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  1. It was the stove and now the wife will not cook and has to eat out every meal! Sorry for your loss get legal or adjuster help to get your stuff taken care off.
  2. You forget even if arrested and booked the court system just does not want to see it. They are more in to the money end of drugs. DUI drivers and children. Think of it this way a Breaking and entering, have the dude dead to rights video, fingerprints etc. Kid gets court appt. council, you show up time after time for it to be rescheduled for one reason after another. So now you are dambed tired of loosing money taking the day of of work to go to court. So the day finaly comes slap on the wrist and time served and probation. Now what did it just cost you? How many days of work? You still had to fix the crap he broke. and all the time for what? Would be better to beat him half to death and have the papers report it as unknown suspects caught thief in act. But no it would be rich well off fishermen beat homeless man minding his own business, innocent until proven guilty.
  3. Yo she cray cray and I wo fee dog if black people did not call thems selves the n word like all the time. Don't call the kettle black if you the kettle and use the slure your self and only call wolf when it suits the media! Sorry some one using bad words some day years ago is not news. \ Race baiting cray cray hoe with a tape recorder. Yea invite her over just check for electronics first!
  4. Go get your boat and let him sue you! He said she said you have the title he wont give you a copy of bill hmmm. GO GET YOUR PROPERTY BACK! Go there and call the cops when he will not release YOUR PROPERTY! When you do go have a some one get it all on video including the property's name and location. Sack up and take the time and go get your crap.
  5. Hands up do not shoot! Cop baiting, Race baiting , Seal baiting, sorry disrespect the blue expect a beating. Known to police as what? Good beat down, a little lame on the perp control.
  6. This works up until the police get called.
  7. He will not give you and itemized bill and will only accept cash you need to find were he is taking your boat at night. Go with the cops and a thousand in cash and stop the storage. He better have the boat on the premises.
  8. Go with a cop and 1/2 off the money and get your boat now! this stops storage etc. let a judge decide he can not keep your property.
  9. I am surprised the never ending calls from Google have not come up. They just do not stop!
  10. As such society has become the enabler. Free money, free food, free housing, free health care, all you have to be is an addict.
  11. More common than you think I came home one day to the landscapers next door dumping all of the leaves from the property over the back fence onto my property.\ Called the owner in NJ he had paid them for the clean up a month or so earlier. Good by to that landscaper. Had to call the cops for him and his minions to understand English and remove the deposited leaves from my side of the fence.
  12. You can store it in my yard on Cape Cod and I will make sure it get some use till it sells! I would say your price is a little low. ask higher then go down. Perfect size for most first timers , nice looking boat.
  13. Good luck! You should have taken a pic with your phone of the bill. As a mechanic my self there is no way it would take a day and a half of labor on any thing with out money up front! Go get the boat with the police , pay him up front a thousand maybe fifteen hundred and take your boat! This will stop storage fees and he can take you to court for the balance! Get a note book out and document all actions taken up until this point. And if that boat is leaving his place of business it is theft.
  14. Was that the estimate from a couple of years ago ??