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  1. At last something worth reading in this thread!
  2. No some one here claims to have the FACT!
  3. The hollow door is the right idea just make your own with a nice 1/4 ply with webbing of wood on the back side, light and you can make the legs fold up. Think a big corn hole board but use 1x2 not 2x4s and leave the hole out.
  4. Add in some of the crap, that can be read in this is proof enough of the nutty anti gunners to go out and buy one or two now while you still can. There is enough law on the books already now if we could get a few people to just do their JOB! The FBI for not being able to identify?? Sorry anti Trumpers he was on line with his tweet? That belongs in the nutty politics forum. The guy that sold the nut the gun and ammo, and if he was not on the you can not buy list he certainly should have been Let sit back and see what falls out of the tree, their is certainly enough monkeys that once one starts to scream the jungle erupts. This whole post is a troll buy a anti gun nut. Their is no pleasing them they are the truly unhinged. Thank You I will save Myself. If you think a cop is always going to be their when you need them, I have a bridge to sell you.
  5. At the moment I am driving a 1999 Chevy Astro, I am doing that and a whole lot more. Van has over 250,000 miles and I do not have plans of replacing it yet. Just got done replacing, radiator and hoses, power steering lines, oil cooler lines, driver side motor mount, spark plugs, and water pump. I do not even want to think what I would have gotten charged if I had it done a shop. Now doing correctly is something else!
  6. Just make sure you do not over heat the transmission towing the titanic. Where the hell do you put the cooler that will hold all the beer for the trip?
  7. If I am not mistaken the last helm and cable was 160$ I gravity filled it with 30wt oil before I installed knock on wood it is still going strong. Cables before all failed from internal rust, 17" Whaler cable goes from console to engine in a rigging tube witch is the low point of the system, it just collects water.
  8. I was thinking of changing to hydraulic the next time I have to replace the cable on my 17' . After seeing the problems you are having it is cheaper to just keep replacing cables every five or six years. Do manufactures realize this crap is going to be used in or near water salt or other wise.
  9. So here we go again, what law would have prevented this shooting? None! You could spend all the money in the word and make schools hardened bunkers with metal detectors and armed guards. What law would prevent it from happening again? Go after it like any other problem, education about shooting and yea dummy bullets kill and so does a whole lot of other things........ So how else are you going to control people?? Guns do not shoot people, people do!
  10. There are some on this site that are just as bad a CNN. You would think the world is just plain rainbows and happy thoughts. Sorry this country is going third world as fast as the libs can make it. Best one on the news this morning a employer crying he had to fire Mom and Dad ILEAGALS with three American born children. All I heard was, now I know were there is three more children that I and everyone else that pays taxes paid for. Birth, schooling, food etc etc...... And Damb if we just gave them a vacation. Oh don't forget if they do file taxes they get to get them all back. Sorry the world is still banging on the doors to get in. Better than the atrocities that most are subject too in their homelands.
  11. How about a couple of note and a question? Living not with parents after getting thrown out of or quitting school. Now working as a clerk. Gun in safe at the owners of the house. How the hell did he get the gun and ammo out of the safe. Put your self in the owners position would you let a kid have access to your guns and ammo too?
  12. Damb people killing cars need to be banned! Let me guess car jumped the curb and killed the person on the side walk? So sorry your wife's friend had to witness Darwin at his best. Condolences if it was the driver of the cars fault. Was the pedestrian in a cross walk? Proceeding when safe to do so? I have gotten a little tired of the pedestrians, you know wearing black clothes, ear buds in texting on the phone and walking with traffic at night getting hit by killer cars.
  13. This is in a state that has a law on the books it so simple get caught with a gun no permit MANDATORY ONE YEAR IN JAIL See what happens all it takes is money to get you out with a slap on the wrist.
  14. Putting them down is easy it is the prep work that kills ya. Wife and I did about a 12 x18 patio by hand lot of digging and shoveling. Used a couple of 20' 3/4 pipes to screed to and level. Putting the pavers down went like a flash compared to the time it took to get to that stage. Also went with the polymetric sand to fill the gaps that stuff really works great.
  15. The old M68 was way faster on the gps end, at the moment it is now just shutting off randomly. not something I want to put a lot of trust in.