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  1. None of them broke....I just keep looking for the one that works best for you people
  2. I heard that’s how Trump made his first billion
  3. I have no recollection of that I’m looking forward to one more software upgrade of the forum software - and then being able to settle into it and customize it to make it feel like home. Three platform changes in less than three years is too many TimS
  4. Is there much history of folks from the right pretending to be black, female or Native American to take advantage of that protected class status? Or is this mostly a liberal thing?
  5. Phil, I'm not going to address your bullet points. Derrick is not going to address your bullet points (or he likely would have already). Even though you said you agree that there is an emotional component to what is considered flipping you persist with your demands for a mathematical response. There isn't one. There won't be one coming. This is not Econ 101 This isn't a math problem. That means there isn't an answer that will satisfy you when you look at it like a math problem. You don't understand the emotional component. While that might feel a lot like "because I said so", it's not - it's more like "you don't understand so you'll have to take my word for it". TimS
  6. The search works very well...just make sure you actually look at what you are searching. You can search: - all content * - the thread you are reading - the forum you are reading - for members - videos - topics - images That’s pretty comprehensive
  7. boB, have you considered it might be user error? Make sure you aren’t searching in just the thread you are presently reading
  8. Phil. I’ve been following this thread and have no idea what you are talking about
  9. No, it just shows you when someone responds to a thread in which you are typing in a reply box...kinda useless for all the resources it uses.
  10. It's off again...please consider this post a test from the emergency broadcast system, if this had been an actual emergency blah, blah, blah TimS
  11. Just reading this now...the worrying sucks...it's incredible they can't tell you anything for almost a week. Lord willing, the worrying will be the worst part and Wednesday you'll have a reason to celebrate...that's what I'm going to pray for TimS
  12. Honestly, it uses way more server resources than it should...not a big fan either....I thought people loved it?
  13. It's been up and running all week...where are you looking for it? TimS
  14. So someone that says something you consider 'repeatable' is an idiot and should be treated rudely?