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  1. down to 6.99 now
  2. RIP Ray, condolences to Ron and family.
  3. So what does it stand for your highness
  4. I think it was downtown Abby ‘s fault
  5. Yes, who climbs a tree and leaves a dog for the yotes, Where’d the pic come from? She tweeted it? Sounds like a fakebook hoax
  6. That’s what I’m thinking
  7. Just saw out kitchen window, a red glass thing hanging inside attracted it
  8. When are you putting out your tomato plants?
  9. Moth like the geek said
  10. RIP T. W., One of best American writers
  11. what is it like a volcano spouting Derricks
  12. don't think so, usually see them in canal before stripers
  13. this is good news
  14. Best scallops I’ve had in a while