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  1. You guys are weird Kiddie touches are horrid and deseeve to have their junk removed with rusty split ring pliers...but you guys that dwell on it are weird
  2. It's a calico crab...we get tons of them on the beaches of NJ. They are the crabs people "shed" for striped bass bait
  3. Awesome picture...they ain't no milksnakes
  4. I was 18 once...if a hot girl looks 18 AND is in a club that requires ID to get in...and says she's 18...and has ID saying she's 18...and she wants to get sweaty....I can't imagine I'm gonna hesitate and ask her for a second form of ID I would sincerely hope a court of law would understand that I took every reasonable precaution, that I wasn't being a predator OR looking for underage girls if she turns out to be 15.
  5. Agreed....except in this case it's been established that she had and showed a fake ID that said she was 18.
  6. Then the law is broken. No way a law should be able to ruin a young man for life when he may have taken every possible reasonable step to establish the girl's age. At some point, his effort to establish her age should certainly be considered.
  7. I agree that it's not a panic...unless it's your kid or nephew that gets fooled by a fake ID and has their life ruined by it There has to be some measure in the law that allows for an 18 year old to have made a reasonable effort to establish the girl's age - right?
  8. So nobody got any answer for this? If we are going to hold an 18 year old responsible for banging a 15 year old girl with fake ID that fooled someone trained in recognizing fake IDs (bouncer) - there might be something wrong with our laws If the bouncer/person working the door was fooled by the ID, how would an 18 year old male know it was fake? I know nobody wants to agree with Seal...but this appears to be a pretty legit concern - are we training guys in high school now to recognize fake IDs?
  9. I added "BEWARE" to your thread title
  10. I do have to note that I think it's odd when people call an 18 year old a "predator" for thinking a 15 year old with fake ID was 18 years old. It wasn't just the 18 year old male who was fooled, it was the bouncer at the door who was also fooled. I get it that 18 year olds shouldn't be banging 15 year olds - but what do you propose beyond asking them for ID?
  11. I'm removing this item from the BST Forum. Please lock any threads here for items that you also have listed on other sites - we don't allow it. Give the rules a read, they are at the top of each BST Forum here - thanks. TimS
  12. I do love the idea of two slightly smaller belly trebles on the 7" Mambo body and a tag for the tail. And the swivels are a nice addition as well TimS
  13. It's bigger than that...hate is bad unless it's for a good reason - violence is bad unless you think you are right - free speech is good as long as you agree with what's being said. These are some of the things liberals teach us every day
  14. I'm stumped on this one...haven't spent too much time on it yet because it will lock the site up while it's working. I haven't established the relationship between a post and the thread that contains it beyond the "thread_id" in the post record. The thread_id is correct...but the posts still aren't showing up in the thread I don't want to rebuild all the threads....that takes weeks