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  1. Since you'll only be out a handful times a year targeting that, really any BPS, Cabelas or Dicks combo under $50 would be fine imo. Think 1000-2500/3000 sized reels. 1000 if you want to stay light, prob my fav size for trout. Go online, check out the reviews then go to the store to see which you like best. If you want to put a combo together, Shimano Siennas come to mind. Smooth, reliable & performs well - under $30. An ugly stik gx2 is around $40 & virtually indestructible. I've used both as backups or guests setups but would perform well for everyday use. If there's cash leftover, checkout the BPS Tinylite spinning combo. This setup is a blast catching even just panfish. $30 Braid is just fine. No, it wouldn't be necessary for your app. I'd go light, if you do. I don't suspect you'll be yanking lmb out of heavy pads& what not. Whatever you do, just don't overthink it!
  2. I'll have to make a decision similar to yours sooner or later & you mentioned 2 vehicles that are on my list. The Forester (XT Turbo model) & the Taco. 2 different cars, of course. There are Subarus...then there are STi's, WRX's, BRZ's, XT Turbo models ie FXT, OBXT, LGT etc. These aren't your typical subies. Although the base or "regular" models are good cars, they just don't do it for me. I'm coming from an older WRX hatch and 15 sedan. The hatch is showing it's age. But she still runs great. When it is time for me to get an SUV, I'll almost certainly be going for a used, low mileage XT. Gen 2014+. Good mpg, reliable, AWD, great turbo motor, good interior & space to haul all the gear I'd need, etc etc. Also has decent ground clearance. Oh, & beleive it or not will blow the doors off many cars on the road, should you feel like doing so. The other choice is a preowned Taco. From reading on the those forums and hearing all those stories of frame rot, I just can't pull the trigger. I live in New England. Maybe opt for a newer model from outside a snow belt state. I drool every time I see a 2016+ model. Silver sky metallic please. One day... Interested to see what you end up with
  3. Ugh. Sorry man. RIP little guy.
  4. Big fan of TA (Tactical Anglers) clips. I like 75, 150, 175 but also use the 50 for smaller applications. A lot of places carry them.
  5. Alright Tom. PM on the way. Thanks TimS, Tom & SOL
  6. Looks like we were typing at the same time lol. I'll give TC a chance at it first. If not, you're next. Thanks
  7. Tell ya what Tom, 170 PP or...165 m.o. & we have a deal. What say you?
  8. Beat me to it. Duct tape is a must on those reg AS bags. Was such a PIA without it. The small tall is is just fine for backbay use. Plenty of room not just for plugs but a leader roll, pack of rubber shads, swivels, clips etc.
  9. Hey Tom. Thanks but can't do 150.
  10. Thank You Tim S and SOL
  11. $200 on the card. $187 Paypal.
  12. Big fan of the sw chug bugs. I've caught hundreds of stripers on them in the back. It's loud and can create a decent splash. If a fish misses, just let it sit. Twitch twitch, smash. Such a fun plug to use. Bass just explode on them. Great schoolie plug but I've caught plenty of teen sized fish on them also. Wish they made a slightly bigger size fitted with bigger hooks.
  13. What size reel are you looking for? I have a Thunnus 4000 ci4 I'm willing to let go. Lmk.