trailer that came into my possession had the bearings and tires replaced less than five years ago. Disassembled and found mismatched parts, replaced the roller bearing and did not change the races. WTF? Sorry even new axial should be at the min, repacked, new seals.
  14. Was he a convert to a certain religion of peace that is so prevalent were his girlfriend was from??