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  1. You can “follow” them - then check the list of things you are “following” TimS
  2. The banner PG thing - I had to take away the report post button from someone a while back and forgot to put it back
  3. Carole and I will be praying for both of you. I can’t imagine what you are feeling... TimS
  4. This is a community, doesn’t take an admin to let you know you either haven’t read the rules you agreed to read before you used his forum - or you are intentionally ignoring them TimS
  5. Are these also for sale on another site?
  6. To whom? No one in this thread purchased them. TimS
  7. Sorry, it was seven threads - I closed this one and removed two from the Plugs for Sale forum. Four total, that includes WTB, WTT and WTS threads. TimS
  8. You are only allowed to have four open threads at one time - I think you have eight or nine. I’m closing all but the most recent four. Please give the rules a read - thanks. TimS
  9. You’ve got the bare number of posts to use this forum - and apparently haven’t yet read the rules locked to the top. Please, read the rules before you use this forum again - we don’t allow private message negotiation, buying or selling. Give the rules a read please. TimS
  10. There is a line here...a couple actually The first is - we don’t allow unpaid advertising here. That means people aren’t welcome to put their companies or companies they get free stuff or money from in their signatures. People have abused this in the past using their signature to promote their companies or the products they represent in their signature. This is why there is not presently a requirement or even the allowance for people to add this to their signatures. 2. We do NOT allow commercial use of PMs here. This means NO ONE - except for paying sponsors -should EVER use PMs for any business/promotional/buying/selling or even passing on business contact information. When someone says “I’m a blahblahblah rep” - and someone PMs them for pricing, availability, where they can purchase or to seek ANY business related information - both have violated our PM rules. Businesses are welcome to contact me to discuss becoming sponsors - those that SOL can get behind and support who wish to advertise here can become site sponsors. Then they can promote their products here and use PMs for business related conversations as well as promote their social media channels, link to their websites, promote specials, announce new products and offer specials to site members. NO ONE ELSE SHOULD EVER RESPOND TO OR SEND PMS HERE THAT COULD BE CONSIDERED COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS RELATED. This means even if someone sends them a PM asking a business question, they should not respond. If they do it should be only to tell the person that they cannot use PMs to support or promote their business in any way. We do allow businesses or their representatives to respond to questions - provided that their responses do not contain commercial contact information, their posts are on topic and relevant to the discussion they entered and they aren’t telling people where they can buy their items. I do agree there needs to be a way to identify people who are paid in money or goods to promote a product. It’s generally pretty clear just by reading their responses. There is a line between letting folks know that your opinion is being paid for and advertising - and some ‘reps’ definitely cross the line, perhaps unintentionally. This is definitely an area that needs some clarification - I’m going to work on it Until then the above rules regarding PMs continues to be in effect - folks using PMs in ANY business context will risk being removed from this site if they are caught. Members using PMs to solicit or purchase goods or services from others risk being removed if they are caught. If it feels like business please don’t do it via PMs here unless you are paying to be a sponsor TimS
  11. Chris - I have had to edit many of your advertisements - I get it, you take money and/or products to promote things online. We consider that commercial use - a business - we don’t allow commercial use of these forums. Please stop advertising these products here, in videos and in your words - thanks. TimS
  12. Sorry I missed this - I don’t read fishing magazines, they are geared towards anglers that don’t know how to fish Don’t get me wrong - I build this website for the primary purpose of helping people catch more fish...almost 20 years ago. I love helping people understand what makes fish tick and how to catch them. I always have. What concerns me is someone asking for tips and guidance who (according to your earlier response) seemed to be gearing up to charge people money to take them fishing. You understand why that’s weird, right? TimS
  13. You said you were considering taking charters out for mako and tiles, no? If I misunderstood I apologize. The way I read it was you were thinking about chartering for makos and tiles - neither of which you’ve captained a vessel in NJ to target. No need to get upset, we are still in the information gathering stages here Again, if I misunderstood your response, please clarify. Thanks TimS
  14. So you are looking for tips and help from people so you can then charge other people to fish with you even though you have no experience fishing for the critters you intend to charge them to fish for? Sort of a let them pay you while you learn how to catch the fish you are charging them to catch kinda thing? Normally people who charge other people to fish with them are experienced and knowledgeable and know how to catch the critters they are after - experts even. Hopefully you don’t start charging people to fish with you before you’ve mastered catching these things you’ve never fished for before TimS
  15. Are you looking to charge the guys you take like a charter?