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  1. Frank is an attention whore - it’s never been a secret. Attention whores risk the possibility of gathering a fan club - also not a secret. So when Frank’s fans would give him the attention he was seeking and he would swat at them and call it self defense - I’m gonna point that out to him. Dude, take me out of the equation - take yourself out - do you think the hundreds (literally) of members here over the years that said Frank is an attention seeking troll much of the time are all biased and unfair? And I’m going back to before the PG existed - before we had political discussions. Is everybody wrong? TimS
  2. In absolute seriousness, Frank made an enormous effort to get people to not like him - he put everything he had into playing a character here - one that would say things just to get people mad, just to make people think he was serious, just to get them riled up. So when he got what he wanted from people - and then ramped up his responses to them in what he called 'self defense' - who do you think should be held responsible? Frank for trolling and then acting like he was the victim when people responded - or the people that gave him exactly what he was looking for? Obviously a rhetorical question. There are people here who work very hard to aggravate people and get a negative response from them - when they get that response I'm going to be the first one to point out that they got exactly what they were looking for. You don't build a following like Frank had by accident TimS
  3. Sure...sure...but it's common enough - queuing - that's ****ing bizarre
  4. No problem with the why...it just seems weird that you can't get Frank outta your mind TimS
  5. Maybe if I tried it these days...in gym class I was half monkey and could get and down the rope in seconds
  6. Stop over you can help me clean up the driveway and backyard
  7. We already have a Frank thread by his biggest fan...let's try to keep all the Frank stuff in that one TimS
  8. From time to time I have flashbacks about that music
  9. Rumor has it that day may be fast approaching TimS
  10. I believe that is what Frank would want...I think it gives him the ball tinglies, like climbing the rope in gym class, when people talk about him TimS
  11. Perhaps this thread should be reopened...I believe it's what Frank would want...whadda you say Ray? TimS
  12. Eebs picture was on a wordpress site - for some reason posting the image doesn't mod queue the post...but quoting it does. A weird behavior that I've seen repeatedly with images hosted on blocked domains Point is - if you quote a picture - and your post ends up queued, the picture was hosted on a blocked domain and/or has a link back to that domain attached to it. I think posting the picture doesn't parse the embedded link to the blocked domain...but quoting it does parse that link triggering the queuing. Wow...what an odd looking word - queuing TimS
  13. Old Frank or new Frank? It matters