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    fishing, skiing, camera tasers
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    Wireless engineer for a government organization.

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  1. I want to park the boat on the grass. I want to roll the trailer onto metal plates. I'm thinking 3x3, 1/2 inch. Where can I get the plates? Monmouth
  2. Tmac is from Kensington. It explains a lot.
  3. And they're all trolling.
  4. You suck
  5. I wish I could retire tomorrow. Become a crossing guard and fish.
  6. Yellowstone will erupt
  7. Whoa oh fat eddy bamalam
  8. Was that the mad gaffer?
  9. Hells yea
  10. Pimp hand fail
  11. Cool cake. Is the whole thing edible?
  12. Is this what they teach you in sensitivity training?
  13. There's something wonderful about not having a boss.
  14. Congrats on being in a position to consider at a younger age. So your side business becomes your main source of income. Things to consider.... -Health care for you and family. -Will you get the supplemental health care insurance from your current job at 65? - Creating and contributing to a SEP. - income security If you feel good about your those items, then go for it. Its my current 3 part plan.. 401k SS Government pension Im done at 63.
  15. More Ajayi