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  1. 60 degrees coming this week should fake out a whole bunch of stuff up here and it seems like the songbirds are already making noise but it also could be normal what do i know
  2. So what are the diagnoses that qualify one for med weed, “er, um , I Need something for plane, bus, and tramp steamer travel doc”
  3. if his ramblings are not totally delusional, just trying to be helpful
  4. Judge, “mr few, did u send that email ?” Few “yes your majesty “ judge “ triple child support “
  5. What happened to Few, “ he’s gone” “ whata ya mean” “he’s gone that’s all”
  6. success !
  7. why didn't the shooter get popped, save a lot of trouble
  8. let the teachers carry, this is what its come to
  9. 10 yrs, rentals only ?
  10. Not a big fan of V Day but go through the motions , what are you gonna do
  11. how'd it go with the homeowners, a friend of mine had this happen but I think it was from a storm either lightning or power off and on hits to the neighborhood, not sure, but he was covered for everything as he had a bunch of high end printers and such for business, you never know what the hell your covered for until it happens it seems like
  12. He wrote Confedarcy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole ? or rather his main character Ignatius J Riley
  13. Your valentine
  14. I just watched a show ? Where the chubby female was bouncing on one the whole time
  15. Sounds like someone dropped a dime on you or there’s a new regime you need to pay off