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  1. The fish stole two of my plugs today, call the fish police!
  2. dating, thats when the wife says "are we doing ice cream " right ?
  3. recently at Marylous, local coffee shop, drive through window, female in front of me orders something with whip cream and orios, extra orios, say what?
  4. the whole train thing, what ???? was he thinking, never saw anyone put rods on tracks, now I barely make it over them walking the dog at one spot they did have a utility buggy working in one area there going back and forth on the siding
  5. on the bright side a "Moon Tide Shenanigans " thread can be started, here the one about the bike down the rocks throwing incident
  6. have a lot of it, its like nature and stuff
  7. the oak trees here are spitting many many tiny acorns so whatever that means
  8. anything after the by miss merican pie
  9. The meh option is pretty much unlimited actually
  10. Fish and chips and
  11. Seafood Sams, Sagamore Inn, Off the Grid (fishnizzle), Ice Cream Sandwich (lobster roll , chowder), Capn Scott’s, Marshland, Deli (tuna sub), , hey Steve !
  12. Was on YouTube about getting rid of yellow jacket nests, ^ this was almost what two dudes were doing, dude pours like a gallon of gas in the hole, makes a gas fuse on the ground, and lights it with a propane torch, no one on fire though
  13. You should have fished the canal last year, people that were never in a fish market were catching 25 lbrs
  14. if theres any oak branches touching the house they can get in this way also or prob any branches and they require moisture as mentioned, yes I've had to deal with them in the past
  15. theres prob a nest somewhere in the house, attic, crawl space, etc, needs to be bombed, sprayed, if they are carpenter ants they can do some damage to wood