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  1. Are you bringing your protégés?
  2. what a wus
  3. Thank you
  4. Your kids are going to smell that shidt. Dummy
  5. Sounds like a job for sheriff Hyman.
  6. I'm using aunt jamima syrup to honor black history month.
  7. Rabbits are a sign of fertility. I guess the 'date' went well.
  8. How do you get knocked out by a slap?
  9. So you did something that makes you think you're a giant boob. Did you send the email after baby mommy' s dismissal or did it precipitate the firing? Does meeting mean deposition? We're here to help...
  10. Absolutely I have no idea what the hell happened there and me knowing doesn't matter. One of the better parts of this site is folks helping others by sharing personal hurdles in their life in the context of 'you're not alone buddy' and sharing how hurdles are overcome. Using personal information against someone is ****ing scummy.
  11. Don't let this chase you.
  12. You made the good decision. Not saying nothing against your guy or businesses, just something about dyi.
  13. So from this post, I have learned that the helm guts may look like ****, but it's the cylinder. and not trying to be a wise ass.