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  1. X2 on the Trevala S. Definitely worth checking out. That ML is one of my favs for jigging. Very fun rod.
  2. You got it snag. Sending PP info. Thanks SOL.
  3. Can do 135 shipped & can ship tomorrow once paid via PP
  4. Bump, $140 shipped.
  5. Tell ya what Nomad, meet me halfway with your offer & my asking, at 135 picked up & you have a deal. I looked again for the knob, no luck. If it shows up after the sale, I'll be sure to reach out to you. Lmk.
  6. Airport/TF Green area.
  7. Its probably somewhere in the house but I couldn't find it, or else I would've swapped it back. I actually prefer this knob over the reg T-paddle. I'll look again & see if it turns up.
  8. The ci4 knob? No drilling whatsoever. It was a direct fit. A screw and a screw-in cap. Takes all but a min to swap.
  9. Pickup is always welcome. But can't do 110. Not at the moment.
  10. Bumpski^
  11. Spooled with 20lb Sufix 832 braid. Handle knob from a Stradic Ci4 4000. Lightly used. Cared for, as with all my gear. Super clean. Comes with box, washers & all papers. Not interested in trades atm. 150 shipped PayPal.
  12. Nice choice & congrats. Good luck with it. The WBM out in Stafford is always a fun time!
  13. Without adding a link, there's a Subaru Warehouse in Branford, CT.
  14. Sounds like you prefer a sportier kind of ride, hence the WRX over lets say a crosstrek or base Impreza. Although great in their own ways, those other choices are different vehicle altogether, particularly the Taco. I drool over the newer Tacomas though. I own an older gen WRX wagon/hatch & love it. It has plenty of power in stock form, is reliable, practical & cannot be stopped in a blizzard with snow tires. Rear seats fold down & I can stuff all my gear in there, no prob. Most of my rods are 1 piece too, albeit 7' & under. I top my yak too, on padded racks upside down. Its low enough for easy lift. Biggest con? Gas mi isn't great with the older turbo EJ 2.0 motors (low to mid 20s-ish) but they are reliable. Mine has 200k+ & still running strong. Knock on wood, in 7 yrs of owning it, the biggest repair was an AC compressor failure. If cared for, Subarus can be damn reliable vehicles. Fwiw, I am tuned to a "conservative" 19lbs of boost & have been since 110k. I'd like a new car too. But I just can't pull the trigger. She's been too good to me. If the newer WRXs ('15+) were offered in a hatchback, I may trade my car in. They're quick. That FA motor is a gem. Boost comes on hard at lower rpms & its soo damn smooth. The low-mid range on that motor is great for around town. The handling is also excellent. Best handling model to date. That chassis is very tight & dampening is just right. Very firm not but overly stiff. Steering input is good too. It kinda reminds me of a refined ver of my old Mitsu Evo 8. Pretty efficient too. 30+mpg for a boosted awd performance car? Not too shabby. What yr WRX are you looking at getting?
  15. Last bump. Anyone?