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  1. We keep a 1998 AWD Chevy Astro in Fl as the tow vehicle when we are down in winter. Down to 4 registrations as the camper was totaled on the way home.
  2. The ROYAL Wedding is better news!
  3. Just think of all those boats on moorings that never get flushed. The only green spot in the lawn midsummer is where the boat gets flus.hed and rinsed with the hose after most trips. Fresh water only here.
  4. How old ? Won at last year? less than a year. I will take it at 200 with charger. Will pm I am in Harwich.
  5. Do they also make vags? You got to have equality for the females. Can you send a box of *****?
  6. Tape the ceremony call her up find a convenient time and have a barby cue and play just the part of son getting his diploma! I have an ex sister, would not sell her a glass of water. This treatment is reserved for those that commit fraud and perjury! Good luck have fun, great accomplishment by your son remember its his day.
  7. Lets just start with the judges and get them to keep the killers in jail. Gee Johny 125 you have been caught with a gun how many times???? The state with some of the toughest gun laws in the nation and TWO cop killers in one month. You all may want to let that sink in. How many now think that it may be a good idea to keep their legal gun on them now?? Its also the news that needs to be held accountable. All cops should get one free , good shoot!
  8. Hey is this in Titusville?
  9. If you add a leader it may be, but that looks about right. Time will tell.
  10. Base ball caps unless on the boat and then the Tilly is worn.
  11. Yea You were wrong should have gotten a couple of hundred to hold the boat, time to check titles etc. Then meet at the bank and get the cash then. Citizens sucks. TD Bank is my opinion GREAT. Bank of America I use a ATM only account that works for what it is. FYI showing up at a sale with that kind of cash is nuts!
  12. A long time ago when in USCG class A Tec School, long week end Yorktown VA to Boston, Cape Cod and back to Yorktown. Stretched the lack of sleep to much, Tuesday teacher of the class YELLS and I lift my head from my hands and there is not a soul in the room but me and the teacher! OH CRAP! I wish I could sleep like that now! Lucky if I get 4 hours before the pain wakes me.
  13. I am beginning to think that no one wants to actually put a label on lyme . Good luck with your search I have run into the wall here on Cape Cod.
  14. Families have been destroyed if it is not written down and put in a competent lawyers hands. Find something to rent and settle with siblings first. Hopefully they will make you whole for your sacrifices.
  15. Who lets you threaten people with harm?