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  1. Hey, if you actually know Terry, that's a different story.
  2. I will personally answer for anything I have posted on here since the last Goya.
  3. Hey, you're the one acting like an internet tough guy. Im pretty sure Terry will be at Sandy Hook May 5. Why don't you come down and say what you posted here to his face.
  4. Why don't you show up at one of SOLs events.
  5. I'd like to see you say that to his face tough guy.
  6. Well.... snitches are bitches.
  7. What's with all the drama?
  8. If something goes wrong, send in Snake Pliskin.
  9. Well Red, you may want to start practicing some personal hygiene. It may also help with the wifey also.
  10. Yes, tell me what's wrong.
  11. I see his truck on 516.
  12. When did you turn into the grammar meter maid.
  13. I'm here to help my friends.
  14. Sorry Steve, I guess I don't know what a boat on plane looks like.