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  1. Thank you for the very generous donation Herb Say hi to Chuck for me and tell him to stop being such a stranger TimS
  2. Then it must not be happening...even though we have no way of knowing...we can trust the Russians. Or are the Russians trying to destroy us? I guess it depends on the day. I apologize if you weren't onboard with the Russian meddling thing...I should have established your feelings on the Russians before I said that. So are the Russians bad/evil/out to destroy the US? Or are they just another version of our friends to the north? In your opinion. TimS
  3. That's not cynical...it's naive to think DuPont would fight the ban for years...and then start supporting it for any other reason than they found a way to profit from hysteria. By mentioning "because we care" somewhere in their advertising they would be able to tack on an extra dollar or two....people don't mind throwing an extra dollar at something they are mislead into thinking is better for the environment. Even if the product cost DuPont LESS money to produce...they could double or triple their profit with a feel good "do it for the Earth" - "do it for your children" - "do it because you care" campaign to promote their "ozone safe" solutions. DuPont didn't get to be DuPont by caring about anything but DuPont's bottom line TimS
  4. FIFY. The groups working on it are trying to find how they can get some of the TRILLIONS of dollars they are hoping our government can squeeze out of American taxpayers to fight Mother Nature. The ACOE is getting hundreds of millions to pump sand on the beaches that is removed by the first nor easter...and then they get millions to move it out of inlets and back on the beaches...so they can do it all over again the next time Mother Nature blows hard from the north east. Got to be in the billions by now...with no end in sight...and the sand doesn't stay where the put it - but somewhere, someone is pulling the right strings to keep those hundreds of millions flowing. Does anyone here think the ACOE, who has been doing this in NJ now constantly...and they started in 1996 - does anything think THEY believe pumping the sand is, one day, going to work? No. They know it's not going to work. They've been doing it now for more than THIRTY YEARS. The beaches haven't materially changed...but the inlets now require nearly constant dredging...they have that contract, too. So don't be fooled into thinking groups are working on fixing the problem - they already KNOW the problem can't be fixed - they are hoping to find enough gullible people to get our government to throw a few billions their way....not to fix it...that would be horrific...they would have worked themselves out of a very lucrative con job...they just need a contract to act like they are fixing it. Taxpayers are idiots...get them riled up, make them think you are fixing something and they'll let you throw billions and billions of dollars at it. The groups know they can't fix it - the government knows these groups can't fix it - we are probably only a couple trillion dollars and 30-40 years away from the public understanding that man can't stop the natural warming and cooling of a planet TimS
  5. Maybe not the way you do it in your area...the gill nets I see set in NJ where you CANNOT legally keep a bass caught in a net - they soak for many hours. I think they are only required to check them once per day. I've passed enormous gill nets on my way out...and eight hours later passed the same net on the way back. No sign of the owner even though I've been told they aren't supposed to leave gill nets unattented. NY is a stand out when it comes to their fisheries law enforcement - they are out there often, available with a phone call, etc, etc. NJ, through no fault of the folks who enforce our fisheries laws, doesn't have that kind of response...they don't have the bodies. The folks that do the job are good people...but there's only so much a couple guys can do when they have to cover a hundred square miles of rivers/lakes/woods/wildlife management areas AND the oceans/rivers/bays from Raritan Bay to Barnegat. So in NJ the vast majority of our fisheries are managed by folks acting in good faith. That means the criminals don't have anything to worry about. The chances of running into law enforcement is so close to zero that you have to get really unlikely to get caught breaking the law. I once watched a commercial boat setting blackfish traps in the Point Pleasant Canal...out of season and illegal in a hundred different ways - and literally ONE MILE from the State Police Marine Enforcement station. They weren't worried. They got caught because a concerned party (not myself) banged on the state police door for fifteen minutes before one of them rolled out of bed and opened the door. The fines they ended up paying were pathetic. When poachers know they are safe from law enforcement it's notoriously bad for the fish. Glad to hear you guys only soak your nets for half an hour...that's not how it works everywhere. I knew a few guys that would illegally sell their bass after a tournament...but they didn't keep more than their limit. Not sure how they justified it...adhering to the size/bag limits...and then letting someone pay them for their bass after they were weighed for the tournament...but they carefully measured their fish and never kept over their limit. Looking back, I'm guessing it was because their club would have been disqualified if they kept a short or more than their limit. Still, I was one of the people who never sold a fish - not once in my life. The closest I came was my landlord when I was younger used to ask me for bass, so I'd fillet him a couple after a tournament...and one day, completely unsolicited, he dropped off a box of steaks at my place I felt like a poaching criminal for a week even though there was never a discussion about it. I gave him the fillets because he was a nice guy...not for the steak...even though they were delicious they felt a little tainted While selling your legal limit is absolutely a crime and certainly is considered poaching...when I think of "poachers" I think of people who commercials who fish without a license, without using their tags, out of season, in closed waters, with illegal gear, target fish they shouldn't...and recs that keep more than their limit, keep shorts, fish out of season, etc, etc. I think there's a LOT of that type of poaching going on than guys illegally selling their otherwise legal striped bass. But we are all subject to localized perceptions...what we see locally we tend to assume happens everywhere TimS
  6. I missed the beginning of the whale conversation...but didn't you point out that beluga whales are smaller than humpbacks...I quoted it earlier. So I'm not sure how the whale conversation started...but it appears the difference you pointed out (known as a distinguishing feature) between beluga whales and humpbacks are that they are smaller...not the much more obvious "they are white". Beluga whales this far south is note worthy - they are endangered and from my understanding, incredibly rare to see anywhere south of Canada...I've never even heard of one south of Long Island. I did just find the only other sighting I've ever heard of in your area...in 2015 this video was shot - very cool to see
  7. If they were white, why was their being smaller the distinguishing characteristic between them and humpbacks...and not their being white?
  8. To whom? No one posted in your thread.
  9. It's a riot that the folks who quote NASA like a Bible laugh when NASA tells them how wrong they've been about why the ice is melting. Think about that for a second...the folks you count on to tell you why global warming is man's fault just realized man's not causing the ice to melt like they thought - but now you don't believe them because it doesn't fit your narrative - and then you called it science...while you denied it. Whoa TimS
  10. Not sure if this discussion is still alive and kicking, I just jumped into the middle. The above quote tells only 1/2 the story - they forgot to add the word "legal" Republicans are twice as likely own LEGAL firearms as Democrats. I'd like to see the breakdown for folks charged with illegal possession of a weapon, crimes committed with illegal weapons, etc. I'm guessing that would skew these numbers drastically.
  11. Too bad you didn't go pro the belugas...I think this would be thousands of miles further south than they've ever been spotted. You sure they weren't minke whales like everyone else sees with the humpbacks? Were they black and smooth?
  12. Tie them up, take a picture, PM it to MikeMC - he will auction them off and notify you where to ship them. The winner pays for the auction they won and that money goes to the cause TimS
  13. Mokes, if this continues to be your form of communication in the PG it's going to end permanently. This is trolling, it's not discussion. Discussion seems pretty rare from you in this forum. There won't be another opportunity when the door closes next time TimS
  14. Don't worry, this has nothing to do with the millions of cubics yards of sand ACOE is unnaturally pumping from offshore and bulldozing up beaches where each storm reclaims it. It's like the ACOE has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes - they are bringing millions of cubic yards of sand to shore...where nature sucks it back into the sea...and currents spread it around inlets - that magically now require constant dredging to keep them open...good thing the ACOE also handles inlet dredging Someone's gonna need to pull the plug on this waste of hundreds of millions of dollars. The ACOE will still be required to constantly dredge the inlets for the next 100 years as the sand they dragged in from offshore isn't going to stay on the beaches...but it's also not going to migrate a mile offshore - it's going to block inlets and make dangerous shoals for generations. TimS